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Day 30[]

live footage of me after seeing that Fitz's screenshots weren't enough to send me out of here

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(i'm the granny and all the workers behind the counter that she slides into are fitz, eden and ali)

there we go omg iconic


This tribal is so scary to me.. Its either me or Fitz but Im trying to get Seth to flip to us because we have grown close and we want to target Jace it was first Tyler P and we tried Jace to get to our side but he doesn't want too so good riddance to him.. I hope Tyler P or Jace go home and me and James get to see Day 32


I’m in the final 6! I’m very happy with myself, I’m now at least going to tie my placement in Cape Verde and I’m content with the moves I’ve made leading up to this point. But now we’re getting into a crucial point in the game, and things are only going to get harder.

I’m really hoping that I can pull off the immunity win, partly because it means I’ll break final 6, partly because tomorrow I’ll be busy moving out of residence and back home for the summer, so I would hate to lose because I wasn’t able to be around and strategize. If I can’t win, I’m at least hoping it stays away from both Ali and Fitz. I know Jace is wanting to target Heather soon, and undoubtedly Heather will want to go after Jace. As of now I’m not sure which side I’ll want to take, but this round is not the time to be making that decision. If we can keep immunity from Ali and Fitz then the best option would be to target Fitz. He’s proving himself to be strategic and a competitor, and he’s going to have a lot of friends on the jury. If he wins Immunity especially, Heather and Jace might force me to choose one of them to side with. Heather’s relationship with Seth is very scary as well. I can’t see Heather not wanting to have Seth in the final tribal council, so that would be the main thing that would make me consider going after Heather with Jace. Jace is scary because I’m not really sure where he would stand with the jury. He isn’t really getting the reputation that Heather and I are stuck with, and I’m worried about him trying to take credit fr each of the events that transpired in the game when a lot of them came from me or Heather as well. Whatever happens though, I need to do my best to keep Ali and Fitz out of the final TC or I may as well just hand them the Sole Survivor title on a silver platter. They’re the ones who have shown loyalty and stuck with their group for the whole stretch. The rest of us can’t say that. We were the traitors, we were the ones who went rogue. The jury might not like that, so we need to give them no choice but to overlook that. I guess I’ll just have to wait for results.

–Tyler P.

Day 31[]

And here comes Fitz, ALREADY trying to plead his case. PLEASE dude let me live, I'm not betraying my four, right now, I have a plan and I am sticking to it. Sorry you have to be the next casualty, but that's just how the game works.


Oh, so Fitz has an idol now. Great. I hope he is lying, but it looks like we are going to have to split the votes tonight. The worst thing would be id Fitz expects a split vote, plays his idol on Ali, and it causes it to be a tie breaker between Fitz who has proven he is able to win challenges, and me, Tyler, or Seth. Obviously I don't want to lose Tyler or myself, but I highly friggin doubt Seth is beating Fitz in a challenge. This is throwing a wrench is everything of course, it was all laid out and now its a mess. I'm gonna have to take Heather dangerously close to the end if they decide to target Seth. Ugh, I hope Heather just randomly tells me "Ummm, I have the idol so idfk what hes talking about" because that would slay my life and continue the plan as I wanted. Fitz, then Heather, then Ali, and finally Seth.


Evan @ seather

My experience in Checkers


Day 32[]

Well, I fear as this may be the end of my Chile journey. Without the idol and the necklace I'm defenseless so my scrambling has reached new heights xD! I've told basically everyone I have the idol and that I'm playing it on myself no matter what. If they buy that, then I just need to hope they attempt to split the votes between Ali and myself, and from there I've been working on Heather and Ali's been working on Seth, and hopefully, just hopefully, we're able to pull something off


Oh my God, I just remembered Heather has a vote negator (or so I've heard). If I can get her to use that on Fitz it can be a 2-1-0 regardless of who he plays he idol on. PRAYING SHE ACTUALLY HAS THAT AND LISTENS TO ME WHEN I TELL HER SHE NEEEEDS TO USE IT!!!!


me when ali messages me



me in this challenge <3 http://i.imgur.com/HRizBEx.gif

Here's where my head is at now- If I go along with this splitting the votes plan, then ultimately I can do whatever I want in the revote. If Fitz DOES have an idol and plays it, then I flip and vote Tyler P out. If Fitz doesn't have/play an idol, then he goes. The scary part about that is Ali. Unless Tyler/Jace are just dumb, then they should be targeting me/Heather next tribal(the final 5). Giving Ali all the power, because we're targeting them next vote! I'm afraid Ali will be hurt and not want to trust me or stick with me anymore. So basically I decided to do the most ungodly thing ever: flirt with Ali. Flirting with him is so....disgusting, and I am not proud of it. But if it works and gets me to the final 3, then so be it. I told him I *gags a bit* loved him. And that he's my favorite person in this game, and that I could never vote him out because I love him that much. It's honestly horrifying. I'm disgusted with myself. But if it benefits me in the end I'm willing to do it. And if that doesn't show dedication, I don't know what does tbh! on another topic: why do i suck so much http://gyazo.com/483794e922a7a80aa7a9a9a47b912b73 http://gyazo.com/9515945e89feee9164492054a8e45c59 http://gyazo.com/d8830f59a755f56c71b1d9664c122502 http://gyazo.com/59eb0a735d2211c7b8564876cac0de4c