Day 37[edit | edit source]

YES! I won immunity! This means that, unless I fuck up massively, Sean will leave and I will have absolutely no competition for the final immunity challenge.

Things are finally coming together, and I can see the end.


Day 38[edit | edit source]



Ian, why are you so smh? You're messing up my plans. If I win the final immunity, since the jury hates you so much, I'm tempted to take you to the end. I don't want to do that. I want to be boring and let the deserving winner win: Perry.


Once again Ian and I are at the end together. I have a feeling the jury isn't going to be too fond of Ian. It's time to throw him to the dogs. Snatch him bald!


Day 39[edit | edit source]

FUCKING YES! 39 days ago, I started this game with 20 other people, and 22 challenges, 19 tribals, and 131 votes later, here I stand at the end. I'm so proud of myself ^_^ and I'm pumped for the end. Hopefully I can bring it home! This has been one of the most fun games I've ever played, yayyyyyy <3 ^_^


I'm gonna make a list of things I can do on the island, waiting for Ian to post his speech.

1. Paint a face on a coconut and make a new friend. 2. Climb a hill. 3. Roll down a hill. 4. Swim. 5. Pretend to drown, only to be saved by an imaginary (yet dreamy) lifeguard. 6. Learn to yodel. 7. Discover myself. 8. Plot and pull off the murder of my coconut buddy. 9. Befriend a bird. 10. Steal all of Ian's produce. That's it for now, but I think I'll have some more time later.


So bragging is not good in jury responses, but I'm going to take a minute to brag here, because I want to go on record what I did with my game :33

I created an alliance, the Platypus Squad, that ran Qin 2.0 and the entire game after the swap. For the entire premerge, the alliance was (at least mostly) watertight. Nobody knew about it, and we kicked ass, blindsiding multiple people. I coordinated all 4 of the Qin 2.0 votes. I organized our idol hunt (as an alliance) which ultimately payed off when we found 2 idols. I then coordinated Eddie's blindside with 2 idols. At the merge, my allies consistently told me about schemes that I wasn't a part of, and I shut them all down. Most of the votes were unanimous, because I had connections with most everybody on the tribe. I was voted "who do you trust with your life" despite also getting the "most villainous edit". At final 5, my allies decided they would rather Norbert go than me, because they didn't know I had the idol. Norbert was said to have no chance at winning. I was said to have the best chance. And now on Day 39, I have learned that should Jordan have won final immunity, he still would have taken me to the end, even knowing he would lose. Along the way, I won 7 immunity challenges, coordinated all the votes I participated in (and a few I didn't), and I always voted for the person who went home. All of that, I think, speaks to a very strong game, and I am very proud of myself for what I accomplished. Let's hope I can bring this home! Also Ian needs to work harder if he wants a shot at at least 1 vote



AM I ARGUING AGAINST A ROCK? Also super shocked: this jury is, like, not bitter at all towards me... yas me get it!



I just responded to my last jury speech and all I have left is to wait. I'm really proud of the game I played, and I had a lot of fun, so I hope we end with a bang!


Captain's log:

It's been 3 days and still no sign of Ian. I'm beginning to think he was swallowed by that giant clam we provoked. Oh well.


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