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Day 29[]

Torsa is going take down all the men, and snatch the Bora Bora crown


please.... tate just told me i'm in his dream f3 and like... hopefully he's being rEAL GHFIDOHSGFHGDFG cus if so jake(??? i dunno), christine, joey and tate consider me really close allies bc i know ally has realized my social game could beat her (tbh though it wouldn't her flashy idol play and the constant target on her back will beat me but NNNN)


It's been almost 30 days of this game HHH

Also I haven't been making confessionals but I'll explain that in a bit

So I don't remember when the last time I made a confessional was but basically the last two tribals I've voted wrong on purpose because I felt bad that the majority was voting out my allies Maybe that means that I'm having good jury management(?) but also it's just not a good look with everyone else probably... aaaa

Ally had played the Reset Idol, which is pretty overpowered asdfh but I mean she got someone to vote me and keep me safe so that's cool. In the end, Toby, an ally of mine, got booted. After that, I slaved over the next immunity challenge because I was worried about the possibility of being targeted, but ended up losing because I made a spelling mistake on ROBB ZBACNIK I HATE HIM WHOEVER HE IS, THANKS

Aromal won immunity, but then Tate saw he had an error and ended up winning immunity only to give it away through random.org to Christine. That was WILD. So afterwards, I talked to Jake and he was like "oh yeah let's vote Tate that'll be a game-changer" and then multiple hours later Aromal said that Jake was gonna vote Ally so I was confused as fuck?? Aromal ended up getting voted out B,^( my ride or die whom I wasted my idol find on premerge,, fuck

So now I'm feeling kinda weird, but afterwards Ally had said that she wanted to vote them out because she thought that I wouldn't have been as close to her? Which is correct, but does that mean I'm probably not going to be a target later on? I don't know.

Fast forward to before the reward challenge, I've just basically been feeling kinda weird about being in the game for so long, I've stuck around which is good but I don't even know if I'm going to end up being a ""goat"" again, like in Kerala. I feel a little more involved with things than Kerala's merge, but somehow it seems that things haven't changed. I guess that's why I haven't been keeping up with confessionals, because I've just been feeling bad about my game. But I'm still happy that I've probably made more confessionals than I've had in Kerala! And things are different now.

When the reward challenge came up, I was asleep asfg, but I'm really happy Henry is in the game, just as a spectator, because he definitely calms me down when I'm nervous or feeling bad and stuffff I hope to try and win the reward challenge. It's bleak, but I need the idol clue probably and I want Henry to stay for a while longer.

I just need to find a way to get to the endgame as well as do cool things on the way. Yeaaa


Alright, so Jake chose two people to have their loved ones stay in the tribe chat and none of those options were me which is fine and dandy,

but when I was asking him if he could pick me, he said that he didn't want to have a target on his back

which is pretty wild, idk if people would take choosing two people to have their loved ones stay as something of a threat but does that imply working and/or doing something for ME would put a target on his back? I FEEL RLLY WEIRD TONITE

Maybe he just chose Torsa and Christine to have better relations with them so this is all just speculation, I sincerely hope it's the latter and not the former


I am SO HAPPY that I won reward! Though I feel that choosing certain people to join me could put a target on my back, Hopefully my excuse of being drunk pays off LOL!

The plus side, the latest idol clue narrows it down to the first 7 seasons, so this is HUGE! I really hope I find it


Day 30[]

ahhh i'm so happy justin is my loved one and jake let me keep justin even though i never asked him <3


WAHOOOOOO!!! I WON IMMUNITY! Did I need it? Honestly, who knows I could have been blindsided this week! It feels really good to know that I have immunity and just in case I hear Joey's name - I could alert him to use his idol. I really didn't think I was going to win though, I spent only 2 hours doing the challenge. I feel bad for Asa though, she spent like all night doing it (she told me she got 3 hours of sleep :/) But I'll do what it takes to make sure she stays around tbh


Day 31[]

So i found the idol but someone else has it. This has put even more paranoia into my game, though it has to be Joey or Tate.

In order to prevent Joey possibly saving Ally this vote, I'm putting one vote on him, so it should be a 5-1-1 vote with Ally finally getting her overdue ass out of this game.