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Day 4[]

We managed to get out Diane without much trouble - she voted Violet and claimed people were being inactive and yet she didn't even submit in time? Oh well, at least that's out of the way.

Along with this, a five-person alliance consisting of Jacob, Konstantinos, Tucker, Sim, and I was made - somehow I ended up naming it Eggplant,,, I guess that's fine, I love eggs anyways. I'm a bit apprehensive about this alliance and the people in it. I'll keep my guard up, but for the most part everyone is nice, and it's a decent kind of safety!

Out of everyone, I trust Tucker the most. I hope he feels the same way. I'm sharing him my idol guessing information, and that reminds me I should definitely be more on top of that. In past ORGs I haven't done so well in searching for/getting idols. Well, maybe except for that one game I got two idols - though I managed to get voted out with both in my pocket so ;w;


Not too much has gone on since my last confessional, really. Been attempting to bond with Wal-Mart guy just by letting him complain about Wal-Mart, kek. Juliaviv, I talk to when nobody else is around, so she would want to keep me as someone who is online when it's not 11PM her time, lool.

Catherine seems to have fucked up and accidentally sent me a message complaining about how quiet the tribe is, and about how she's only seen /four/ people actually talk. This message came randomly in the middle of a conversation about anime shit, and it looks a lot like she was getting at creating an alliance of four with somebody. Seeing this, I immediately played it off like I didn't realize what had happened, and agreed with her thoughts about the tribe. I then asked if she wanted to be in an alliance with me. Assuming I'm right, I don't think I'm her #1 exactly, BUT now that I've given her some "control" over me in the form of this alliance, I'm hoping she pushes my name as a third or fourth member of whatever alliance she ends up making. Or an alliance WE end up making, I'm not sure yet. I have to be careful, 'cause I want to make alliances with more people, but I can't be sure who's close with who. In that case, the smart move may be to attempt to bring all of my "allies" together into one alliance of four or something. That way I get all the safety, but nobody is going around saying I'm "making deals with everyone".

I'll probably wait it out a bit, seeing if Catherine makes the first move towards bringing in others or not. I just have to be quick, because if alliances are being made already, I have to secure myself in at least a decent spot with the others before it's too late.


Reads on everyone so far:

Jacob - paranoid, horrible liar, most likely to be a flip vote in a merge situation

Kon - likable, extroverted, careless, pretty decent game player

Asa - smart, collected, calm, probably most skilled social player on our tribe

Sim - I don't really know a lot about him, throws around the term of "closest ally" to anyone he's talking to, probably thinks he's better than he actually is

Tatianna - kinda difficult to talk to, she seems as if she's busy all the time, being targeted by Kon because she won a main ORG

Michael - I like Michael a lot, but he really sucks at messaging. He's prone to leaving in the middle of conversations to do something else.

Violet - I need to talk to her more; I get a really good vibe from her.

I'm just trying to remain likable and funny and sell that I'm a good listener so that people indulge all their secrets into me. There's no one I dislike this time around, but I think I could easily vote out anyone on this tribe if I had to. The only person I wouldn't vote out immediately if I didn't have to would be Asa, but she's never going to be in danger so it's not even conceivable. I'm not really sure what people actually think of me, but they sure do talk to me a lot. Asa/Jacob/Sim/Kon have expressed that they trust me, but I'm still not ready to really believe any of them except Asa. She feels right.

I know Sims is kinda more or less talking to everyone in the game, but until I hear him about to do something to me I'm not going to do anything about it. Our tribe is one of a lot of socially charged players, so I feel like if I overplay or fuck up somewhere socially then I'm going to get bodied by all these people that have unnaturally above average social games.




I feel like death, however I'm not going to let it stop me!

In terms of alliance, we have officially solidified the EGGPLANTS alliance, consisting of me, Konstantinos, Asa, Tucker and Jacob. I've told Konstantinos that Violet will easily be a number for us through me, and I have a connection w Michael/Violet through our little story writing chat.

I like Tatianna but I've distanced myself from her a bit, I don't really want to lie unless I need to, but I'll let her approach me if she wants to.

I feel like my social game has been weak though, but my strategic game has made up for that, which is funny because usually it's the other way around for me.

Also, me and Konstantinos were trying to figure out who voted for Violet. Diane obviously threw her vote towards Michael (bitter about not being able to write the story perhaps), but Violet's vote is completely out of nowhere, and I was sort of worried about who threw it.

In fact, Violet was the one who suggested throwing a vote towards someone in case Diane had an idol, but in the end decided against it because it would cause mistrust. It's a mystery, but I'm not gonna stress too much about it, because in the grand scheme of things it's irrelevant, and it barely concerns me.


