Day 31[edit | edit source]

I think Josephine is just a disgrace, she is a disgrace to humanity, she's a disgrace to the LGBT

community, and she’s a disgrace to women who are actually beautiful and classy. Her choice of words after she left the game I feel like showed her true colors. She is highly ignorant as she doesn't really know anything about most of us here. And that fact that she spent the time to write paragraph after paragraph to write hateful mean things about people in a time where mental illness and depression are at an all time high in this world, just speaks volumes as to how uneducated she really is. She just doesn’t have the vernacular that she thinks she possesses. Somebody lied to her several times and told her that she was a beautiful person; and she is nothing like that, she is nothing of the sort.


Lowkey, I kinda don't care if I win reward, but I also would REALLLLLLLLLY like it if it wasn't a non-idol

clue, because I want immunity and a nice prize, too. :3




Day 32[edit | edit source]

I just woke up from a nap and now I have a F3. Exciting stuff~


Hey, it's been a while, hope you haven't missed me too much. So basically I'm in a position where I'm

incredibly lost right now. My alliance is starting to eat itself alive, and with 4 fucking idols split between 3 people who all want to blindside each other I feel like I'm destined to be caught in the crossfire :/ . On one side there's Tyler and Brian, possibly Lexus, and on the other there's Dani and Josh with Jessica as a giant question mark. Hell, on that note even Josh is kinda a big question mark. I feel like if I sides with Ty and Brian I definitely have more immediate Safety, and maybe I could push the vote onto Jess which would buy me at least one more round since Ty seems terrified of Dani going too far, but then at either final 5 or 4 I feel like I'll need to win immunity, which I do have a real shot at doing since there aren't a ton of comp beasts remaining. Or, I can go with Dani and try to make a move against the team of a million idols. I feel like Dani truly does intend to bring me to the end, but then we have to make a move now, hope Jess and Josh are with us, hope they stay with us and so on. This is hard :(





Day 33[edit | edit source]

my fate in this game is riding on the sole fact that my idol is real. if its not, i think i'm done for.

as of right now, me and jess (hopefully josh too) are voting for brian. brian and ty are most likely voting for me, so im assuming lexus is too. Linus is going to throw a vote somewhere, in the hopes that if 2 idols are played, that he can send someone home. I'm so fucking stressed right now its ridiculous


I like dropping hints that I hate Tyler. I hate Tyler


I'm so fucking sorry Brian, I really don't want you to go, and I actually do trust you were going to bring me

to the end, but everytime I talk about end game with Tyler he dodges the question, and Im afraid that if I don't act I will be soon to go. <3 man I've had a great time playing with you.


I'm in call with Dani rn, and this is lowkey awkward if what I heard is true.


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