Day 1Edit

So finally getting this game started. Right away, I got pretty good connections with Jace and Tyler P, they are cool, especially Jace.

Evan offered me an alliance right away, we'll see how that goes. I dont know him and havent spoken to him enough. Idk if I like him that much. Tyler M wants to talk tomorow, so we'll see what he wants to talk about. I assume its about working together since we sorta know eachother. I hope Tyler F is safe on the other tribe


*rachel voice* I'M BACK BITCHES!! and once again i'm in a sticky situation whew. heather and seth have reported to me that there is an alliance with 4 FUCKBOYS + Seth/Heather and originally it was just 4 fuckboys+Seth so an all male alliance.. disgusting? But Seth got them to add Heather and tbh wowzers he's closer to her than me need to keep that in mind if I'm ever in a f3 with them! But I got them to align with me and the other outsiders and I've succeeded in recruiting Adam and Jordan but Eden is being an inactive #bitch so I need him to reply to my "we need to talk game asap" message!!


I just wanna say, I'm back and really ready to kick some ass this time. I already have Evan with me, and I've been talking with Alf, so hopefully everything works out good!


So, just 2 minutes into this game I made a final 2 deal with Tyler! He's my number 1 and we trust each other and I love him and plan on staying true to him


Day 2Edit

Why are all of my friends on the other tribe!? Tyler F, Jessy, Fitz and Gavin. Those were the main people I would have worked with if I could. Damnit how does these tribes get divided?


I like Alf, but I know I can't trust Alf. I think my 'strategy of taking out the biggest threat too early' that Martynas held over my head in Mongolia IS showing again, of course. I know that if I don't take out Alf first, he's gonna get me though. I'd rather be the top threat than out of the game


I'm gonna slay dem hoes, Ty is gonna werk this shit.


So I have individual alliances with Evan, Xavier, and Zach. Right now I'm trying to connect them all in a way that doesn't seem suspicious. I also have an "alliance" with Alf that I plan on betraying pretty soon.


Xavier is hyper social omg he talks alot. He is also doing things right, he is praising me and complimenting me on past games, so he has done his research, he claims Tyler F was his favorite in Rome, he clearly has been paying attention as to waht to say to me. Or maybe I am just paranoid.


Played too hard too fast in Cape Verde, painting me as a threat. I'ma take it nice and easy here, and not show my cards too early


I am feeling much better about my tribe than I did earlier. I got alliance offers from Xavier and Cali, I like that idea. I also am gettin good wibes from Tyler P and Jace. I think I could be fine here, Tyler M seem to want to work with me, I already kinda know Zach and its all good. Xavier is probably my biggest source of amusement, both because we get along really well and because its obvius how hard he is trying to play me with tons of compliments and flirting, I think its all game to him and you know, thats cool. I'm not flirting back though, just brushing it off.


I have played many different strategies, but for this season, I play like no other person would dream of in their right mind, and we are going to see, If i am an idiot, or a genius


Currently, Jessy just came to me and said that me and her were on the bottom, and wants to allign with me, but my strategy is to have no alliances, so am I going to be with her completely like a soldier, NO! but I'll make her think that

then when the times comes. it's off with her head


In my opinion, the people on our tribe are friggin dumb for wanting to keep Alf around for a long time. Like HE'S WON BEFORE and I'm pretty sure he has a ton of numbers on both tribes so like RIP you when we merge.


recently, I am trying to see if half of Jessy's tale is true, especially seeing, this is her second time and she nearly won in Australia, so even i was truly playing alliances, I wouldn't trust her


Forgive me father for I have sinned. Wait...wrong kind of confessional. ...bad joke #2... So I was a bad boy and did not submit anything for three reasons. 1. I work face to face sales...way way difficult to play at the same time. 2. My problem I face is I use my cell phone to plat and don't have a cp in my face at all as I've just moved and have no interwebz. 3. I find no strategic reason in putting myself out there as a challenge powerhouse this early on. There is an org player out there by the name of Mihai, who on two occasions now, has made it to the end and didn't really show up to play until the remaining third of each game. Not to say he was inactive but you get what I mean...I hope. I usually talk myself out of these things so maybe I will play a more subdued game thus time around. As the cool kids around the community say...I'm here to #slay #forrealreal #notforplayplay


Alf takes me for a fool and it is funny. I don't understand why he wouldn't just tell me that he knew Tyler F when I asked. Oh well, I will flirt with him long enough to get what I want and hopefully I can vote him out before he gets to meet up with him.


