"I Feel Nothing"
Season Survivor: San Marcos
Episode Number 6/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Destroyed The Tribe
Next Sold Their Soul To The Tri-Headed Devil

I Feel Nothing is the sixth episode of Survivor: San Marcos.


Immunity Challenge: 20 Questions. You will each need to choose a number 1-7 in your tribe chat. Once that number is chosen, it is off the board. That number corresponds to a randomly chosen real life Survivor contestant from the 34 seasons of the show. Your goal is to figure out who your Survivor is in the least amount of questions.

Winners: Catarina.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 7: TacanaEdit

Tribal Council 7:
Ryan (4 votes)
Brandon, Austin, Nick & Rhiannon
Nick (3 votes)
Ryan, Malik & Claudia

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Sorry Jessy 😞


Ryan, sorry but I really don't trust you and I'm hoping you're gone soon!


I know old Tacana is voting my way, but lets hope my elaborate scheme pans out!


This vote is really tough. Either way im risking a lot but I'm just gonna make a decision and hope for the best, adios.


i swear if its 3-3-1 on me and nick ill scream but im probably just being extra


Final WordsEdit

San Marcos was one of the most lit games i've ever been a part of and it was hella enjoyable. The gameplay was intense and I was LIVING for every second of it. I went to rocks during only the second tribal premerge, found a damn IDOL that was such a messy journey of obtaining lmao, and encountered some really dope people aka miss Claudia and Andrew ❤ ALSO THE HOSTS!!!! Y'all made this game so much fun and i'm so glad I was a part of such an iconic season. I've been getting my life in the VL watching all of y'all slay each other anddddd like yeah i love 703 y'all the realest xoxo




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