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Day 24[]

I am actually playing like the stupid card rn, I made this horrible flag so people can see I threw the challenge and start pissing themselves, I will then spread the rumor of me having the idol, that way I will have majority in the vote when me, Wes, Lucas, Richie and the Beta get rid of Austin for once and all!


Shit has finally gone down. Shika fell apart there for that vote because Evie wanted to go and do her own thing. She knows she won’t be winning off of any challenge strength or any social game really so she felt like she needed to make her very own move. Too bad it wasn’t even going to be that big of one had it worked. Going after the guy that had the third most votes last time, real game changer. However since I’ve the one talking the most, that apparently makes me the ringleader and target of the new anti-Shika movement that seems to be starting up. I know Wes, Lucas and myself are tight, and Richie feels like he owes me/us for saving his bacon twice now. The question mark is whether the rest of Okami will follow his lead. I don’t think Austin (the leader of the movement) can even use a Shika takeover as an argument. Anyone with eyes would have seen that Shika was split down the middle of the last vote, at least the first time around. The Bus loners have been toying with the notion that bringing up Evie’s name for the chopping block can quell the tide. First she is a loose cannon trying to make “her move” and second it shows everyone else that we can be reasonable and take out our own tribe member if need be.


Evie seems to be on our side - splendid, Joe on the other hand -> did vote for Jack, but I'm pretty sure he's mad at Shika and Okami.

Will came up saying Austin has been bringing his name down - making him paranoid. Although, Will's and Wes' blindside has to happen at some point - but if I have to get rid of a Shika member at this point, I rather it be one that I don't utterly trust *cough* Joe *cough*. I had a little talk with Austin today, but it was completely pointless - all we did is talk about this one 80's movie he has been watching on netflix - no game, that's it. Since I'm pretty sure Evie will vote with us - we can split the votes between Tyler and Austin, in order to flush T's idol (he'll troll us all if he doesn't actually have it, that bitch). Another thing that is preventing me from getting rid of a Shika is Zaru being afraid of a #shikadomination, but I want a #shikadomination and brainwashed okami is heliping us. :DD


That Tribal was a mess and it's not how I wanted it to play out. Thankfully, Austin isn't mad at me but I doubt he trusts me. I would understand but right now, I need him. Will basically tried to get me to throw my vote away by telling me to vote Tyler while they blindsided Jack. My trust in Will went from 95% to 15% however, I still need him to trust me so I can blast him. He's my next target and if things play out the way I hope it does, he will be the next to go

Alright so the flags are up and I think my only competition is flag #1 since (in my opinion) the other flags are mediocre at best. Aint saying my flag is a masterpiece since it's not but the one with Nicki Minaj? Laughable


Tribal sucks balls. My partner in crime is now at redemption and it seems maybe me and Tyler would be at the outs, however we still got our Zaru idol and from what I found out Will, Lukas, and Wes are all align and is targeting me and Tyler next. Thankfully Joe is coming to the rescue, I told him about the idol and he's willing to get us out of this mess. The challenge today, A F***ing Flag challenge? Seriously? And we get to vote who has the best? Even if I did had the best looking flag i STILL would not get immunity because now I know that the Shika three are after me, I'm not sure where Okami stands but I might try to make amends with Richie again for trying to vote him out. Twice. Maybe at least convince him not to vote for me **** I don't know. I got to get that merge idol!


Well this could not get anymore better. I was gonna be able to plan to have Shika and Okami to split the votes between me and Tyler we know that one of us is next. Now that Evie can't vote, that won't happen so now I need to do a plan b which was gonna be able to have Tyler idol to be revealed to the tribe group chat so that we can make them scramble by splitting. Which brings me to my final two options either have Tyler play the idol on me since I'm thinking that they will target me or have Okami of three turn the game over against Shika who a tribe of four and a half and flip this game around in their favor. Try talking Richie into but I just know from not replying, he seems gonna stick with Shika. I'm screwed.


Day 25[]

So today I was talking to a friend outside of this game about how it was going and we got to discussing shit and of course, eventually, my alien queen, Martin, came up and after a bit of talk my friend who shall not be named pointed out that Martin isn't really a friend because I"m incredibly mean to him/about him.

This made me sad because I actually like Martin and I am sincere when I say that. Martin is strange, weird, different, kooky, rarely expresses in-depth analysis of any of my strategy-talks I have with him, and usually just messages me out of the blue with: I'm voting Tyler.

Then it takes me 12 hours to get hold of him so I can be like: "No, vote Max instead. Bitch.. "

Anyway, what I'm getting at is... I like Martin the way he is. He's very pleasant to talk to, and he is very easy to talk to and I can say whatever I want and it's just fun.


So like Joan said, apparently I’m “Mr Social Game.” Austin now thinks I’m the ringleader because of it. I guess he doesn’t know the value of a group decision. It is truly Lucas, Wes, and I running things together. I just answer any messages that come my way and entertain any ideas that people may have. If that makes me a liar and an untrustworthy person, so be it. I feel like I especially have gained Richie’s trust and he trusts the other Bus Loners. Zaru has gone after him now twice and we have saved him twice. He can also for sure get Martin with him. Joan also seems to dislike Austin very much so there is no way he will work with them either. I also see Joe and Evie as a lost cause now. It’s a good thing Evie can’t vote this tribal because it makes things a hell of a lot better. It sucks being labeled as the ringleader this early but it just means that once I make it to the end, the jury votes will just pour in.


Tribal was awkward, I basically made a fool of myself and realized I called out the wrong people. I didn't know what else to do, I panicked and thought that my name was coming up and I might be next. Screw Okami for all I care. I had a interesting chat with Lucas and he wants to flip with me and Tyler and vote out Will. I'll have to keep close to him for awhile and let him know that we're going after Okami and go with Shika and go from there. I Think I Just Lost Survivor. This Sucks. Haha


So Will came to me and said 'There are two plans. Split the votes on Austin and Tyler or just blast Evie.' In my head, I'm thinking 'There's also a third plan in place which is voting you out.' If The Okami's were smart (Martin and Joan are on that tribe so that's what has me thinking they're not the brightest bunch), they would go with Austin and Tyler to get rid of Will. The dude is running the show and is a major threat to win. My whole game is in the hands of Okami and that has me worried