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Day 6[]

Just when I think I've gotten my footing in this game, it's gonna get fucked up.

I wanted a tribe swap, but like in 2 rounds, not now. There's still too many variables and now too many people on my tribe that can ruin everything.

Hopefully with the scrambled tribes there's so much chaos the first couple rounds that I can just fly under the radar.


Whew swap!! So I ranked everyone from who I'd want to be in a tribe with most to who I'd want least and even if i get stuck with my bottom 5 I think I can still navigate my way around it so I'm really excited tbh! My rankings:








Ting Ting












me staying up all night just to not waste an idol guess despite knowing that its probably gonna be wrong anyway


Confessional: So I was able to make some sort of alliance with Toby because I feel like out of the people on my tribe I could possibly connect with him the most out of the people that were on my tribe. Now we're having a swap which I'm pretty happy about. My tribe as a whole is pretty good at challenges but there wasn't much room to play around with and I feel like they were playing too much as a tribe rather than individuals which isn't always too bad but I feel like it's just foolish because theres only going to be one winner. Like the fact that we're still trying to find an idol as a tribe is beyond me. We're not all going to end up on the same tribe most likely which means if one of us gets the idol then whoever isn't on the same tribe with that person is probably screwed and I don't want to risk that because right now I only care about getting myself farther in the game.


This swap had me SHAKING. I didn't want to be fucked , and to be honest , i really felt awkward talking to half of my old Motu tribe. But the result so far is GREAT. I'm with the two i was closest with from my old tribe. So far I'm also talking to Torsa and I LOVE HER , were geeking out about Pokemon and I'm LOVIN it.


I was really enjoying it over there on the Anau tribe, but time to get out of my comfort zone I guess. I have the idol so I'm feeling pretty secure, and I have Aromal with me. My goal is to pull together a few people so in the case of a tribal, I have the numbers.


Kinda disappointed with the swap, would've definitely preferred the other tribe or a 6 person tribe. Seems like most of the challenge threats are on the other tribe too :/ But still I have Asa and I think I have Jake, so I'ma see if i can wiggle my way into a majority. The interesting thing is the tribe has 4 original Vaitape, so that might be a topic of strategy discussion when we go to tribal.


I really didn't want to swap. I regret even asking for one.

A couple people on my new tribe have talked to me, hopefully by tomorrow I will have gotten to know the rest of the.m. Joey and Rhys are cool, so hopefully they spare me!

Luckily, it was four tribes that swapped into 2. There's no clear majority from the get go and there's chance to mingle. I like that Toby and Jared are still with me, as I trusted them a lot, and hopefully we all stick together and form an alliance with some others!


THE TRIBE SWAP HAPPENED! It happened while I was asleep but I guess I didn't miss much.

I don't hate the new people I've met today! I hope they feel the same way about me!!

I haven't played any games with Aromal but he's kind of a friend I guess(?) so hopefully he would be more likely to align with me! I played a game with Jake more than a year ago, in which, if I remember correctly, people made parchments calling him "Jake the Snake," whoops. I'm not about to judge him for his past game though, I can't even remember it anyways. I talked to him and I think we got along! It's cool that he went to Canada. Rob and Jon I haven't talked to personally in PM's, but they seem cool! Rob may probably be inactive but that's due to storms and such, hope he'll be okay. Ting Ting seems really nice and cool, I hope she likes me asdfgh

The tribe was quiet today other than some introductions, maybe it won't be as quiet when we get the challenge. Almost everyone from my original tribe came with me, save for Christine. I hope she'll be okay in the other tribe!

I haven't gotten into any official alliance group chats, but it's probably a bit too early for that. Just mentioning it as a note for myself. I'm probably in good standing with people anyways, so there isn't much of a need for that, yet?


Ugh a swap. Do. Not. Want. But I guess I just have to put up and shut up so here's my ~thoughts~ on the new tribe!

