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Day 8[]

Ouani’s tribal council was all types of tight and unified… good for them I guess! Wanani’s first tribal being the only non-unanimous one so far, we stan a messy tribe ghjfdksl but yeah, Austin leaving is alright (poor dude tho) but I’m lowkey shook Aromal got a vote? Wonder what that’s about lmaooo but ye if Ouani could lose another challenge, wouldn’t exactly be mad?


"hey. its me. a lot went down

to recap, i ""officially"" formed the alliance with myself, andrea, grace, and joan. I knew a swap was coming and i mostly did it as a way to solidify those bonds when the swap came, to make sure they would stick by me and not sell me down the river. I will sell Joan down the river here, if i need to. I wont like doing it, but im playing for me, not us. Anyway, we killed Austin, we swapped, someone (*cough* ALEX VIVOR *cough*) has the idol, yadda yadda.

This is swap day. Its one of the most essential days in the game, and my head should be in it 100%, capitalizing on whatever slip i can. But to tell you the truth, im not captializing at all. my mind is not in the game at all. Its somewhere else entirely. Its been a rough day.

Some of my shit in real life is kinda effecting me differently this way. My entire family, brother and his gf included, got together at my place today to celebrate fathers day. They had a great day out in the yard, makin fires and swimmin and shit. I was at work the whole time. Usually this kind of thing is fine, i dont let it get to me. Its life, Im an adult, shits gonna happen. but today it hit different. maybe its because ive been thinking more about how much time ive spent my entire adult life working at minimum wage, but ive missed a lot of events in peoples lives because of my schedule. my friends joke about how im always gone cause im at work. And if i had the choice, i wouldnt go to work nearly as much as i do. I would be living my young adult life, gettin into trouble, making memories forever, but instead i work insane hours 7 days a week (its 6 right now, but i digress). This shit has given me really bad FOMO, and that on top of my rocky relationship with my ma is p much the reason i smoke weed or drink when i can. its not very healthy and i know it but yeah thats how it be.

Im writing this while listening to On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel while i watch the fire that was made without me go out. Ive thrown two logs on it but theres only one left, soon itll die out. it feels strangely poetic in a way. This album is one that i listened to a lot when i was starting college in my junior year of high school, when i was excited to enter the adult world. I wasnt ready for the increased stress and anxiety, the increased FOMO, the feeling that your life is out of your hands, like youre a secondary character in your own life story. idk.

Sorry for just venting into my confessional, but its the nearest outlet i have. The past few days have been really rocky with my family, and my other relationships. its kinda made me directionless recently, which is actually when this game came in handy. its a stressor, sure, but in that case, its a good stress. id rather focus on maneuvering the social dynamics of alex vivor and aromal nidoran than drink another bottle of stale, warm budweiser i stole from the garage, or get into a tiff with my best friend, or brother, or girlfriend. its good stress. so thanks for letting this exist here.

But anyway, back to the game. Its a scary situation being in a 4-2-2 situation, but im...kinda feeling okay about it? Im on good terms with Joan after last tribal, and i think this is a good tribe for me to nestle into. Loren and i played together a while back, and he remembered it and was excited to see me again, thinking i left the community. Linus, who ive hosted a number of times and played (v briefly with) once was happy to see me and i validated him on his career and he genuinely was happy about it. Nathan was energetic to talk to me, and I know Dani is really cool. Basically, I think im good with everyone but Mihail and Lex. If we start getting pagonged, i think ill be able to convince Loren/Linus/Nathan to go for Mihail before Joan or I, which is a good thing.

idk. Im rambling and the fires going out. im gonna go now before what i say doesnt make sense. ill be back eventually. peace."


I am about to cry. For me this is the worst swap I have ever been in in any games I have played. I am stuck with Dani with whom I didnt even talk on Wanani and who I dont like at all, I am with Joan who is like the person I dislike the most and trust the least in these orgs and the 3 people I trusted in this game(rob, augusto and tobi) are not here. The other people I dont know, but I dont like them already 😂😂😂I will try my best to survive, but I think my days are numbered by someone who only knows to count to 3.


this tribe swap is not cute... i'm in a minority but i think i can pull a few strings here if i play my cards right. I am also SUPER close to getting the idol so I have that going for me. I have history with all the new ppl except for alex vivor... who i've heard is an interesting character since multiple people have him blocked or have fought with him... grace is okay but a bit dry, i also know she can cut people without a second thought and thats what happened to me the last time i played with her so thats fun to play with, andrea is dry and i've played with her before and she was kinda dry back then but from what i've heard she takes time to open up to people so that's my little project with her, drew has hosted me before and i will be trying to rope him in to gain majority, aromal is boring from the last time i played with him and he won the game i played ( i got 3rd and pots just to flex a little) because the bitter was super bitter against the other finalist (waleed got me).... so overall this tribe swap is full of highs and lows but I have to brave the waters to make sure i don't go home prejury.


