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Day 12[]

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 13[]

Honestly screw Sora's elimination, this sucks. I know I could've flipped him to Nain if we merged and maybe that's why people eliminated him, who knows? Either way, everyone on Okak is dead to me and if I wasn't sure before, I'm sure now that I want to be loyal to Nain and take down every single Okak that took out Sora.


Topaz is acting really weird lately. Like detached from conversations like he doesn't really wanna talk. IDK if he's like this with anyone else but it's weird honestly. IDK what's wrong but like it's just weird lol


I also feel bad about Sora getting voted out. I'm pretty sure he knew it was coming and all but I did try to save him, but Topaz swayed people on him really fast and it also didn't help that people never wanted to talk to him from like the beginning. I just hope our tribe doesn't start going downhill honestly. I hope we can win and send Nain back to tribal *prays*


Day 14[]

Sad sad sad sad sad sad!!!we all bonded so much over last victory and its just so sad to be back in tribal. Jamie have to go to Venice so we couldn't strategize for any long. The original target was Lukas but i need Lukas inn game. We won't win any challenge in gsme without him, and if we merge, and he's gonna be there, then he will help to keep target away from me. I wsnt to merge with Jamie and Lukas. Personally i want Brian out because hr sucked in every single challenge except this one. Jamie went away and voted for Scott (if she was honest) omg but i have special brothetly connection with Scotty so i really don't want to just vote for him. I still dont know what to do. Maybe i will get blindsided?and something major happens? I just need to wait for Lukas to get online. But i also need to sleep. Rip


I better start making these things before im getting bold spots. So hii this is Topaz and we're already like going for 5 episodes. I was excited to get to play on 703 and mostly about this season. Going back to basics will really test me and probably marks for a season without that much drama.

So to recap the last episodes. 3 times yas for winning those first 3 immunities and rewards :D. Boohoo for that one loss and then again yas for a new win :D.

So what's going on? Firstly when we picked Szymon to go to belle isle I knew he would pick me to go with him, giving me the opporturnity to look for the idol. But im not selfish, so I shared the clue with Bjorrn and Tyler to make sure the idol would be found quickly and at least no one else has it. Tyler found it, so whoopie. We had to vote out one person last time. It was really a toss up between NJ and Sora. Both are not great in challenges. In the end Sora was chosen cuz he's more of a strategic threat when NJ seems more clueless and will be more loyal to our tribe when we merge. Sorry Sora frown emoticon. I wasn't sure if would still be bitter about Rome, but well it didn't matter. I know he wasn't that good in challenges and with no tribe swap we really need to win those.

So far i'm loving this season. I'm in a majority alliance with Bjorn, Tyler, Jack and Nathaniel. Our tribe is winning and my malibu is cold. Cheers!


I am 100% unbiased in saying that I am convinced that we did NOT deserve to lose that challenge. Our description and flag were miles better than the other tribe!!! It should have been a walk-over, theirs looked like it was slapped together in 5 minutes - and the SOS doesn't even look like letters. If I get voted out I will feel very robbed. But... hopefully it's Brian and not me. While there's life there's hope.


We won immunity again so we dont have to vote and our tribe is gonna have the numbers when we merge! I wanted to figure out if it was Sora or Norlie who voted for me. I knew it was probably norlie, but I asked her to be sure. She lied that she didnt vote, so the Norlie vote was from herself. It didnt say selfvote so thats a lie, she voted for me. She isnt even playing and she probably doesn't even know what flipping means. Which makes me scared a bit. If we lose next challange they might blindside me in stead of voting out this useless person who isnt flipping on us anyways.


Heart or brain? Brain or heart? I feel like im a swing vote right now and it never was so dificult for me as it is now. i still have no idea what to do. I really dont want to vote for Scott and Brian, but if someone have to go, it have to be one of them. I feel like both are going to be loyal. Brian is part of an alliance with me and Jamie and then there is Scotty.... omg