So obviously drawing votes this early wasn't exactly part of my master plan here, but I'm fairly certain it was Diane's salty ass so BGB. Not to sound republican, but let's pray for Immunity.


The Reward Challenge has been up and honestly this is such a weird, interesting, but frustrating puzzle game. I'm pretty sure flowers don't propagate that fast.

At least the tribe is a bit more talkative after Diane left. The puns made in the tribe chat were pretty cute. I should probably talk more as well, I wouldn't want to become an outlier of some sort D^: I feel so boring

The day has been overall slow, hopefully we win, but there's not really as much pressure since it's just Reward. Still, it may be helpful!


Day 5[]

omg i got a huuuge score for the team, and i get to pick who goes with? COOL. i really wanna get far but i feel like i am playing too hard


omg I've never been the highest scorer on my tribe before. ICONIC!

Also I randomly feel anxious about my tribe, and if we're constantly going to tribal council I will lose it.



So we lost the reward challenge - that's okay, really! As long as it's not immunity. Diane can stay bitter at us losing because of one person on the other tribe that had a high score B^P

The immunity challenge is up! When will there come a time I get to draw anime girls - my only redeeming skill.

But in all honesty, I really like the challenge. I was excited and kind of hoping I could just carry the team by drawing the entire thing for everyone and *cough* idk showing off or something. I'm not actually that good at drawing animals though, rip. Jacob proposed an idea of splitting a tiger into eighths and having everyone contribute and draw a piece. It's cute and I'm glad he had good intentions with the suggestion, but unity of a drawing won't make the drawing good and in turn won't really help win immunity, will it? I'm not really sure, maybe the judges will find that appealing, but it's a critique on how the drawing looks, not if we got along through it. Ugh, I wanna tell them that, but it'll probably just come off as bad/rude, etc. The photo choice is also not really the best for the distribution of work. Maybe I AM being just overly critical. Oh well ;w; Maybe someone else may oppose it?

I guess I'll just draw my own tiger AND also try to help, wish me luck!


Sum up of shiz idk how to start these:

So far I get god vibes from cath and jake and nic. Me and cath have bonded and I see myself working with her in the future. Nic and I worked well together during the story thingy and he is one of the more talkative ones on the tribe. Idk about me and the others i probably should stepup my social game :0. imma go do that now



I'm a newb too, so I feel ya lmao.

me: :0 im also worried about allainces lol. im unsure how to go about em or if any were alread ycreated lol. i wanna make one but im sorta still awkward dunno how to go about it

Well, I was thinking all the active people (you, Nic, Jake, Catherine, and me) should make one.

And that is how you get yourself an allaince! lmfao


Life at the Periyar camp has been very calm lately. With Diane leaving we all seem to get along. Some of us are more social. Tucker and Asa are my main boos. Tucker is swifty, I am sure, but I trust him for now. Asa, Jacob and Sim complete the Eggplant alliance. I am soo surprised I haven' t heard of anything else happening alliance-wise. There MUST be something. I feel on the outs. Michael has expressed trust and Violet seems to not be targetting me (and I hope she doesn' t think I voted for her). Tatianna says she has my back but I don' t believe her for a second.

I will definetely not be feeling safe if we go to tribal council. And I have been useless in the last 2 tribals. If this was a more aggressive group of people I would go ahead and make a counter alliance so I would be safe for one more but everyone is sooo quiet and I need to keep the scrambling down.

Right now I am at the botton of the tribe or at the top of it.

Jacob is doing an amazing job leading us through the immunity challenge and I am glad to finally have someone attract more attention than me.


Ayy lmao - guess who got a ticket into the Bomb Squad? Juliaviv messaged me a little while ago and asked if I’d be interested in an alliance with her, Nic, Wal-Mart, and Catherine. I accepted, of course, especially after hearing that someone hadn’t replied yet.

Here’s the deal, though; An alliance of four is fine . . . but an alliance of five is where you start playing with fire, especially on a tribe of nine. All it takes is ONE person to want to save their pre-game friend or whatever, and then the alliance is screwed. I believe I have two things going for me in regard to that, though. One, I’ve been a strong challenge performer somehow, so I’d imagine I’d only be a flip-vote if they plan on blindsiding everyone in the alliance pre-swap, which is REALLY dumb, but could totally happen. I’m going to assume that’s unlikely, though. And plus, Catherine is coming out as an even bigger challenge performer, so I might be okay in that scenario even, maybe. Second, I’m actually making an effort to talk to the people on the bottom, lool. I’ve tried talking to Anna, Brendan, gonna try Patrick soon, etc. Hopefully if they’re the ones deciding on who to blindside out of the alliance, it’s not me for that reason.