"Well who doesn’t love a tribe swap? I came into this swap so eager and willing cause like, yeah Moya might have finally won a challenge, but we were a tribe just waiting for disaster. So I’m happy I made it off in time. First impressions were amazing actually. Zach and Dani are both people that I’m fairly close with outside of this game so it’s an interesting experience to finally try and play a game with them, Joan was my first host on a facebook org - oh and then I fucked him over with Cali in Resurrection lol...he doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings at least so that’s gucci. I have no previous experience with Mihai but he claims to be a fan of me (for reasons that I neither know nor understand) and then tried to flirt with me...so he’s aight for now I guess. And of course we have my Moya bois - well aside from my bestie, Drew, who got swapped away from us onto the other tribe. But the other 3 guys are aight.

And then, of course, because I hate keeping a good thing going, I decided that I wanted some entertainment. So Loren decided to use today to get HELLA drank. Like I think he had a day off or something and dude just fucking went for it. So of course I wanna witness drunk Loren on call, and apparently, so do Dani and Zach and what resulted was the most hilarious, absurd, and kind of tragic hour of my entire ORG career. Here’s the problem though: Loren proposed a final 4 with us. On call. Even though we’ve been a tribe for all of 8 FUCKIN HOURS. Like I love Dani and Zach as people but I don’t have a single fucking clue what their motivations in this game are. For all I know their gameplans were to take me out asap. Yet because we decided drunkness is entertaining, we’re stuck to the hip together and have to work a way out, together may I emphasise, of this web that WE FUCKING SPUN. I’d be crying if this night weren’t so hilarious. At least I had fun potentially destroying my game lmfao, time will tell if I actually regret this moment."


"The Austin went just as planned, and I feel like having the idol made me way more paranoid than I should've, but now I've gotten used to it so I think I can be way calmer about it, ONLY THAT I JUST GOT FUCKSWAPPED. Not really, it was a regular swap, Moya has half of the tribe population, whilst the last two quarters are my tribe and Wanani, so mathematically speaking it is bad but not abysmal. I got stuck with my second least favourite OG Ouani person, Zach, and I would've favoured having Andrea or Grace (not Vivor, I'm sort of glad I got a break from him especially in a tribe that has Nathan in it). Additionally the two Wanani people I've got connections with, Dani and Mihai, and I have gotten off with a good foot with both. Dani and I are friends outside this season, so we have that natural chemistry, but I've got a history of backstabbing her after she was my sheep, but we cleared that out pretty quickly. I don't we will be seen as much of a tandem as I at first thought, because we are pretty clearly playing our own games, and if it comes to it I will write her name down with a big fat sad face next to it. Mihai meanwhile really seems to really want to work with him and barely contained himself from telling me so, which is great, and makes me sure that he isn't playing me because I could expose him real bad for trying to ally me so fast and quick, just like I did with Austin. In a worst case scenario, I think the numbers for a deadlock vote to force everybody to go to rocks is there, but I really don't like that, since I'd play my idol beforehand just to be safe unless I can find out who the ""worthless"" Moya is (probably Loren or Lex).

However, I am under the impression that I might be able to chip into the Moya 4, as despite the fact that they went to tribal twice so they must feel ""tight"" I feel like I've got a shot with Linus and Nathan. Especially Nathan whom I played (and was backstabbed by) in Resurrection but we've got a pregame connection and ""chemistry"" that I think is hard to find in this season, and he's probably the person I've spoken the most with since the swap. I might be flirting with him a bit too, since I posted a rather ""scandalous"" selfie trying to see if I could bait people in my tribe to feel what is commonly referred as ""thirst"" for my 6/10 ass. And hey, if I gave someguy some wank material I'll take it as a compliment. What was the quote again? All Is Fair in Love and Whore. Linus I feel like he's an overall good person and player, and he will respect me and we have never had the chance to play together, so I feel like as two vaguely ""noteworthy"" people in the community we can gravitate towards one another. That leaves Loren, who was a messy sloppy drunk mess last night, but I get it, some people find that endearing and I've found myself on his position, and Lex, who I can sense is a Moya Strong hardass with a dry personality having barely just met him (sorry if this turns out to be wrong).

