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Day 19[]

I can't believe I'm still here, thank the lord and this swap eh... aren your fake ass nice guy move ain't working try another time


It was a nice little vacation, Bizet, but it seems that's over now. It really irks me because I only had two more combinations left for the idol, but it was probably already found by George. Anyways, George picked the tribe and he obviously picked those closest to him: me, Cali and Charles, which was kinda flattering; then he picked people he wouldn't mind voting out: Nathan, Adrian and Julia. The thing is, he picked Julia, whom I've talked smack about to half the cast due to her shady ways in OG Couvreux. In fact, she was the only person that had messaged me by the point I had woken up, and I kinda shat myself, yet she didn't display a single hint of knowledge regarding me knowing her second nature.

Instead she gave me some very interesting intel, Aren is a snake and he got Felix voted out and painted as an evil guy. That made me chuckle, because I used more or less the same words to speak about Julia. George put it very nicely: Aren is Julia on steroids, and it's true. I knew Aren was not worth trusting ever since the first swap, when me and Cali got together and swapped intel, but knowing that he took down a giant like Felix makes me way more wary than I previously had been. You see, the guy is kinda of a caricature, his username is ScorpioTheBadGuy, that's a double villainy in his name with a reference to scorpions and then the whole The Bad Guy thing going, which is laughable. He is around 15 I think, which is the age when you try imitating what you see in the show in order to be liked by the audience; I did it, everybody did it. Back when I first played, character was appreciated over gameplay, so I tried being a mock Courtney Yates (cringe), thinking that's how Survivor worked since I saw the people who had 'attitude' gained respect. Right now, we are in the 'Big Moves' era of Survivor, where you gotta be a free agent and shit, so I think Aren is overplaying that to the maximum, trying to be the mastermind in a comedic manner. I think he can act as my default, number-earning boot come merge, that is: somebody I can deceive the majority of the players into voting in order to facilitate my presumed core of Cali, Ali, George, Charlie and Jenna (It is not official, I just think it is very likely to happen) a majority. But Aren can also serve for a better purpose, a beautiful one, that is. The only thing more poetic than to destroy your enemies it to tame them. I study Shakespeare, I enjoy Shakespeare, his plays have an air of resolution and super-charged poetry that I really do enjoy. One of them is the Taming of the Shrew. A shrew is a wild untamed woman, or rather an independent eccentric woman, in the views of nowadays, in the play, the effectively get tamed and made into a bride. It is disgusting, an example of misogyny in antiquity, but perhaps, and just perhaps, I could make it into something more poetic, by turning Julia's Iago into a subdued Katherina. Ruining any strategic power she has, making her my subject, and at last, voting her out in a blindside or maybe not even that. Yes, it would be something very cruel to do, but I would convert somebody whom I had been excluding from my ranks into a utile number, cancelling out her potential of springing up a revolt against me and my allies (her, Ry and Nifty were the only people that scared me in that aspect; two of them are gone), and snipping her off before she catches on to the fact I utilised her. In terms of narration, it would work so beautifully, I don't think that enemies in Survivor can go into such depth, and that if I achieve this plan, I would be amongst the few, and I need to start building up my resume, because right now I believe the odds are in my favour, hell, the swap did me more blessings than grievances.


First of all - I HIT DAY 50 OF MY 703 SURVIVOR CAREER!! :)))) Plus I made swap number 2! It happened a little later than I expected but I'm not complaining! Only 13 people are left in my way and it feels like just yesterday I was fighting 24 people for my spot with that evil puzzle!

Secondly - I think I've come to the conclusion that there are two main ways to play (not to say you can't combine elements of both though). The first being playing to have fun, be iconic, remembered, blah blah. You most likely won't win like that. The other is the more subtle, utr style. Those types are more likely to make the end and win if they can sell it right. I can sell bacon to a vegan. Especially in seasons with so many messy, swinging players they tend to have a shitty f3 (underwhelming, utr I mean). I wanna be the gold coin in that shit that gets to the other side that you somehow swallowed. I'm taking a note from the Survivor player I share a birthday with (Sandra) and treating this like a job and my only goal is to come out on top. I want everyone to think I'm carefree, not as intelligent as I am, but also loyal. Survivor is all about building a perception of yourself for the other players to digest. Let them think I'm Caleb when I'm really Sarah. I don't give a fuck at this point. The closer I get the more I'm willing to do anything to win.


I talked to Charlie and he was very nervous about the swap. I was startled since he was the opposite of me at this point, I was happy because I got to be in a tribe that was set up in a way I had people I wouldn't mind voting at tribals (Nathan, Adrian, Julia) and I knew George had bare minimum contact with these people, which reassured me greatly, and had he wanted to kick me and Charlie off the wagon he'd have gone for original Azorellas, despite the fact that Aren was also an Azorella himself, but yeah, George basically needs us in order to stay in the game at this point. I had to explain all this to Charles and it reassured him greatly and I feel that our bond expanded, my only issue with Charlie at this point is that he has a very good bond with Jenna, so down the road I'll have to figure out how to take her out, because I don't think she is deserving of making Final Tribal from what I've seen, but that is down the road, we aren't even out of the multi-lane highway yet.


