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Day 9[]

Oh my gosh hi! I'm so excited to be back, Caracol lit a fire under me so to get the chance to play again is amazing. I feel bad for not making a confessional sooner but I've been moving this entire week so where do I even begin...This season started out with a very similar theme with boys vs. girls. I liked my original tribe cause everyone seemed active and they were all nice. Now with the swapped tribe I'm really nervous considering I'm the only one from my original tribe, but I think I can make stuff work. I get really good vibes from Rhys, Torsa and a few other people so hopefully they feel the same about me!


I got 12 on the immunity , I have NO idea if I did good or not. Everyone else just got around the same. But i could have gotten like 9/10 but I asked a vague question and misinterpreted it. However I really don't feel like I'm a target in this tribe at the moment.


I'm also shook about the tribal results. I know Rob wasn't really too active on our tribe and he abstained. However , the people on the other tribe literally gave the vet girls numbers , enough to tie a vote.


I am praying to every power I can think of that Christine either doesn't submit or just guesses it on 2 tries.

No one talks here either! Dana and Christine haven't reached out to me and I need anything to keep my head out of the guillotine.


Right after I make a confessional about Christine not submitting she comes online @god wyd why are you like this.


Right now my main alliance is Jared and I'm using the votes from my previous tribe and he's using the votes from his previous tribe and we're voting out Dana cuz she left me and Jared on read lmao


Yay we won immunity! Honestly I wasn't expecting it at all lol I thought the 12s would cost us and we would be going to tribal again. But I think Mikey probably cost them and I would be surprised if he manages to survive this tribal :o . Going back to last tribal tho, wtf @ Rob voting for me!!! I nearly pooped myself, I hope it was a random throwaway and someone didn't put him up to it.

I'm going to take this day off to strengthen a couple of relationships! :D I was thinking Ting Ting, Jake and Ally but if Violet decides to stop ignoring my message, her too!


Day 10[]



WHEW. What a night, by the way. We passed this so quickly, and because I just got the moment to file a confessional today, so here we go lol. What a long time. (I'm not sure if these are confessionals, arguments, or whatsoever...)

1. Why I'm also considering to eliminate Rob, and when I checked others' thoughts, we also thought the same thing?

- We know by the latest update that Rob dealt with the hurricane and stuffs, we know it's hard to recover, we know it's even hard to perhaps get some signals (if the severeness is the case), but the thing that I'm pretty much concerned about is, when he didn't update what's going on, I'm even worried like "how should I keep him if that's the case?". Moreover, we need a stronger tribe to move forward, and if activity is the consideration over there, it could be another point.

- I completely have no idea to contemplate the other names since, it's either I'm close with them or just it is me still confused what's going on until I can't think of other names. My feeling is right, after all.

2. Why winning immunity is beneficial for our existence?

- Personally, I'm completely shocked we won Immunity, but everything has been great since. I'm just using my research skills to find out the names, but it is also beneficial for my position to keep advancing my social game. I might just be flopped since I'm benefited from my college business so far (50-50), trying to see the bridges on who should I ally and who should not I ally with. This is where the game takes place.

- Together as a tribe, immunity is beneficial not just to strengthen our position in the game, but also strengthen our connections even more, with hope that if we win more immunity, we're successfully avoiding eliminating each other because what a composition we have! But that's fine though, twists are always coming and I completely have no idea what to do next or what move to make next, which is very helpful because the last time I have no idea in Australia, I made it to the Final Five. I hope having no idea takes me far.

I know I might just keep adapting with the situations inside the game, but it'll be very cool to see what happens in Floreal, because... there's options of whether the votes are in unison OR... there'll be some diversity out there (err... will it be a rock draw, we never know!).


I feel like this vote could be crucial going forward. I'm scared that the people from the Vet tribes , Toby , Mikey , Jarred & Christine, may end up working together. Which would suck for Tate , Torsa , Joey & Myself. So it would be good to use Dana this round to take one of them out. However, Dana isn't very active and hasn't contributed a lot around the tribe. So its weighing up the positives and negatives at this point. Do we take an easy vote to make the tribe stronger , but possibly risk loosing numbers? Or do we risk voting off someone useful to the tribe and have the tribe become weaker?.


Okay so unless everyone is lying to me, Dana is going. She seems to not have talked to a lot of people, which is fine for me to stay in this game.

Right now, my favorite person on this tribe is Torsa. We talk a lot and its never game, just getting to know each other. She's super cool and I hope we can work together until the end.

However, original Anau is still my priority. Jared, Toby and I have to work together and take over this tribe. Which is pretty easy as NO ONE FUCKING TALKS GAME. I get not wanting to stir the pot, but its starting to get ridiculous.

I guess you can say the vote is gonna go my way, as Dana is someone I don't talk to, and for her to leave now, that's one less person that's probably not getting my jury vote or any help in this game. Sorry girl, but it has to happen.


Confessional: My tribe lost the challenge which sucks because I never feel safe at tribal in anything unless I have immunity and I don't. With this being my first tribal council there's not much to go off of but I started the movement to vote Dana out since we haven't really talked a lot and she left me on read a few times while I've talked to mostly everyone else. Everyone seemed on board, I do know that there was an attempt to start a newbies alliance against the vets which I heard from Joey and Torsa. But there's no official vets alliance or at least one that I'm in because I'd say Joey and Torsa are my closest allies at the moment and they're "newbies." I'm just hoping everything goes to plan but I'm still nervous because I'm always highkey paranoid it's going to be when we go to tribal so fingers crossed.


Losing that challenge was a blow, not gonna lie. I'd have rather had us coast to a few wins first, but the long shadow of tribal casts a pall over us all eventually. This vote is a bit odd - it's both easy and hard at the same time. That sounds like one of those contrarian quantum mechanics ideas, but it's genuinely an apt description - the target this vote is somebody that I really don't want to send home, hence it is a hard vote, but it's also somebody that nobody is making any kind of fuss to save, hence it should be an easy vote. I'll miss her, but Survivor has demands, and if I'm going to get my second chance, some lovely deserving people will need to get snatched!


So Dana just got voted out, but I'm going for Ally next. When she said "thank god it wasn't rob!", that put a huge target on her back for me. Sorry Ally, if I'm not with you, you cant be in this game