Hero Challenge
Survivor Gameplay
Description A challenge in which only one player from each tribe competes
Appearance(s) Carthage
Mohenjo Daro

A Hero Challenge is a type of challenge which debuted in Survivor: Carthage. In this, each tribe only selects one member to compete on behalf of the entire tribe.

A Mystery Hero Challenge is a variant of the standard Hero Challenge, in which the challenge is not known to the players before the representatives are selected. The challenge is then revealed to the representatives once they are chosen.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season Day Winner Loser Result
Carthage Day 7 S28Carson.png
A mystery hero challenge was used as the third reward challenge. Carson defeated Ben in a jigsaw puzzle, winning reward in the form of a clue to the hidden immunity idol for Zama.
Byzantium Day 16 S31LinusS.png
The sixth reward challenge was revealed to be a mystery hero challenge. Linus beat Andre in Black and White, giving Edessa a clue to their hidden immunity idol as well as an advantage in the next immunity challenge.
Kiribati Day 8 TalS32.png
The third immunity challenge was a hero challenge, in which each tribe had to select one representative to play Mastermind. Tal defeated Rhone, earning Orona immunity.
Mohenjo Daro Day 3 S36XFire.png
A mystery hero challenge was used for the second reward challenge. XFire beat Matisse in King's Valley, giving Lothal a clue to their tribe's hidden immunity idol.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Every representative in a hero challenge so far has been a man.

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