Welp. My plan to take down all of the other gays first didn't work. I think all of the straight males have died and we only just hit final 14 I'm.. but the good news is that means from here on out I'll only be voting out gays and women. And I think I can bond with them better anyhow. So this swap omg. The two biggest snakes in this game (Ali and Aren) and my two main baes (Jenna and Zakriah) are on the OTHER tribe. Fuck. I can't help them but I hope they know what to do. For now, I must think about my own safety. I am glad to be with Julia and Joan but they don't trust each other so fml. I ~think~ we have the stronger tribe but I can't be sure. If they throw another fucking puzzle or double tribal at us I'll die. I can't do it. Also there's something off about George. Like idk what it is. You know when you get that funny feeling after Mexican food and you know you're about to give birth to six watery kids in the toilet but it takes a while to sink in? And you feel like you might throw up but then you burp and you're all good? That's kinda how I feel about George. ALSO something that bothers me that didn't hit me is that I don't really have any solid multiple person alliances/alliance chats. And ik that not having one this far into the game is dangerous. I just hope if I can get to the merge that the pieces will fall into place. If they don't I'm gonna shove them together until they fit. I'm gonna pray to HLC that this round goes okay.


Alrightyyyy! So, Alex popped into the Azorella chat, and he revealed that we needed to pick a representative. So, immediately, in my mind I concluded: 'we're swapping'. Therefore, I decided to take things into my own hands. I volunteered to be the representative.

I don't want others to control my destiny in this game. I want to be the guy who makes the new tribes. Not Zakriah, not Trent, and not Julia. And, y'know, I'd argue that I did a really good job at choosing who my new tribemates will be.

I snagged both Zakriah & Trent, who I'm very close to, whilst also snagging Jenna who I was working with on OG Azorella. And, I'm the only one here who Jenna's actually been on a tribe with before, so I'm hoping that as long as I can make her feel safe and like she can trust me, we should be able to work together.

Ali & Miguel are two people that I don't particularly have any intent on working with, but they seem to reaaally like me? Ali in particular... They both seem to want to work with me, and gawd this is taking me back to the Azorella days where everyone wanted a piece of me lmao

Meanwhile, Andy is the one person here who I don't have any connection whatsoever with. Our conversations are awkward, and I've just really struggled to connect with him. If I had to vote one person out right this second? Say hi to Josephine for me, Andy!

The one problem I have with these particular tribes is that I couldn't snag Cali and George also got to Julia quicker than I did. However, I'm hoping that I can still win Julia back. She was very reliant on me in Azorella 2.0, so I just need to persuade her that the only reason I didn't pick her early on is because I didn't want us to seem close and I simply picked Zak & Trent first because they're better at challenges lol. Of course, that's one big fat lie but I'm hoping it's a big fat lie that she'll buy!!!!


I feel like all of the feisty people are dying early in this game :o


Idol-wise? I feel like I'm gonna be secure for now, and unless some WACK ASS SHIT occurs, I shouldn't have to pull it out... Unless I'm pulling it out to graciously wrap around Eva's neck and throttle her with. In that case, it might be making it's grand debut very shortly.

But, yeah! I feel secure in my position on the tribe, and I feel ready to beat my Socotra placement and use this sucker [idol] to make a powerful move at the merge. It'd be so sick to find the Bizet idol, tbh. Wouldn't that just be wonderful? People would think that I literally shit idols at that point lmaooo


So, I did some speakin' around with Jenna, Zakriah & Trent, and it's now official! I have a majority alliance on the Bizet tribe! Yipee!!!

Everyone seems to be a lil down on Ali, and I feel like he'll be the first person voted-out if we do lose the challenge. Which kinda sucks for me, because he seems to like me a lot, but eh... If I have to write his name down, I'll write his name down - no problemo.


Day 20[]

Everything is set up so that even if we do go to tribal I won't be voted out or idoled out or anything like that. I for once feel like I'm not being lied to by the people I trust, I do feel like some other people may be lying to me (eyes Ali). However, on the other hand I'm a little sus of Trent because I'm not entirely sure if he's really cool with the Aren-Jenna-him-me alliance that Aren wanted to put into the works. And then there's an incident from right before we were removed from the old tribe where Julia was telling me not to trust Aren and that he's a snake and stuff like that. But the problem with that is why she's saying all that. Is it because she doesn't know Aren made a three person alliance against her or is it because Aren had a three person alliance with Trent and Julia as well? Because really he had a three person alliance with every single person on that tribe.

1) Aren-Trent-Felix 2) Aren-Julia-me 3) Aren-Trent-me 4) Aren-Felix-Julia? 5) Aren-Julia-Trent?

