Day 31[edit | edit source]

Aromal is a thot #Thotromab


Day 32[edit | edit source]

So, quick update. Tyler showed me his idol clue and I managed to find it. I HAD to tell him though because he could have saved his guess until after I guessed to see if I lied about finding the idol or not. Smart move on his part. He doesn't know about my other idol though so I still have that on him I hope.


i wanna take out pris now thx

tyler needs to go next too thx omg fuck tyler FUCK TYLER FUCK TYLER


this bitch fucking told pris the idol clue

and now she has it this bitch fuck him god im so mad i hate him HATE HIM pris needs to go if i cant have that idol, no one can god tyler u idiot THE ANSWER WAS KING I FIGURED IT OUT FUCK YOU TYLER FUCKING RIDGEWAY IN TERMS OF THE GAME FUCK THIS AJGOAEGKOAGEK i worked my ass of to get those idol clues and this btich FUCKING STEALS IT FORM M E OGKEAOGEAK EGAI HATE YOU A KOEEGAOKEGA I HATE EVERYONE


Last round we put the beauties vs Brains rivalry on hold to take out the big threat in the middle, but it can't be on pause forever and now this round's vote will be a tricky and critical one. Seeing as Sam and Charlie actually voted Tyler last round(which we didn't completely trust them to), in hindsight we should've used last round to take one more Brain out and THEN cut the middle threat after that.

A beauty (by which I mean Luca/Augusto/me, the REAL beauties) CANNOT afford to go home tonight. We need the swings of Nicole and Charlie on our side. We told Nicole the truth that we were voting Sam, and she predictably leaked it to Sam. [insert pretends to be shocked gif]. We didn't tell Charlie about it. After Tribal results Charlie messaged the shove-nerds-in-lockers chat asking why we didn't tell him, and it was late late AF at night and I was the only one online besides him. So I had to take the lead and give a solo performance, and hopefully I did a good job at it. Charlie CLAIMS to forgive us (again we didn't want leaks and he had the self awareness to admit he might've leaked if he'd known), but anyone can claim anything and that doesn't automatically make it true. Charlie could easily be pretending. But luckily his Tyler vote may (hopefully) create some tension between him and the brains and preclude them from working together.

Now about Sam, let's just say he did not take his elimination well. At all. It wasn't pretty. Sam and I were close friends before his elimination and I want to keep our friendship, voting him was only strategy, nothing personal. Linus's boot was easy and drama-free, but Sam just completely attacked me, and it feels awful. The last thing I want to do is ruin my relationship with Sam permanently. At first I pushed for Charlie to go over Sam because of my social connections with Sam, but changed because Sam was a bigger challenge threat and Charlie admitted the brains-brawns-Nicole anti-beauty 6 person group chat existed while San did not. Also, we considered voting Nicole out instead of Sam in order to take out a middle player without pissing off the surviving brawn. I would've wanted to do that but Tyler had already submitted Sam so it was too late.

Oh, and Sam really needs to learn to separate two different games. It's fine to be mad in Byzantium, I get it, but there's literally no reason Byzantium should affect our completely unrelated hosting partnership


the sam vote definitely worked out i think

there’s more space in the middle of the game and i’m trying my best to fill that gap i’m not sure if it’ll work out or not but there’s a consensus between tyler charlie and myself to take out the floaters since the three of us along with andre are perceived as threats


So lot of things changed last night from an easy Augusto vote. According to Nicole, Charlie and Luca threw my name out and she fought against it, causing Charlie to want to flip the vote onto her. The beauties including Nicole thus want to now take out Charlie. It's kind of obvious why they're doing this because they would technically have the majority given that Nicole stays with them.

My issue with the whole thing is that what if Nicole does stay with them next round. And what if Charlie would align with us next round given us saving him? Nicole could very well be playing me. I DON'T want to have to use my idols this round especially since we have no clear indicator of who the beauty are going for.

I want to talk to Charlie, rat out the vote to him, and sort of force him to work with us since his life is at stake. Stay tuned.


[{quote|miranta|Forgot to add but my ideal people to not have to take out would be Hannah, Nicole, and Andre. They aren't as good in challenges and I think I can beat them in a final vote. The issue is that I would be probably the biggest threat in that four so I'd be forced to win out.|Priscilla}}

apparently it’s charlie vs nicole

afaik augusto and hannah are preferring to vote charlie andre and tyler are preferring to vote nicole priscilla told me she prefers to vote charlie it feels as if either way i choose im fucked later i want priscilla and augusto gone rn augusto bc hes gonna take me out later priscilla because she’s probably gonna take me out later i trust hannah nicole charlie and i guess tyler i want this vote to flip on priscilla she’s hands down the shadiest player left


I would have preferred swinging the vote onto Augusto but Luca and Nicole do NOT want to move. Charlie isn't worth using an idol on either so we have to sacrifice him. Since the option is between Charlie and Nicole, I'd prefer keeping Nicole since even though she may not be totally loyal to me, I've still shown her enough to where I think we still at least have some sort of bond. Where as with Charlie, he's never really wanted to ally with me until his situation became dire. I'm fighting really hard to convince the brains to go on Charlie instead of Nicole. The beauty will technically be in majority next round but we'd have to rely on Nicole, immunity, and my idols. My logic is that even if we keep Charlie, Charlie would follow the same and we'd have to rely on him just like Nicole.


CAN THESE MESSY PEOPLE PLEASE LEARN TO STICK TO AN ALLIANCE (preferably one that includes me in the majority) FOR MORE THAN ONE ROUND? But nooooooo Charlie and Nicole are kissing up to both sides (insert pretends to be shocked gif) and apparently LUCA is getting pulled over to the Brains-Charlie side (insert actual shocked gif because that is NOT supposed to be happening) in some group chat that includes everyone but me Augusto and Nicole. WHAT?!?! WHAT IN THE HELL, LUCA?!?! Luca is that one person who is NOT supposed to flip, but apparently he thinks he's on the bottom of the beauties and me and Augusto are a PAIR?!?!? Wtf, DO WE LOOK LIKE FIGTAILS TO YOU?!?!?! Btw, the person who leaked this to Augusto and me was Andre, who is SUPPOSEDLY flipping to OUR side?!?! WHAT?!?! Because Tyler SUPPOSEDLY stole his idol clues and gave them to Pris without his permission, and now Pris SUPPOSEDLY has the merge idol?

TL;DR this vote is an absolute fucking mess less than 30 minutes before the deadline


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