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Day 32[]

  • No Confessionals Were Written On This Day.

Day 33[]

As of right now I'm in an alliance with Eva and Yuki and I'm honestly just hoping that they stick to their word with me. I also have an alliance with Lex and Bryce who I've been with for practically the entire merge. This vote however is being determined by who I can actually beat in the end. I believe that if I go to the end with Bryce and Lex they'll both beat me so I'm trying to secure myself into the finals, while still having a winning chance. I hope with this vote it doesn't ruin my chances of winning because right now I think I have a real good shot.


Of all the moments where I've felt shitty in this game, and there's been a lot, this last vote was the worst. Not because of Bryce, or Lex. I really upset Charlie which is such an awful thing because I genuinely really like him and consider him a friend. I regret everything about this vote now.


omg nam how fucking dumb are you like your lies arent even good


Confessional: when your best friend in the game goes and it's basically your fault

I have to believe

In Jesus

Because rn I don't have much else going for me!!!!!