Being with Jared and Michael is great, but I was honestly closer socially with Aromal and Jake (but at least this is a good chance to connect with those two as well!). Having only one person from Vaitape is an interesting dynamic, but if original tribes actually factor into this much I'll honestly be surprised. I like Torsa and Rhys a lot, so excited to be potentially working with them! Overall, I'm really happy with this tribe and think we're strong enough to pull out a few challenge wins! Here's to not getting swapfucked on a 703 survivor season for a change. To not flopping!


I've really went from one of the most chill, nice tribes in this game to the saddest. Talking and getting to know these people is almost making me depressed. Not because they're boring or anything, but they make my life so much better.

In one convo Joey's talking about how he doesn't go to school and his dream job isn't really one that's needed right now, and another one Tate just dropped that he left university. Torsa isn't depressing and super nice actually but she's a high school senior and here my old ass is in my third year of college, questioning what the fuck I'm doing with my life.


Day 7[]



Tbh, I wonder if there's Silversphere for Dummies or Silversphere 101 out there, 'cause I'm a floppity flop riprop


Honestly, I think we are about to get slaughtered in this challenge. Jake submitted 9k, Jon apparently couldn't get past 7k, Ting Ting was somewhere around 8k but has been offline since, poor Rob is dealing with a hurricane and Ally barely comes online. With people like Toby, Rhys and Jared on the other tribe we are going to be very lucky if we get outta this alive.


We KILLED that challenge. I was worried we were going to loose , but SHIT , we doubled their score , DOUBLED. I was worried we were going to have to go to tribal , but that can at least wait a few days now.


Confessional: I am liking my new swapped tribe compared to my old one so far. Theres more room here to play around and gives me way more options. As of right now I'm getting good vibes from Joey and Torsa so I'm planning on working with them along with Toby so hopefully at some point I can get us together and we can try to lowkey run the tribe. My main problem right now is probably that I'm kinda a loner this game and not a lot of people have interested me since I don't really feeling like talking to most of them, which I'll take half the blame for but yeah. I'm glad I haven't been to tribal yet even though I'm curious what would happen because strategy would have to really come in play at that point but as long as I'm safe I am content and happy.


Day 8[]





I had hoped I didn't have to go to tribal council so soon, but I'm probably safe thanks to my HARD CARRY of the game. The other tribe obliterated us adsfg I hope they're enjoying that idol clue B,^( I was determined to try and find an idol during my time in this game. I've got no leads so there isn't much point in guessing right now, but I WILL find an idol PLEASE!!

Interestingly enough, because we're going to tribal, it seems like people are wanting to form alliances despite the vote seeming fairly straightforward. I've been invited to two! I hope they do actually form instead of just being mentioned once and then never coming into fruition.

A lot of people are leaning towards voting Rob, because while Ally had abstained, she was experiencing technical difficulties. I feel really bad about it because Rob has been inactive because he's in if I remember correctly, a hurricane zone and has flooding, but I'm fairly aligned with Ally, so I don't know if I want to vote her either.


So, I feel like this SHOULD be a straightforward vote. Jake came to me with the plan to vote out Rob, especially since he has been inactive. I understand its due to the hurricane, so its a bit of a low blow, but I'm just going with the majority now. No sense in causing a rift. However, I feel like myself, Aromal and Jake could make a nice trio.


Should be a clean unanimous vote for Rob. I feel pretty bad because he's stuck in the hurricane. The other option is Ally but she has 3 former tribe members here so it would be harder to convince them to vote her. If this performance was anything to go by though, I am NOT looking forward to the rest of this pre-merge!!! Literally the SECOND after immunity results were posted, Jake messaged me and said he wanted to form an alliance with me, him, Asa, Ting and Jon. Idk I feel like he's playing a bit hard but there is a legit possibility of us being absolutely decimated in the challenges so I'm gonna latch on to whoever trusts me tbh.


Hopefully Rob is going home tonight. Myself, Ting, Jon, Violet and Asa are all voting for him. For this vote I'm just gonna relax, not make any moves, because I have the idol in my pocket, I don't want to put a target on my back. I want to keep this idol to myself for as long as I can!