However, I need to win this immunity, or at least do good in it so I am not an easy target at tribal. It's a live challenge, which sucks because it all comes down to teamwork, and the fact that I feel that Dani, Mihai, Loren and Zach are all going to be a pain in the ass in the challenge. I vividly remember in main ORG Mihai fucking up the live challenge that sent me home in Generations. I know for a fact that Dani is not good at teamwork, it's a fact, not trying to be mean. Loren is messy. Zach was underwhelming in Ouani. I really don't feel good about the winning odds at the challenge, because I am against Vivor and Grace from my original tribe, who are absolutely cold-blooded killers in characters and I am sure they'll be arranging a run and tested strategy as we speak. This is why I put myself in a bit of a challenge leader position for the tribe, as I tried to get everybody to figure out the times and start figuring out shit, which I hope will endear me to the people that are holding me by the throat right now."


Color me shook @this !! So we all walk into what we THINK is our next challenge and the hosts do a whole tribe switcheroo on us! I honestly felt super secure on OG Wanani because of all my connections, but maybe change can be good? Probably not in this case, however, since I was the only person that wasn’t put on a tribe and was sent to the old Moya camp. Not gonna lie, being exiled really sucks because it could really mess up my game like people can just outcast me and be like “he wasn’t here for a round, we don’t know him so let’s vote him out”. Who knows, maybe I’m being paranoid but yeah I’m a little sad about missing out on tribe dynamics since as seen by the votes this season, challenge strength isn’t as important as relationships within a tribe. On the BRIGHTER side, I did make it past 17th place at the very least and one step closer to a potential second win so yay for that! Plus, I do have a bulletproof vest in the form of an idol in case I walk into all out war next round. I’m a one man tribe of me(myself, and I) until further notice so I guess I’ll enjoy some peace and quiet while I have it :D


The swap results were pretty interesting since on both tribes, there’s a group of 4 who were all together so I wonder if that will affect anything. On paper, I’d love to join the New Wanani Tribe since I feel like I’d have a bit more longevity there? I have my alliance with Tobi/Pory, my connection with Rob, plus if need be I could connect to both Alex and Grace since I am also a winner, I know Andrea/Aromal/Drew as well… so there’s that. I wonder how it’ll work since it’s 4-3-1 when you look at original tribes so would they deadlock 4-4 or would they try going for Drew since he’s alone? It’s all up in the air, but I’m interested to say the least. New Ouani isn’t TOO great if I ended up there? I obviously have both Dani and Mihai, but I only really know Linus from the tribe so yeah, I don’t know. Moya controls that tribe with 4 members and both Wanani/Ouani having 2 each. Maybe those two tribes will battle it out? If that’s the case, I think Dani and Mihai are pretty social to stay but we’ll see! My worry is that me being a Wanani on Exile that the two tribes would try to target a Wanani so that we don’t “gain control” on the new tribe, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


I really need to know the rules huh ghfjdks so before we swapped, Rob and I talked about transferring the idol to one another if we are ever in danger (a bad swap/going to tribal) which like… I wasn’t against completely. However, it came to my attention that we can only really trade/transfer the idol if we are on the same tribe ghfjd so now I’m a little bit worried that if Rob is in danger, he could not only go home but if he stays, he might be mad at me for not giving him the idol and then leak it. I don’t wanna like lose his trust so like I hope I can see him soon and let him know that that is the case because losing an ally over that would be awful hgjfk


"I usually don't get too pissed at people unless they are legit being disgusting, and from what I've been told by Dani, last night, Loren in his ""hilarious"" drunkness was not as funny as it first appeared. Dani told me that apaprently Loren requested to make a voicecall chat with Zach and Nathan and herself, and that he was extremely disturbing calling her ""cute"", a ""sexy innocent thing"" and flirting with Zach and Nathan, and I don't give a rat's ass if he was drunk but dude needs to know where limits are. After my initial outburst where I was deadass wanted to go over to Loren and fucking mess him up bad Dani convinced me it was not that bad and just creepy and pretty hilarious, but I am still pretty repulsed.