Couldn't have started this over the weekend, could you? Lol, Double tribal right out the gate, never a fan of that happening so early but I've got to work with what I've got. Today is the only busy day I'll be having, but of course it's the FIRST day, the most important day for talking to everyone and forming solid relationships. Fuck. Only been able to talk to Alf and Zach so far, need to be able to pick it up tomorrow before tribal. I only know two of my tribemates from the past:

Zach - Winner of the first season I ever played, Koror's Batangas. There, he was a person who was in the minority the entire game and on the chopping block for nearly every vote, but always managed to convince the others that it was someone else's time, not his. I gave him my vote at the end, I consider him a strong player on all accounts but not so strong that he needs to be taken care of asap. We have a good relationship and I've seen him have much less threatening games in the past as well. Evan - In Lagrossa's Battle of the Champions, there was a huge 12 person alliance which I was not a part of. He was considered one of the heads of this alliance, and when it inevitably crumbled, he was among the first targeted. I remember him being an extremely bitter juror. I have no idea if he remembers me, I wouldn't think he holds any ill will towards me but you never know. Tomorrow I need to get to work, I just hope I'm not being perceived as inactive.


Day 3Edit

So, we're three days in and I have legit no idea what to think of my tribe. Aside from Gavin, I really didn't know any of these other people and that's still the way it is lmao. Like, the only people who tried to talk to me were Ali, Gavin, and Tyler -- and out of those three, I really only wanna work with Tyler. We had some nice strategy talks about who we wanted gone this tribal and I think at this point he's my number one ally...which leads me to the majority alliance I'm in...god, I don't wanna be in it xD! Apparently started by Ali and Gavin, the two of them added the rest of us into a random chat and decided we're going to work, that's not how this game works people. Of course I'm happy to be part of the majority this early in the game but I don't trust any of them. Ali, Gavin, Seth, Heather...I don't see myself being able to work with them longterm at all. That's why I'm mainly glad Tyler's my number two right now, I got his back no matter what and hopefully he has mine. For now tho, it's probably best to just go with the flow and not try and shake things up too early. Here's hoping that I can work something out with Jessy or Eden in the near-future


I'm okay with winning immunity, I don't think I really needed it but hey, at least now I know 100% I wont be going home. I think Xavier is going to be pleased to see Jeff didnt submit, he really doesnt seem to like him much. We agreed yesterday that if somebody didn't submit, they would be first to go.


Okay. So I'm gonna give like a brief run through of what's happened so far with the tribe (alliances basically) Whew okay so literally as the game started I talked to Ali that night, and we were having a lovely conversation about being bitter that Queen Nina Poersch was unrightfully voted out in the last episode of survivor! And then this happens.. and yes, this is the ACTUAL convo. Copied and pasted!

Ali: I wanted will gone when I saw 2 votes will I was hoping Nina would stay Me: same! I also thought Hali's speech was an indicator Nina was safe but jenn flipped >_> Ali: Good night man! Nice talking with you Like??

I THOUGHT I FOUND SOMEONE WITH THE SAME CONNECTION AS ME TO NINA AND YOU JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THAT TREATING ME AS IF I'M THE SCUM ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOE?? #FUCKBOYALERT #ANYWAYS So after that I went to bed too, and the next morning I wake up, I have messages of him asking me to be apart of this alliance? I haven't talked to anyone on my tribe yet and I'm already in an alliance what?? So it's all these f*ckboys that I aren't even fun to talk to.. and I'm here like..