Who do I not trust the most? Wal-Mart and Nic. As much as I like Nic, I haven’t got a chance to talk to him THAT much 1 on 1, so maybe he doesn’t trust me all that much yet, either. And Wal-Mart is just so dullllllllllllll, I wonder if he thinks the same about me for trying to change the subject from Wal-Mart all the time, lool. We made some strides last night, but I messed up and got engrossed in creating my tiger thing.

That’s another thing - this challenge is weird. Draw a tiger for immunity? Lolwut? I feel like people are going to be calling shenanigans if it turns out that the bearded Konstantinos guy is actually an artist or something. Overall, not a fan, ehhh. Yet, I created a fake tiger drawing anyway, and I was a bit nervous about my tribe actually wanting to use it up until Catherine made her own, lol. I definitely didn’t want to explain that I photoshopped it, ‘cause if a guy can photoshop a tiger drawing, then what else can he photoshop? Certainly not a fake idol! Harharhar, RIP Rustic All-Stars.

As an addendum, I’m really into Catherine emerging as a challenge beast. Since we’re about to be in an alliance together, PLUS out already existing alliance, she may end up being the classic merge “WE NEED TO STOP THEM FROM GOING ON A CHALLENGE RUN” boot over me.

So yeah, waiting for this Actives Bomb Squad Alliance to officially form and all. If we end up losing, I feel like it’s an easy Vik or Brendan boot, barring hooliganism and stupidity.


Day 6[]



However, I thought my picture was decent, so I feel like I've been proving my ability to preform well in challenges, but not so much as to become a threat later on. Hopefully that continues.

I do think we might lose, so I'm under the assumption that Tatianna is going home. She hasn't been involved in the social game the way Violet/Michael have and therefore I believe she will be going home for sure, and a blindside at that.

However she has not talked to me personally, which worries me. Does she have some secret alliance without me in it? Am I on the outs? Am I the Tatianna??

I've tried to tell myself I'm just being paranoid, but I continue to be worried, so I'd like to avoid tribal if at all possible.

and I really hope we're not the flop tribe, as Diane's prophecies are coming true, and we are losing all challenges without her!


I've come across a personal dilemma, the Eggplants or my writing group.

I was stupid not to include them in the alliance, or at least Violet because it would've been easier to distance myself from someone like Jacob.

I want to be loyal to Violet, and although that's easy for now, I certainly can't do that while still being loyal to the eggplants 100%. I can't tell her about it because it gives both people a reason to hate me.

In terms of the vote, Tatianna was the plan, and I've made sure she is the plan.

I kind of mentioned her to Violet, and she ate it up.

Not because Tatianna is the threat I was making her out to be, but because she is quite the opposite. She would be easy to get out.

Her social game has been weak, she hasn't really been participating in the tribe chat, and has failed to talk to people about anything besides the Diane vote. Also, she didn't contribute to the challenge WHATSOEVER.

This way, Violet and the eggplants will be voting the same way, and I can continue playing both sides! and it's even better that it's unanimous, because this way our tribe is unified! Hopefully it stays that way before we swap.

I can't believe Diane was first, and Tatianna's next, I'm voting out both Candians back to back! I want to be the last Canadian standing! and I will be the last Canadian standing :)


It's been almost a week and we have yet to win a challenge. To make things worse overall our tribe has had great chemistry, the hard part is deciding on the vote. Right now I'm in a majority alliance so I feel safe, however it still hurts cutting people from our tribe.


Woo! Making my first confessional 6 days into the game! I promise I'm not a flop!!

So basically, I want to do a run down of the people on my tribe and how i really feel about them. I'm not the best at keeping up to date with confessionals so this will probably suffice for the first few days.

At the very beginning I was honestly so excited to be a part of this game like I was so honored!! I love playing in Survivor's but I also haven't done so in a while because it takes a LOT of time. Like this is time I could be using actually having a life, but Survivor is my life tbh. And I don't know WHY I decided to sign up right now. Like. I'm a senior in high school and I'm STRUGGLING to finish all my college applications and I'm playing a TIME SUCKER GAME AND AHHAHAHHA i hatemyself.

But! Instead of writing college essays, let's write this! So, beginning of the game, I like talking to all these new people, it's really fun! The first person I started talking to with Konstantinos, which is a HARD name to spell so I'll just be calling him Konstant (sorry bby). He's okay to talk to. Sometimes the conversation drifts off and slows down, but I think that's more my fault and not his. He's very active in the tribe chat, so it's not like he doesn't have a good social game. It's just me being messy.