Like idk man this dude is apparently a nurse and he is out there getting drunk and making women uncomfortable and getting them into voice chats, I'd be asked to be driven to another hospital if I had to be his fucking patient, he can keep his filthy ass hands to himself. I know I am being slight over the top but this community literally needs to learn the fucking meaning of boundaries, consent and what is classy and not because it seems that the fact that we had community-renown pedophile Eddie seems to have started fading from popular memory. If Loren even insinuates himself to me after what I know now I will END him, in fact, if we go to tribal I am deadset on voting his ass out and make it be known what sleazy grimmy slimy drunk he is. Lmao motherfucker annoyed me but now I am disgusted and grossed out, gl noms if he comes talking to me because I might just pounce him.

Sorry if this confessional is OTTN but I do not fuck w this sort of thing one bit."


Also this is actually a follow up to my confessional from even earlier today, but NOT all is fair in Love and Whore, people need to stick to some fcking principles of decency. Sorry for being a angry ranting mess but yah, Loren gtfo.


"So update: I did NOT tank my game. In fact it seems to be flourishing if anything. Dani, Zucc, and myself have all decided to make a 3-person group known as Loren’s Angels (I came up with that by the way) - and honestly while it’s still very much in its formative stages, I feel like I can cultivate a decent amount of trust, friendship, and loyalty with those 2. In addition to that, Mihai is straight up offering his loyalty on a silver platter, calling himself my biggest fan and all that good shit - now THAT seems like an offer that’s too good to be true. But who am I to refuse good things right?

If anything, my gray area on this new Ouani tribe...is from my original tribe. I connected so well to Linus and Lex preswap yet both of them have been somewhat distant since we came over here from Moya. I’m hoping that’s a symptom of life getting in the way as opposed to them wanting to turn on me but I’ll have to put out some feelers...and quickly, to see where exactly their allegiances lie right now. Also since the call, and due to his other game, Loren has seemed kinda checked out, and I’m hoping he can rebound soon or else I’m afraid that he might end up being more of a game liability and it won’t be worth it to keep him around much longer.

Also side note: this challenge is scheduled to run in 30 fucking minutes and 3 of the guys who agreed to help are nowhere to be fucking found - I hope we can turn this around. But something tells me I won’t be getting a good rest after this challenge..."



Survivor Annihilation Day 8 Grace


Dear diary, today, Nathan Cooper, Dani Pero and I tanked the fuck out of our own games by entering a voice call with one drunk Loren Nadee.

Within 8 hours of this tribe existing, he said we were the final 4 and then proceeded to almost spill it to Mihai. He probably did spill it tbch.

I don’t think any of us realized we’d be digging ourselves into this shit on day 1 of this tribe existing but hey I guess we’re here now

So uh Dani Nathan and I are working together, not necessarily by choice (although I do love em both and am fine w this) but by virtue of us all deciding getting into a voice call with drunk Loren was a good idea

How to tank your survivor game 101 ig. But it was so worth it I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. I could go home next and be content after that holy fuck

That’s exactly what I needed. Gn


Day 9[]

hi howdy. We lost the challenge cause Joan flopped! Which sucks! Cause that might mean hes the target! And ever since we voted Austin out, I actually really like and trust Joan and dont wanna see him go home yet! But lets backpedal.

First and foremost - why the FUCK does the 703 gods HATE me? Hallasan - Swapped into a minority that i had to CLAW out of. S40 - Swapped into a minority that im clawing out of now. I really dont think im even a target to go tonight, but i dont like my chances going forward, yknow. Basically Tyler is a fake bitch for letting this happen 2 seasons in a row, he just wants to watch me squirm. its totally his kink. Well jokes on you cause im a fuckin switch.

