Day 7Edit

So that bee game sucked, but I killed it. I can't believe I got a better score than all of Gechil. Really painting myself up at this point as a challenge beast. Well Gechil went to tribal and the unexpected happened. TOM, of all people, was voted off. The challenge god, the guy who I was so fucking excited to play with, is out second. That is bull, that tribe just lost their best challenge preformer. Let's get the twitter handle #newluzon going.


I love how everyone is getting along at camp now. I guess we finally got rid of the sour grapes.


Last time I wrote something in the chat, ang got the answer "lol", I was backstabbed and other person was laughing how easy I was... I hope this time is not the same... Paranoia...


i guess i am puting a target on myself by writing so much in tribe's chat... but i am just trying to make the tribe little more active. how could we enjoy the game, and make strong relationship to survive in the tribe swap/ merge, if we won't create few great talks between each other?


Day 8Edit

Well our new challenge is QWOP, and thanks to Ahad's track dry humping technique, I ended up getting a one hundred and fucking one. I'm proud of that score, but I'm afraid that that's going to be the last straw. Because by that point, everyones gonna see me as something that's higher than a challenge beast Or a challenge god. But a challenge Chuck Norris


If I get to threatening, I may need to tone it back.But I also made an alliance with Martynas, which I think everyone including me would be surprised about. But he's a very down to earth guy and a great challenge performer, and he makes the most sense to align with. Overall, I think I'm in a great spot and I can't wait to take down the competition.


Well im happy to have found a technique the tribe likes xD this challenge omf >_> but i think i did well considering i got 100 m


Paranoia is sinking into my bloody soul and I'm literally on my feet on everything. Knowing that we'd lose the challenge after having the QWOP challenge and myself getting one of the worst challenge scores. (#RiP) I knew my fate was sealed until everyone on the tribe wanted Andreas out purely because of the general consensus of the three seeing him as the annoying douche. Can't blame him for being an annoying orange (Badummmsss, it's a fail I know but still laugh it enlightens my soul! ) , right?! Any who with that I knew that the hate campaign towards orange was real after Josh again saves my life assuring my spot for another three days. Now this helps me big time as to now I can use his vote for this tribal and Jace would be out in a 3 - 2 vote. Let's get the plan into motion! I love survivor things just get so interesting


looks like now i have a deal "to watch each others back" with all the tribe... sh*t.... and i really like them all...if we need to go to the tribal council before tribe swap, it would be VERY VERY HARD. on the other hand, if we don't go to the tribal councill, we would be a strong group after tribe swap...looks like now i need to give 150% in challenges, to keep this tribe of 5. TOP 5 baby!!


Day 9Edit

For god sakes. I thought Gechii had a chance at winning immunity. Turns out, we didn't. If things go as planned, Orange goes home tonight. Jace, Josh and myself have all agreed to vote him out, and I am assuming Jace is getting Ziggy to vote Orange, so I think I can survive this Tribal Council no problem.


For now though, I'll probably target Nikola. She doesn't talk, I don't know her, and she's probably the worst person on our tribe in challenges. They're cannon fodder at this point.


You know when I said survivor is interesting? Well, when I was trying my best to save Andreas life in this game... He screws it up by voting for Kaedan. Him blowing up my entire freaking plan to get rid of Jace just vanished in front of my eyes. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ANDREAS FOR RUINING MY PLANS I HOPE YOU ENJOY TRIBAL cause you need it. I can't afford to continue with the plan knowing it won't work because Kaedan is Jace's right hand man and to only have two votes casted against him? Too early to make that move; even if I cast my vote to Kaedan and he is the one eliminated it is too risky for something like that to happen because, 1) it would create a rift between Josh and I with Jace (Having Josh sending me screen shots of Jace to me is Gold I need him) , and 2) Does Jace have an idol which he can use later? There are so many assumptions that are flying out of my head and I can't pick on one. It's just a safe choice to vote for Andreas, just saves me time to talk to everyone and think about my plan more thoroughly. I should go to bed now night.




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