Day 33[edit | edit source]

F6 baby!!!! Ok I am really manipulating this rounf. If this works I am going to the end!!!! I just got a Double Vote at Exile !!! Yeaaaaah!!

So Tucker wants to vote Catherine. And my alliance with Catherine and Jake finally got solidified. They want to go for Asa but I finally convinced them to vote for Julia. So I am having a choice right now to vote either Catherine or Julia out.

I dont know why Jake and Catherine would stick with me over Julia?? Why does it help them? Would they get Asa or Tucker to vote for me? Am I reading them well. I just went crazy again.


Day 34[edit | edit source]

Apparently people were just trying to get my idol out. I DON' T HAVE AN IDOL. I am so annoyed, even Tucker played alone and he withheld information. I am regrouping next round and I am going into a new level of chaos. Finally my social game payed off and Catherine voted Violet over me. And I have almost no loyalties now.


Tucker has been so obsessed about defeating me in this challenge. I totally failed at using the Shield of Deception appropriatelly. He said this is just a play to show that we are not close, but is it it? Could there be a plan behind. With his idol now, he is guaranteed F4.. I have to get him at F4.


Day 35[edit | edit source]

So guess who has a Double Vote and a Hidden Immunity Idol. THIS GUY! And I feel like I am the swing vote. Tucker and Asa on one end and Jake and Catherine on the other end. Julia is kinda working with me and kinda targetting me. I am not sure. But Julia is not a jury threat and I want her in the end with me and Asa. The other 2 fractions really seem loyal to me so I am not sure how to proceed. I would do Jake, but Catherine can easily defeat me in a flash game. But Julia ia such a wild card. If I stick with Cat in this vote then we will be solid. AAAAAAAAA


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