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"I Ain't Getting Dick"
Season Survivor: Resurrection
Episode Number 2/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Who Can Flirt With the Most Boys in 24 Hours?

Next We're Just A Bunch of Socialists

I Ain't Getting Dick is the second episode of Survivor: Resurrection.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: 703 Boot List.

Winners: Azorella & Couvreux

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 2: Gallieni[]

Tribal Council 2:
Ryan M. (7 Votes)
Andy, Felix, Miguel, Nathan,
Nifty, Nick, & Trent
Nathan (1 Vote)
Ryan M.
Ryan M.

Voting Confessionals[]

Final Words[]

Lord y'all don't know how much you lucked out that there is not redemption island in play because KNOW that my ass would be sticking around to make each of your lives hell down the road 🙃 lol. Guys, I know I should have been a lot more active but this game really started at a bad time for me and I wasn't able to exert a good social game for that reason, so ultimately I'm not so shocked this happened. Pissed, but I get it. I honestly truly madly deeply believed that Nathan, Miguel, & Trent were going to have my back in this game, and though I/we never had the chance to make an official alliance/chat, I feel I was left dead in the dust for the rapid dogs to eat in the back alley, without so much as a bat of an eyelash!! Oh well, things happen in this devilish ass game and it had to be someone. Watch who your back & keep an eye open while you sleep, because you can't trust these hoes out here!!! France is crawling with squeaky ass rats amd snakes that can't spell!!! smh. Y'all better put on a good show for the VL, I'll be watching and expecting to see y'all soon 💜🙃🙄😩

–Ryan M.



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