Anyway, I caught up with Nathan and Dani after the night 1 disaster, and it looks like were gonna keep working together. Loren doesn't remember the alliance deal cause he was HAMMERED, but we figured that the three of us might actually be able to make a go of it. We've dubbed ourselves Loren's Angels (Nathans idea <3) and honestly? I think we have the potential to run shit. My main goal right now is making sure that the target doesn't become Joan, cause I want him around. I also wanna keep Linus, which means the ideal target is Mihai, Lex, or Loren. I would kinda feel bad voting Loren out, and also feel like it might be a bad idea cause he could expose Nathan, Dani and I's group, but if the numbers head to him, I wouldn't fight it. Mihai I would be fine with booting, but he is a nice kid and also part of the tribal minority. Lex, I get along with well. We had a cool talk about David Bowie last night and hes someone I can gel with, but I think our game chemistry just isnt there. the same can be said for Mihai. So like, gun to my head, i would choose to kill one of those two, but I also dont wanna put myself out there and get gonked for overplaying, so if Lorens name is the name I wont object. I just wanna protect the people who have given me an oath, and so far that is Joan, Nathan and Dani. And Linus is a good boy now so I dont wanna kill him either, plus hes showing interest in working with me. We'll see how this goes ig.

Im also gonna approach Joan about the idol situation. I think we're close enough now that I can just go for it, so I wanna see if he thinks the same as I do (that alex has it).

Fingers crossed. Adios."

"Well, prepare for a pretty big string of losses because that other tribe is S-T-A-C-K-E-D. The big story of the round I think is Loren getting super drunk and kind of embarrassing himself in front of some people on a voice call. This has lead Joan to wanting to target him. Im caught between a rock and a hard place though right now. On one hand I have my starting alliance which is definitely ok, but then I also have some decent connections on the other side. Im getting along great with Zach, and Dani I know from my first season where we were a super tight duo. Hell I think we were even nominated that year for best duo in the 703 orgscars, and she was who Loren was being kinda odd towards. We also have Augusto coming from my second season, and although he and I weren't as tight, we did definitely get along and he was one of the ones really close to flipping to save me, and I think that connection can make something. I think more than anything where Im struggling though is this. In Byzantium, I lost because I got swapped into just a bad situation where the other starting tribe outnumbered us, and nothing I did could change them from voting together. I hated having to play that uphill battle, and I remember feeling like luck of the draw just lost me that game. Well now in this one I feel like the situation has reversed to some extent, and teal could be the ones to just slaughter everyone. That would be fine if they were really active and talkative with me, but the truth is they just haven't been. Maybe its playing with my heart and not my head, but when I see one group really really pushing to be here, and I have the choice of siding with them or just telling them ""well, guess you just got too unlucky"", I feel bad going with the latter option. I really need to talk to Nathan about this because Lex is pushing hard for Teal strong right now. Zach is saying if I vote Loren he knows its be risking a lot and he'd be happy to make a deal with me for the long run, which I like the sound of, and I think Dani would lean towards working with me as well.

I've been getting some weird vibes from Mihai, mainly in that he just wanted to align far far too quickly. I think hes actually an ok guy now, but I told Joan I was a bit nervous of him and now I hope that doesnt come back to bite me.

Lastly, there's the element of I think this tribe is going to lose, and they are going to lose a lot. So, where does that leave me? Well it leaves me having to also to some extent prep for a merge where I go in largely outnumbered no matter what. I think making a clear teal strong statement could bite me in that sense since everyone would gang up on us, however, if I showed willingness to work with who I get along with and not just who I was randomly placed with, it makes it easier for people from the other tribe to want to jump ship back to being with like, Zach or Dani and help our cause. "


I dont even know what day it is, feels like I have been playing for 30 days already. So, this game as a weird sense of humour. You know when I said that I dont like Dani and I dont like Joan? Well, guess who are right now my two closest allies?! Yes, Dani and Joan. Mostly because I dont have the luxury of chosing my allies and also because i wanna keep my enemies closer. I am worried for this vote, but less worried than other time because i feel like I made some connections with Linus, Nathan and even Zach and I did really good on the challenge, but who knows, they might still take me out because of this timezone thing. Personally, I think it would be foolish of a the 4 people who were together before the swap(Nathan, Lex, Loren and Linus) not to vote together because one of them goes and next round Augusto comes back, then they will be in trouble. Joan and Dani suggested that they 2, me and Zach should vote together and get Loren out, but I have mixed feelings about that. Not that i care about Loren and as long as it’s not me, I will vote for literally anyone.


"Okay got a bit to cover this time.