Okay, but I actually did have a good talk with Tyler F. and he's really cool! NOW... ONTO THE IMPORTANT MATTERS. I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRIBE. or at least from what I know I am. If I end up on minority I'm gonna look reaaaall stupid but.. we'll cross that bridge once we get there! Anyways, so I was added to that f*ckboy alliance (along with Heather) BUT WHERE'S JESSY?! I'm not going be against her obviously if she's someone I KNOW I can trust to go into the merge with. So, I came up with the plan to basically get Jessy to round up everyone who's on the outside, and form a 6 person alliance that way. With that, comes the alliance of me, Jessy, Heather, Adam, Eden & Jordan. I don't trust any of the three guys, but I have to hope that they'll stick with us.


I have been talking to Alf since the first hour of the game and he keeps Lying to me. I think he is playing me, but I am playing him so it will be interesting to see what comes out of this "alliance"


I'm really nervous about this vote. Everyone's lying to everyone. It's madness. Tyler said vote Adam, but my alliance of Jessy, Heather, Seth, Adam, and Eden are voting Gavin. Eden's the only one I'm not sure about in the group.

Ali confuses me. Either he's trying to play me, or he genuinely isn't with the other alliance. I say the former-he isn't to be trusted. But I would love it if he were to play dumb and actually vote Adam like he said.


Seem like everyone is going to vote for Jeff, I am personally considering Tyler P though. Mainly so that he thinks Evan voted for him due to their past issues, I just want a target for the next round to happen and Evan is the perfect one to put that on. Either him or Pydo, I think people havent spoken to him much. At least Jeff is an easy vote for now.


Fml. So as I'm trying to get Tyler to vote Gavin with me (because I actually do want us to go far together in the game tbh! I'm stuck in the middle, and it's a lot harder than it seems. After about an hour of talking to him, he finally agreed to vote Gavin out (thank fucking god). But now there's gonna be a NEW alliance.. surprise surprise! *eyeroll* It's going to consist of Me, Tyler, Heather, Jessy, Fuckboy #1(Ali), and Fuckboy #2(Fritz). Tbh, I think that'd be great. I think we're the stronger half of the tribe and if we pick off Gavin/Adam first, we can actually win challenges! Anyways that's about it, I pray to fucking GOD that Tyler is loyal to me, cause I'm putting a lot of trust into him right now.


Wow! The game has finally started and I couldn’t be more excited! The cast seems great and I’m excited to meet everyone! It’s interesting to see Evan and Gavin again, and maybe that’ll make the game a little more difficult for me, but I’m always up for a challenge and maybe this is an opportunity for making amends. The first challenge was a twist, I wasn’t expecting the first competition to be individual immunity! I can’t complain though, because it means we’ll still be even with Patos during the next challenge, and we have a chance to keep our numbers up. I’m happy Alf won immunity for our tribe, he’s someone I’ve gotten close to in the game so far and he seems like a really good guy. I’d like to work with him in this game if I get the chance. Xavier, Jace, and believe it or not Evan are others that I’ve been getting to know and talking to. With my challenge score and trying to make connections, I’m hoping that I’m not being blindsided tonight. Anything can happen though, so I just gotta keep my head up. In terms of the vote, everyone I’ve spoken to has been leaning towards Jeff because he was unable to submit a score due to him using his phone for the game. When it comes to future challenges, it is very likely that he won’t be able to compete in most challenges because of his phone. If we want to be successful in the future, we need to make sure we can rely on people to be able to compete. It’s tough because nobody wants to be first boot, but I’d rather have Jeff go than me.

–Tyler P.

I love how everyone who messages me ends up wanting to be my ally. CLEARLY they did not follow Mongolia too closely.


I really feel like I have taken Xavier under my wing. I feel like I can trust him, so I have been pretty open and honest with him about what I'm thinking and about who I know and who else knows eacother etc. I hope I'm not making a mistake, but I got a good feeling about working very closely with him. Tyler M and I alligned earlier today, I don't know how much I trust him though. I'm starting to feel comfortable in the tribe, hopefully thats not too much of a bad thing.


All my confessionals are about Alf #00p, but here comes another one. Alf knows how I played this game in Mongolia, and he probably knows that X and I are close, meaning he's limiting the things he's saying to him. Like I said, I need to get Alf before he get's me.


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