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Hunger Games I
Season 1
Season Run February 2nd-February 28th
Days 16
Winner Dani Gunn
Runner(s)-up Johnny Poteet
Sim Simpson
Returnees NONE
Opening Sequence
Blu Ray Cover
Series Chronology
Previous Season NONE
Next Season Hunger Games II

Hunger Games I is the first Annual Hunger Games of the 703 ORG (Online Reality Game) Network! The First Annual Hunger Games was filled with a lot of activity and amazing moments. Dani won the game after killing the last 4 tributes one by one, even poisoning her closest ally with 4 tributes left.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


  • Blowing Up Parts of the Map: To keep from having a super long game, Gamemaker Kevin blows up 1-2 parts of the map up every round.
  • Live Chats: Chats were made when players were in the same area as one another.
  • Second Cornucopia: Tributes were alarmed that the "Mystery" area of the map was actually a second cornucopia.
  • Killer Squirrels: On Day 3, killer squirrels were dropped into the arena to try and kill tributes.
  • Live Final 3: The Final 3 was done live with 20 minute rounds.
  • Big Tree: In the purple area there was a big tree which held unlimited fruit, and a large sword.
  • Mystery: Also in the purple area there was a empty treasure chest, and it was heavily guarded by trees. The water that surrounded it was laced by steroids and an energy suppliment.
  • Sponsors: The sponsors were decided by a training score of 10 and up, VL bets, and VL voting.
  • Yellow A: Yellow A was the designated spot in the game where if there was a mob it would be mostly populated there, it was also planted with flammable sand.
  • Berries: Berries were different in every color sector. Berries in red were luxorious (Boost to health and could heal wounds), Berries in purple were laced with rabies, Berries in Blue were regular, Berries in orange were poisonous, Berries in green were mixed with all of these.


GamemakerHG.png SnowHG.png
Gamemaker Kevin President Thomas Snow


Tribute photo Tribute Where From? Training Score Day of death How did tribute die?
EvaHG.png Eva Salgado
District 11 5 Bloodbath Punched to death by Will
DrewHG.png Adrian Sagala
District 11 3 Bloodbath Hit in brain with
Ryan's throwing knife
KyleHG.png Kyle Negrotti
District 7 2 Bloodbath Stabbed in head with
Hunter's awl
MiguelHG.png Miguel Calderon
District 4 6 Bloodbath Stabbed in head with
Hunter's awl
MarcoHG.png Marco Chua
District 1 4 Night 1 Stabbed in back
by Hannah's Trident
MalikHG.png Malik Graham
District 2 3 Night 2 Thrusted in chest
with Dani's sword
GavinHG.png Gavin Young
District 9 4 Night 2 Head chopped off
with Zakriah's machete
HunterHG.png Hunter Reed
District 6 6 Day 3 Aten alive
by squirrels
EmmaHG.png Emma Lee
District 5 6 Day 3 Aten alive
by squirrels
SamHG.png Samuel Hall
District 7 9 Day 3 Aten alive
by squirrels
JoanHG.png Joan Essos
District 10 9 Day 3 Blown to pieces
by Hannah
AidanHG.png Aidan MacDonald
District 4 6 Day 3 Ran into forcefield
LorenHG.png Loren Nadeau
District 2 1 Day 3 Aten alive
by squirrels
RyanHG.png Ryan Mortenson
District 12 10 Night 4 Stabbed repeatedly with
Will's sword
TommyHG.png Tommy Shallow
District 6 8 Night 5 Slain by
Sim's sword
NickHG.png Nick Roberts
"Nick R."
District 3 5 Night 6 Slain by
Sim's sword
AromalHG.png Aromal Nidoran
District 9 5 Day 7 Shot in head
Tom's arrow
TomHG.png Tom Bussineau
"Dr. Tom"
District 10 10 Day 7 Sliced in neck
With Zakriah's sword
ZakriahHG.png Zakriah Razzak
District 9 11 Night 7 Stabbed in the heart
by Will's sword
WillHG.png Will Craig
District 10 7 Day 10 Stabbed in back
with Dani's sword
HannahHG.png Hannah Straarup
District 3 9 Night 10 Fed poisonous sandwhich
from Dani
SimHG.png Sim Simpson
District 12 7 Night 12 Stabbed in chest
by Dani's sword
JohnnyHG.png Johnny Poteet
District 1 5 Night 16 Poisoned in the mouth
by Dani
DaniHG.png Dani Gunn
District 5 7 Night 16 Winner


Episode 1: Pre Game




Tribute mangas: Brian Ruvolo

Moderator mangas: Dani Gunn

Season logo: Alex Koror

Map: Thomas Saxby


-This is the first season of 703's The Hunger Games series.

-Dani, the winner, got the most kills with 5.

-Dani is the first winner, and first female winner of the Hunger Games.

-Dani has the most kills in a row (4).

-Day 3 had the most Deaths with 6.

-Johnny made it the farthest in the game without a kill (Night 16).

-Sim was the first to discover the Big Tree, and the Mystery area.

-Nick is the first person ever to get a permanent injury (Ankle).

-The bloodbath only had 4 kills.

-Tommy was the only one to survive the squirrels with a major injury.

-The top 5 all composed of players with lower than a 10 training score.

- Aidan is the first player to ever die by the forcefield.

-Tom, Nick, Will, and Ryan was the biggest alliance in the game.

-Johnny (hole in the ground with sticks and/or urine) and Dani (Explosive) were the only ones to set traps.

-Eva is the first, first boot, and first female first boot.

-There were 11 sponsors given.

-Orange was visited the least, which Purple was visited the most.

-The final battle took 4 days. 


Despite being the first season of the Hunger Games, the vl for the season was electric and then viewers seemed to be very into the season. Hannah and Dani were fan favorites which kept them into it, while Sim, Aromal, and Zakriah also got a lot of love. The viewers liked this version of Hunger Games and soaked up the personalities such as Hannah's savageness, Dani's shock, Johnny's suprise survival, and much more. The season was a huge success.


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