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Day 32[]

Bye Gavin ^_^

Final 7. Gavin tried to start shit, but I have a feeling it will be a quick fix and an easy clean up. Hopefully by now, people realize that the most dangerous decision you can make is to target me. Bitch I own you. Fight me. I dare you. Statistically, your chances are not good.


SO, I would LOVE to stick with the Fantastic Four alliance, but I don't think Ian is inclined to stick with it, and maybe not Sean either. So, I've decided to tell Perry about it just so when he hears about it from one of the others I don't look suspicious to him. Really, I NEED Perry gone but I don't think anyone would be willing to do such a move... and if I say something now, I feel like they would tell him everything and I'd be the one going. If I happen to win immunity soon, that will be my best time to strike. I won't have to face immediate backlash until AFTER the vote if he stays. I'm not scared of him in this game, I just know he has his puppets begging for any little information they can gather and tell him. I'll probably plan on faking screenshots with people to make him sound more concerned and feel like he NEEDS me in this game and I'm the swing vote to keep him safe. But if the Fantastic Sucks group IS legit, I'll be happy to roll with them as I think I can really beat anyone in a jury vote in this game with the RIGHT speech.


Well Gavin went.. as i planned it was easy since perry was helping me too! i mean i wanted gavin gone alot.. if he wasnt my target i would have still voted for gavin tbh!!! because ian doesnt do shit.


Day 33[]

i gotta win emma's heart and doing this is a way

p.s that was a metaphor


Ok. I guess I should have predicted this, but people here are being stupid.

How many goddamn times am I going to have to stop people from making other alliances? Max tried to make 'Blades of Rage' or some ratchet bullshit. Gavin tried to make some unnamed weirdo chat. And now Norbert has adopted that chat and renamed it 'The Fantastic Four' according to Bryce. I'll check that information later. Regardless, when the fuck are people going to learn to stop doing that? It didn't catch on the first two times, what makes anyone think it will work this time? Also since when has Norbert done anything??? I'm so confused.


Also rip gavin i am sorry i hope we will always be friends!!!! My plan now is to try to get out bryce and then...

. . . . .

  • cries*

perry.... i need to work harder in challenges...


At this point as much as i love perry... i need to plan to get his arse out i mean he is gonna win if he makes it to the end.. i am like his chelsea to his kim!!!