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Day 11[]

Consider Beavertown thrown under the bus :)


So it is pretty clear that we will be split into tribes of 4! As long as I have one of Wendy, Jake, Aras, Luca, or Elias on my tribe I am very confident I will stay since a fire making challenge likely would end in my favor. I'd also love (just a little less) to be with Alex, Bradley, Whitney or Gabe (Eve/Matt too but they are sketchy). It just cannot be an overwhelming combination of Mikey/Nic/Emily/Kyle! Lets hope I get put on a beach with hella idol clues that my friends can fill me in on :D

Right now I am playing super socially but also bold. I am being strategic with the people I trust and I truly consider myself to be 2-4 peoples number ally. I dont know if that's super accurate because I tend to be optimistic with things like that. I am matching my social game to fit the person I am communicating with. I really think I can go far as long as the people don't view me as overplaying. Since I am so laid back and unassuming I doubt they will for a while <3

I also want to start mapping out my winner picks so that when this season is over people can kind of track my thoughts and watch the progression of a players perspective! My winner picks currently would be: Wendy > Luca > Eve


So let me get y'all UPDATED

So we make the Outsiders alliance. Ohana unfortunately loses, and I feel super bad about it. I vote out Christina cause we've spoken less but THEN... she exposes the alliance skdjdjdjdkdk We had such a good thing going until then

So now the alliance is exposed, putting a target on all of our backs. People are saying I'm the leader of it which? is false.

and Aras confronts me about it and we go back and forth and i'm finally like.... Hey. Let's form a pact and not target eachother. and it worked so i think we're good now. I'm ready for my redemption edit


Day 12[]

Holy shit. I got an idol. This is great i aint telling a soul about it. So from what i from figured there are two sides the challenge beast side and non challenge beast. Im not on either side but I'm trying to stay as low key as possible. Also i feel as if I'm trying to act a little dumber to people so that they feel like they can use me. So I'm think I'm closer to the challenge beast side so on my tribe if we lose me and luca talked about getting whitney out. Ive gotten better social but i sill feel as if I'm a little behind but I'm talking game with David, and Elias who i really like. Anyway my plan is to law low and not makes waves to anger the sides but if push comes to shove I'm going to have to go with who i trust


Day 13[]

So I'm pooping myself that I've made it through the first chunk of the game. I said poop and chunk in the same sentence. I'm sorry.




I got matched with a very unfortunate tribe, arguably the worst possible matching I could. But I couldn't give up and decided to lie about having an idol. This was so that my tribe would not throw the challenge to get rid of me, and if we still went to TC, they would hesitate before voting for me. I told Emily about the idol. I plan on playing the (fake) idol so that I can pretend like it is a genuine mistake and therefore not break her trust. I wanted Wendy/Luca's tribe to throw the challenge but they definitely lost on their own accord.

I think at the moment, I am in most people's top 2 or 3 allies but I am not sure if I have my ride or die yet. Top contenders for that position would be Aras or Jake though!


Ok so I still feel good about Whitney and Luca but for some reason I'm still paranoid, but Im going with my gut and not playing the idol hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me.


fucking hell. I'm currently having a minor crisis over this. Alex isn't flippable, he is tight with elias and therefore I can't get him to join the outsider alliance. fuck fuck fuck. If the 5 of Elias, Wendy, Aras, David and Jake get to the merge, they WILL be final 5. and I refuse to let that happen. I won't have pre-existing knowledge of each other ruin this game cause that ruins it. I will break up this alliance somehow so I hoping for another swap where I am the middle person who decides who goes home. I just want two of those 5 gone so that I can take control of this game with eve.


So we swap, and I'm on the PERFECT tribe. Me, 2 allies, and a common enemy.

And THEN... I'm busted for sharing a screenshot. And now I cant vote. We're told there will be a swap, and my alliance works out a plan so we can have majority. I bring up the idea of putting Elias on our tribe to balance out my self vote.

Also new tea has surfaced. Jake is still a liar.

Aras and I have a deal to not target eachother, so we're good. Sorry this confessional sucks


I have never been one to trust Matt and Eve but today I heard something VERY interesting. Aras has been mentioning over the past few days how he thinks its bold of Matt to openly stan Chaos Kass since it alerts the tribe of his true colors. I was skeptical, but listened anyways for some quality amusement. Then I get an innocent little message from Bradley saying that Matt is not only involved with but FORMING a counter alliance of him, Eve, Nic, Emily, and Kyle (further proving what a terrible tribe swap I got lol) and Bradley to target the challenge beasts. Okay a couple things, Matthew. You can't just scoop Bradley into an alliance out of nowhere when I have been spending over a week cultivating his friendship. I'm not exclusive to just the challenge beasts, sweetie, I've been talking to everyone <3 Can't wait to hopefully send you home with or without an idol in your pocket


the tea is FLOWING today aaaaa

so the como beast alliance is named Den of Beasts....... which i mean... ok.. Eve and Matt are in it, and are playing both sides. Obviously a duo.

Jake/Aras/David/Elias/Eve/Matt/Luca/Wendy are in it. Which... i mean.... ive known but now its confirmed!!!! lying ass bitches

Aras and I wanna work to get the people playing the middle out. cute.

i wish i could keep my mouth shut...i really do. but this game is called Chaos so it doesn't hurt to cause a little