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This is very.... overwhelming.

I'm currently on vacation for a week, and I get put on an Anarchy tribe with 21 other people. I can barely hold a convo with 3 people let alone 21. Also my laptop is dying.

Anyway........ I'm not a newbie to ORGs at all. I've been playing them on tumblr since I was 14 back in 2014. I know what I'm doing. This is my first FB ORG though, so I was use this new opportunity to have a clean slate. I already know Matthias, so I can work with him. Everyone else though, is new. I don't want them to know I've played a ton of ORGs. I want them to think I'm clueless and dumb and I wanna be overrated so its easier for me to cut their throats later !!


Okay so right off the bat I feel very overwhelmed. This 22 person cast really fucks with my social awkwardness lmao. So far, I have only had true conversations with a few people. Eve, Wendy, and I already have a thing going on. Aras and Erin seem like people I could work with. I also like Nic but I hear he's been messaging everyone. This will be nerve-wracking but I am ready to face the challenges that are thrown at me.


Okay, 22 people no tribes.. too many people to talk too I am stressed. I talked to Kyle, Aras and Luca the most I like them. BUT we have to vote 2 people out.. well were voting 1 but 2 are going, I heard Jacob and 2 other names and im good with that I have no connection to them this is my first skype org I know no one but Nic P and im rlly scared of taking control now so im going with the flow


I know this is chaos but damnnnnnnn. a 22 person tribal??!?!? i cant. I AM SHOOKETH. also it seems like inactives are being targeted so i should *fingers crossed* be ok


Okay so right off the bat it's a double boot 22 person tribal council. Only in Survivor: Chaos, ladies. I expected something like this with such an odd numbered cast. So far, it's like less than an hour after it was announced, but people are leaning towards voting out some inactives which is GREAT. I've been talking to as many people as possible and I'm loving my core group of Eve and Kyle atm, hopefully they'll be safe. David and Luca are both people I've played with before so I'm stoked to be playing with them again, all in all it's a good cast but this about to be freaking messy.


So today, the hosts announced an insane twist. We have to vote two people out right now based on solely first impressions. There is no immunity before either so no chance to save yourself other than talking to people. Immediately, everyone seems set on taking Jacob and Stephen out. Jacob is being targeted mainly because he is inactive. Stephen is apparently giving people weird vibes. I'm down with this because I don't wanna go first. :c Eve, Wendy, and I are in The Spectrum Alliance. I feel especially close to Aras as well and I'd say I have good bonds with Emily, Erin, Mathiias, Jake, Mikey, and Gabe. I think I'm off to a good start!


I hate all of these people and if ONE MORE person reference Barbie, I will kill someone. Also, everyone seems to like me for some reason so I should be fine.

–Whitney Joe

"Okay so some time has passed and Ive been talking to people

Jake Everts, Eve, Elias, and Aras all seem cook. Eve is kinda iconic and has a good taste in music.

I've been hearing the same 2 names from everyone, Stephen and Jacob. Which worries me bc like... is there a majority alliance that these names are coming from? Probably. I'd love to make a power move and take out someone who could be a threat later on but.. Matthias doesnt support it.

ALSO out of nowhere Jacob says he has an alliance (including me) and is targetting Elias like?? idk what hes talking about but it really just made him a bigger target.

Im hoping we get put into tribes soon so I can start shaking things up and bringing DRAMA"


The start of this game has definitely lived up to its name- chaos. I have enjoyed meeting the other players and am looking forward to a good game. Voting off two people right off the bat sucks because many I don't know so I am relying on others to tell me who the snakes are. I guess we will see how this turns out late today.