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Day 15[]

I know I'm on the outs of this tribe, so of course it's me or Lucky going tonight. I'm 99% sure I didn't win immunity, so I'm gonna have to persuade them to keep me. Neither way, I'm going to camp on Monday around noon til Friday evening, so i won't be able to submit for at least 3 days. I can do votes and chiz, or challenges on mobile if I have time, but overall I'm going tonight, or sometime next week. unsure emoticon lets hope I make it


Wow. 15 days and I'm hear. I bet everyone at home is excited watching me do this game. Hell, I'm excited myself. I've actually grown facial hair, I've made some good friends. But most importantly IM GOOD AT THIS GAME. For a "newbie" I'm doing pretty well. Don't be surprised to see me Day 39 grin emoticon. Honestly. I'm having an ORGasm. if you know what I mean.


So I may have underestimated my place on this tribe. As you probably noticed, this gang of crazy eight consists of one original Murokata (Challenge Goddess Grace), one Cobo (yours truly ;-;), two Mancos (Ivan and Tom), and FOUR Qalas (Andrei, Jake, Jordan, and Minke). Obviously, this put me at a disadvantage... Or so I thought. After I saw Nifty had been voted out on Cobo, I knew I could trust Grace and the rest of the old Murokatas, since Trace and them have obviously teamed up with my old alliance of Blake and Blaine (the BZB Alliance, as Blake likes to call it). Now that Grace and I are on the same page, I now know I am safe in this anti-Qala voting bloc with Tom and Ivan. The only thing I'm worried about is if we force a tie. Tom has assured me that he can convince Andrei to vote Jordan (by far the least active member of the tribe), but I am worried that the four Qalas will stick together. The LAST thing I wanna do right now is draw rocks. I drew rocks in a previous game and I ended up leaving, so I'd rather not go through that again. I've been trying to let the Qalas know that I'm willing to work with them but so far, nothing but silence. Sure, Andrei has been very nice, and Minke and Jake have at least spoken to me. But if they are working together, they're shooting themselves in the foot by not trusting me as a free agent. I will do whatever it takes to get me to the merge and if it means cutting some ties, then so be it.


So the plan to take out Nifty went all according to plan. The fallout wasn't even all that bad. I think we managed to ease any anxiety Koror was feeling, but I'm not optimistic that he feels like we're on his side (which I know at least that I'M not on his side). Well now we have a double tribal coming up and we need to make sure that neither Koror, Tom (or possibly Ivan, not sure where he stands at this point but I'm just going to assume he's good with their plans), don't win immunity so we can get rid of two of them. The absolute worst case scenario would be if Tom or Koror won and chose the other to be immune. If that happens than this upcoming vote becomes a lot more complicated.


It Sucked that Nifty was booted but it wasn't really a shocker(sole Qala). He was just screwed by the tribe switch


Tribal went as planned but my worst fears have come true. I had a feeling that sooner or later Trace (and maybe Will too) would feel like the Cobo threesome would be too strong and would want to break us up. From Trace's perspective, it's a great move! But for me it's one of the worst things that can happen! My relationship with Alex is severely strained after straight up lying to him about the vote and my relationship with Casey is nonexistent. If I lose Lucky, I'm am basically surrendering all my power to the Murokatas and that cannot happen. I feel like Trace deliberately warned the Mancos about Nifty's blindside just so that he could gain their trust. He is trying to cover is bases, which makes him my biggest threat to win.