First things first, Austin got voted out. In hindsight I was more worried about that vote than I should've been, but it did feel good to officially survive my first tribal of the season. It would've been one hell of a mess had we lost again. I know there was a good chance of me going, but

a) Zach wanted to make another alliance with me, him, Grace, and Alex b) Grace didn't trust Joan c) Alex didn't trust Zach, which he told me after the swap

So the swap hits and initially I was a bit unnerved, but now I think I could be in a decent spot here. Right off the bat Pory hits me with 500 variations of ""You're on the bottom!"", which tells me I could be in a potential swing vote situation if we go to tribal. He also threw people from OG Wanani tribe under the bus to me, especially Rob. However I do think there is some truth to what Pory was saying, because he knew a lot of info about our tribe which he says he got from Tobi through Grace and I kinda believe him. It might be a bit too soon to make a move against OG yellow, but I've definitely not ruled it out. One thing that has gotten me spooked is that there hasn't been any official alliances made yet. No OG Ouani, no cross tribal shenanigans, nothing. Idk if people are just chilling because we won but literally no one has talked strategy with me other than Alex and Pory and its gotten my spidey sense tingling."


"My new tribe sucks eggs i hate them. i miss rob. i miss tobi. i miss augusto. i guess i miss pory as well.

so far on my new tribe i havent felt a strong connection with anyone the way i felt with rob. im friends with joan irl so that made things a bit more complicated than I would like it to be tbh? I just feel like it made evetything jump at me during the swap bc it seemed like i was swapped with nathan, linus, AND joan, who i all have outside connections with and i’m friends with them all, so i find it quite tough to seperate friendship and game.

On another note, Zach and I have somehow become the central point in most alliances on this tribe apparently??? We both have F3’s with linus, AND nathan, and i think joan is trying to plan one as well. This is intense and wild and very unexpected?? Like. Zach and I spent 4 hours sending memes on day 1 of this tribe... and now we’re being thrust into alliances... ok work i guess.

This tribal SHOULD be going smoothly. I’m hoping it’s just voting out Loren, because he is quite honestly just a mess. He embarassed himself night one with the call, and being drunk, and now he’s just too embarrassed to talk to me and a few others i think. He ‘overslept’ for the challenge, and he didn’t finish the puzzle one. If we want a strong tribe, i don’t think he fits into that category right now. "


"To put it lightly, that challenge was a god damned DISASTER from beginning to end. We’re now going to tribal and it really feels like it’s hit all of us badly in different ways. Most of all though it seems to be hitting Loren pretty badly. He’s been kind of checked out and not really talking with anybody anymore and unfortunately, as much as I do like the dude it’s ended up making him the easy name to throw out for this round.

One thing I do need to remain cognizant about though: Lex has apparently been SUPER forward about wanting to remain Moya strong and has even relayed that feeling to Dani and Zach, who, I don’t know if y’all know, were NOT on original Moya. I’m starting to get the impression that the sooner we vote out Loren and tear down any of that ridiculousness with regards to who was randomly placed on which tribe at the start, we can actually get some good game going. If anything it’s now confirmed to me that I made a hecking good choice branching out to the non-Moyas as soon as I got to Ouani.

Oh, another fun fact. According to Zach, the Ouani idol has been found already, which adds a new layer of paranoia to an already pretty shady tribal period thus far. I just kind of want to get this over with and hopefully be able to move on with my game still mostly intact."


Okay so I’m not fully in the know as to how exactly this development happened but apparently Dani and Zach are getting more and more spooked that Loren might have an idol, so Dani is now back and forth between throwing a vote on Lex (to prevent anyone from being Lauren Rimmer’d) or just holding strong and voting Loren. At this point, I don’t see Loren having that idol but who the fuck knows what’s gonna go down tonight. I think everyone who survives tribal with their torches still lit is gonna breathe a huge sigh of relief. Fingers crossed this doesn’t backfire on us!





So the swap happened and while the division on tribal lines seem favorable for me, there is a problem. Loren has basically went full inactive now and we can’t just carry him around as deadweight. Thankfully, tribal lines don’t seem to matter that much here and really, it’s a good social game that will keep you alive on this tribe. I still 100% intend on keeping Linus and Nathan with me as they are really great allies. This whole situation really reminds me of my original season with the 4-4 divide after swap, one of my ally going inactive after said swap and thus a trio remains. Last time, it worked very well for me, so let’s see how I do here. I have already made some in with Mihai and Zach who I am officially allied with one-on-one.