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Day 19[]

Hmm. What if there was a twist? I may be rambling... But, this season has been twistless thus far tbh. Other then the swaps, but other then that there has been nothing major. It could be anything honestly. However, could we have exile? Well, that wouldn't work. Maybe an eliminated person is returning? Now that would be pretty sick honestly! But I doubt it. I guess we will have to see, but I am assuming it is just a merge


PLease forget everything I said about someone returning being cool. It is not. I was in a fine position, but yet again, a stupid twist completely fucks me over. I am going to give it my all in this challenge, with hopes of finding a chambri token or something. If we lose this challenge, I am screwed. Thanks survivor gods, you really do like doing me over. smile emoticon


I have been working my ass off in this challenge, but my tribemates act as if they really could care less as to what happens. I am not going to go down so easily, and I will give it my all. I am not the type to just lay down and die, and if we do lose, I will still not give up


I'm so tired of these people

I'm so ready for the merge I'm so going to kill everyone if we lose yet again.


me about this outcast twist: i hope everybody feels savage as much as i do, the only ones i'm worried about are mathew and linh because they're kinda the one who i lectured about how to play rip. i hope gynyoh comes back.


Ok so we go to the challenge and the outcasts twist slaps us all in the face! I'm never gonna give up trying in the challenge just to wipe the smug grin off their ugly faces. I mean as far as I saw Matthew AKA Mr flop was wearing a headband saying DIE JERKS! Wtf is the matter with these idiots! I mean im gonna rub as much salt in their wounds as I want but no need to get mad at us... Eugh off to win this challenge!


Day 20[]

I honestly think I have the best shot goin back in, as I have absolutely no blood on my hands, no enemies, & no ties to anyone there. I would go in fresh with a fresh start. However, Whit brought up a point, that I am sure some of the others paid attn to & that is that Shellie is still there & apparently doin well. I am the one that got Shell;s to play & we are indeed, very close. So goin back in, yes, I would align with her. She was my plan in the beginning, but alas, we were never put together & the other got me out....quick, bc of a damn rumor that I was with Whit & Gyn, started by Loren. I would make it my personal vendetta to take out every single one of the OG Kilimbit tribe members left....first!!


Oh god, you don't even know how happy I am right now. I was so worried that the outcasts would be the reason I was sent packing, but I survived! I know I may not be a favorite at all, but I don't plan on going down without a fight. I have really formed tight social bonds that I feel can go all the way honestly. Erin really does like me, and she called me sweet, and tbh, she is so so with me. I like Julez, and Julez likes me, she said she didn't want to vote me out.. Bas, however, I don't really communicate with... I am interested in meeting Shellie and Michelle. I'm hoping that Brian and Fabi can pull something, and take out one of the former Indingai


Just when I thought all hope was lost, it is there again! I am so snatching this. I have been putting in a lot of social sneaky work. tongue emoticon I have been trying to split down Indingai from the inside out. I know that Bas and Julez are tight, and I know that they think they have Erin... But I am putting in quite a bit of doubt in their heads. I told them that Erin, Shellie, and Michelle are a tight three, which they were from what I seen. Bas snatched that quickly, and he said that he is worried for the merge. He asked if I could try and get either Linh or Jess (who I presume one will be back) to come on our side. I told him that I am tight with the both of them and could do that. I again assured him that I am tight with he and Julez. If I can get Bas and Julez to go against the girl power trio, then I am golden. Because all of the cards will fall in line and I could navigate this merge definitely. I feel like we could get Anh or JT even.... However, Michelle and Shellie are going to be dangerous, and the sooner they are gone the better. They don't even know who I am, but I am pulling a lot of strings to throw them under the bus already. wink emoticon