So erin now is bitching with me.

I do not appreciate being lied to, when we welcomed you to our alliance you agreed to write down linh name and you did not even when asked you said yes -Erin that was she said. Lol, i know you have a thing with Brian I ain't dummy...If you're very welcoming with me you should be protecting also...If you're sincere of my safety...I should not get more than one vote...Like are you for real?


I'm bringing my A game now...I'm moving....I hope it's the right time....


Oh Gynyoh, pls. I'll never trust you. That's all :)

OK. Time to play colonthree emoticon


erin is actually planning to work with brian by voting out linh and gynoh in that order. um no, not gonna happen. you don't mess with my plan. first off, i would want to bring my fish/es along to merge. and second, brian seems to be a silent beast which i wouldn't want to bring to merge. so i told gynoh he's probably ain't gonna last long but i told him to hang on and make friends with linh which he did. i, on the other hand, am still trying to get linh to trust me by occassionally throwing gynoh under the bus along with brian. which brings me to shellie, who is mad upset with the whitney thing brian told me. so basically everything's heading towards my plan while me and erin are bff's as heck.



Day 11[edit | edit source]

Winning so many challenges has given me the chance of starting my own business. I've been working on a spa section at the side of our shelter. Whitney and Fabi seem to love it. I've been chatting a little bit with both of them so in case we go to tribal they dont target me and a stupid token gets me idoled out. I put on some sand face masks, pedicures with smashed fruits and lovely hairstyles with leaves. It's sad that Whitney and I are the only girls in this tribe. But I guess it works for us. Girls will always have an all-girls alliance that will be ready to backstabb each other the moment they can. But boys are more loyal. More manageable. I need to keep my relationship with the boys on point. So I'll figure out if having Whitney on this tribe is an asset or a restriction for my future plans.


I keep forgetting to post stuff here. I'm working that Purple Kelly edit for sure. Not a lot has changed for me. I've still got my alliance. What worries me is the behavior of the people from Old -Kilimbit. Loren's completely useless in the challenges so far, and Fabi and Whitney haven't talked with me since their first conversation with me. If I was on the bottom, I'd do everything in my power to make sure it wasn't my ass going home. I trust Vu and Julez, so JT may be doing some double dipping, he seems like someone who'd want to make crazy moves just for the sake of it. I hope that by making it seem like he's the mastermind of our alliance that's calling the shots, he'll be loyal to our side. I've tried talking to him 1:1 more but he doesn't seem very interested in that. I'm not sure what to make of the other tribes dynamics. I'm glad Michelle's surviving over there, but I hope those bonds won't be stronger than the ones she made with us before the swap


get me out of this tribe please!!! cry emoticon the only thing can i know i can win a challenge is creative or live challenges and it has been two live challenges that i was a part of and flopped. please. lowkey don't want to work with the purple pants. i don't want to have a solid alliance with anyone knowing i'll betray them soon. i see me as a backstabbing angel that's probably going to hell. *freudian slip* this too shall pass.


Ok so from the immunity challenge post I'm guessing the person who has the most influence in the challenge finds the Chambri token! So I don't care if I'm agressive about it... I WANT THAT DAMN TOKEN! So I'm telling people what to do and what to post and atm moment we are in lead so I'm doing something write I'm just scared to wake up tommorow morning and see how many posts we got! I'm trying to help as much as possible to win this challenge and if not find that token but Whitney was a complete bitch when I was trying to help her with the delete the post thing. "I know how to delete a post I'm not stupid" -Whitney then stop acting like one you stupid bitch! I see why she was out first in New Zealand cos the first chance I get this bitch is out of here!


Been forever since I sent one of these. As of right now, things really aren't starting to look up. My tribe isn't the best at challenges, but we do give it our all and try. I feel as if I am on the bottom, which I am sure I am honestly. If we lose, I have a great chance of being sent home next. However, the only play I can try is saying that Whitney is more of a liability. She hasnt' really participated in the last few challenges for whatever excuse, while I have, though not extremely great at that. I was busy for the last day and a half, as I was in a final tribal council in another game. Hopefully we win this, and I can start to build some stronger bonds.


Day 12[edit | edit source]

The votes will be like this..if ever: brian and lihn will vote shellie, erin and shellie will vote lihn, michelle and gynyoh will vote brian

Three way tie is possible


And of course my luck's going to run out at some point. I've hardly talked with Whitney at all, I've talked a little more with Loren, Erin was with Mat on old-old-Indingai, and Gynyoh's with Erin. My first idea was pulling in Erin and Gynyoh, but Gynyoh seems to want to work with Loren and Whitney, and in general, alliances of 6 in a tribe of 6 don't work so I assume he's targetting either myself or Julez in that situation. Good thing that Erin says she doesn't like Whitney, although I'm not sure what that's based on.


I am literally so happy that we won that last challenge. If we can just keep going, and winning, I think I will be okay. I am honestly hoping for another tribe swap to shake up things, maybe so that Fabi, Brian, Linh and I can get some sort of power. But I doubt the Survivor gods are on our side at this moment. I really do worry about Brian and Linh though, hopefully one of them has an idol. I think it has been sad watching Kalimbit fall as hard as it did. Honestly praying for some sort of miracle now. tongue emoticon


I'very sadly when my sis from Vietnam will go home tonight. But don't worry, I will make you proud. I will kick out every single people right there


gynyoh is constantly telling me what the others are telling him and pretty much asking me what to do and say to them. so it's kinda like me playing two lives, one being the meat shield.

what i told gynyoh: tell brian and linh that erin wants brian out and he will only vote with them if they vote erin. that makes it a tie between brian and erin, but in reality it gynyoh will actually vote brian where gynoh believes it will be 4-2 with brian going. but no one ever thinks of the chambri token so what i told the purple pants: force a 3-way tie among them. the purple pants + gynyoh split votes 2-2 and revote where, thank goodness for shellie hate for brian, we will vote him out. erin and shellie thinks it will be a tie among gynyoh lihn brian. but if gynyoh do what i told him, erin will get votes instead. but i also want linh to work with me so i told her: that i will be voting brian. she'll probably give brian a heads up. in the end, if gynyoh does his work, linh will vote erin. that. or something else will happen to my surprise.


I really have no idea what old Kilimbit is going to do... It really looks like it is going to be a Pagonging at this point. It's rather obvious that Linh is leaving, which means my two closest allies in this game are eliminated back to back. Even with a tribe swap, we really can't do anything, Whit and Gyn are probably going to lip and flop like a fucking fish out of water. Ugh, this is horrid.


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