Then, I started talking to Tucker. Tucker reminds me of someone who has a very strong social game. He's likeable and easy to talk to. He's the one that I run to talk to first, because I know I'm going to get an easy conversation out of him. Like I ENVY being a conversationist like he is. I love it. Like we had a conversation about our schools and he's like, "oh I graduated with like 80 kids in my class," and we just had this long conversation that basically amounted to me being like, "hOw???" because my school is huge.

I "kinda" started talking to Asa, and this is where things get messy. Like, I left her a message at one point and then left because she hadn't responded. While I was gone, she messaged me back and was like, ah hello!! Then when I came back, she was gone. Eventually, we were on at the same time but we always had to leave like within another five minutes. We just always kept on missing each other, it was disgusting. BUT, now that I've had a bit more time to settle and actually talk to her more, I feel like she's really funny. I like her chat style? That might be a weird thing to compliment but it reads off as so cute and friendly, idk.

Next is Sim. Sim, I kind of know from outside the game. Well not really know know, we know each other through a common friend but we never were really close ourselves. So like he was the first person I wanted to try and solidify something just in case things get messy. I mean stability is always great and if he feels safe with me because we have an outside connection, then that'll be great moving forward.

Jacob I hardly talk to. I think the one big moment that we've shared was the time when we started just telling the worst puns in the group chat after the flower challenge. Like it was disgusting and I was living for every moment of it. We took it to PM's and just continued and AHH amazing, stellar, would recommend. On the actual game, we never talked strategy or anything so that's somewhere I really need to work on.

Then I have Michael! Michael has barely talked with me in private, like the only time we really chatted was in the Writing chat for the first challenge. After that, our conversation just went kaput. However! I do think I can use that relationship further down the line and maybe be like hey we worked together once! Let's keep that up!! I do feel some distrust there because I feel like him and Konstant are a pair. They make inside jokes in the chat and are making fun of each other. This shows that they are close and are probably moving together. If I can get on one of their good sides, I can get on both. So that's my major plan there, to start working with that pair and integrate myself there.


Okay, so we lost - epically. It wasn't much of a surprise, but at least we all bonded together over the ordeal!!! We ended up seeing that Tati didn't really do much work, so the majority is probably most likely going to vote her. She's probably really busy with her other ORGs aaa I feel bad but if it means I'm safe this Tribal Council maybe hhhh

At least she'd be able to focus on her other stuff? Agh, I don't know.

Anyways, I'm bonding with the Eggplant Alliance - which is honestly a really cute alliance. We get along well, I'll definitely feel bad if something happens, we lose, and I'd end up having to vote one of them off. I'm basically (maybe? I didn't really ask if we could be aaa) F2 with Tucker. He's the closest person to me in the game right now and I trust him immensely, I hope he reciprocates! I realize that he probably does confer with everyone else a lot. I need to step up my conversation game as well! Hopefully one of us obtains the idol as soon as possible.


As much as Violet and I have considered Tucker a social threat, I've slowly become to notice how he's kind of polarizing? That's an overstatement because he's not THAT bad but he's kind of getting there? Like I was just turned off by him today.

It started when Linus threw shade at our art submission. I thought it turned out awful to be honest, but it wasn't nobody's fault, because honestly that challenge was HARD AF, and Thekkady had some reincarnation of Picasso on their tribe!

Anyways Tucker went off on Linus, I found it pretty funny and laughed it off, but I'm sure Linus was offended, as he didn't respond lmao.

It continued again when Jacob asked whether we were going to tell Michael/Violet about the vote. I told him we were, as I had already told Violet anyways, and it would be stupid to isolate them instead of continuing to be a unified tribe, especially while we're flopping in challenges. Instead Tucker might've come off as sort of condescending with his sarcastic response.

Again, I didn't think too much of it until it happened to me. The eggplants alliance was discussing video games and such, and I love Pokemon so I popped into the discussion. The conversation somehow arrived to Tucker talking about how he couldn't participate in the name game cuz his word could turn into Fucker (how ironic).

I brought up the name game in American Horror Story, and as soon as I try to talk about it, he says "okay back to sonic", like I was just turned off cuz I didn't even know shit about sonic and I was just responding to something he said!

I'm DEFINITELY reading way too much into this, because I know he isn't doing it on purpose, he is a nice guy, but I'm just gonna let him continue to do it until it pisses someone else off.

On a more positive note, I love Jacob and Asa < 3


im in 2 allainces right now. one is legit as f and the other is the three amigos with a weird name i don't remmeber now. i think the legit a f alliance is good and has great potential. i also feel like i am close to each memebr so inthe long run i have great chances. I am considering a possible f2 with nic but i am unsure at this point what i want o-o. lets see hwo far this allaince can go ^^