It makes perfect sense really, and that's why Julia was saying he had the best social game of everyone, and that's why I need to blindside him sooner rather than later.


Honestly, I feel at the bottom of this tribe and so does Andy, So I'm trying to be fake to Aren ( I like the guy, but Im being overly fake to him) just to earn his trust and Im trying to talk to everyone. I am getting a good vibe honestly but I dont wanna leave its too early, we need win immunity I need to get to that merge, Please pray for me :)!


Best believe if people want Andy out, I will be voting him out as well as long as it ain't me I cant risk saving anyone with the postion Im in. It sucks, and Zak you always say "lit" and "ofc" so if you eve make it to that final tribal council, I be so OFC AND LIT never to vote for you if Im in that jury good day sir


Was it seriously one fucking point?

One fucking point away from victory?

Literally, if I got lucky enough to guess Spencer instead of Woo we would've fucking tied. Oh my GOD. If I go home because of this I'll be so frustrated, but I just have to accept it for what it is. It's okay, nobody knew it'd be this close. We tried our best; but now one of us has to be sent packing. That's just the sick truth of the situation.

I'm thinking that it'll be Ali, but let's see how things progress.




It is Day 20 and I still haven't gone to tribal....You know what I am glad I haven't I know i'm on the bottom! I know it! Back in OG Azorella I was on the bottom. Josephine was coming after me and I know it. In Bizet I was on the bottom and I know that I would have been voted out and here I am on the bottom. If the way that the placing is on the Azorella and Bizet tribe things are on the posts I was picked last..... It is clear that I am on the bottom and honestly if I am able to get to the merge I can use that to my advantage...nobody wants to work with me....


Day 21[]

So I'm here sitting on my big fucking ass having a coffee when Ali pretty much makes an alliance chat with Jenna & I outta the blue

Like, Ali's such a nice guy, but he's clearly just playing too hard out of paranoia and honestly I'm done with it. People want Ali out, I want Ali out, and unfortunately he's just gonna have to go home. Riiiiiiip!


So, Ali's running around like a madman trying to get Miguel or Andy voted off, but little does he know he's just about to go home. I'm thinking of possibly just going ahead and telling Miguel & Andy that Ali's after them, because I'd really like a unanimous vote. I don't want to draw any lines in the sand juuuust yet. I'd like this to be unanimous to keep where my loyalty lies more shrouded. (and my loyalty lies with Trent, Zakriah & Jenna, but Miguel & Andy don't have to know that! ;) )


Ali is literally just digging his grave deeper and deeper right now

I managed to manipulate him into agreeing that he'll tell Andy to vote Miguel, so now Andy & I can BOTH confirm - as eye-witnesses - to Ali trying to get Miguel out. And therefore, Miguel will have no choice but to vote for Ali because otherwise he'll be in trouble. It's honestly too good to be true.

The only way shit could go wrong is if Ali is the one lying to me here, and he's actually not going for Miguel. However, if he's been truthful to me, then this should go just as planned, and I'll be able to stay in the game with an idol still in my pocket!!


I'm so happy that I'm still kicking at the halfway point. Even with my name on the chopping block last round, I still managed to escape without a vote cast against me. Now I'm on a new tribe that's finally not the goddamn Gallieni tribe and these people are lovely. I love Joan, I love Cali, I love George, I love Charlie, I love Adrian, and even though she tends to talk a lot, I love Julia too. So I'm really glad that we didn't end up having to go to tribal, mostly because people like myself and Cali need a damn break from that shit, and assuming we merge at 13, I'm gonna actually make merge again! It's funny. I had low expectations for myself coming into this season but I'm doing pretty well for myself. 21 days down. 18 (?) left to go.


So Ali has been a snake the whole game and I finally feel like I can expunge of him which is nice. I hope everyone's doing what they're saying they're gonna do because I'm starting to get comfortable here and the number one rule is never get comfortable, so because I am getting comfortable it is in turn making me incredibly uncomfortable. But, we'll see. As far as I know the vote is unanimous. But we'll see, hopefully this isn't my last confessional because if it is, well, flop!



so we swapped on bizet and i like our tribe!!! well i like jenna and zak and andy and sort of miguel. they're a nice group of people.

so aren is like...... uncomfortably nice to me. I definitely feel like he's trying to control this game. and thats good because it puts a target on him. i was planting some seeds earlier to zak and jenna but it looks like they were already thinking along that line. i love jenna and zak but they're a little close for my taste. if they become targets in the future i wouldn't be complaining. anyways i want aren gone sort of and i feel like he's the next target.... HOWVER he gives me info so i kind of like having him around??? idk

aren told me that miguel tried to make an alliance without me and this is the second time miguel has done this.... miguel buddy how many more do you have planned??? that tells me i can't really trust Miguel, but the timing really isn't right. my moment will come though.

anyways we lose by one point which brings us to the main point of this confessional.... tribal. i want ali gone. i have had it up to here (i'm pointing to the top of my head rn) with him. every time he sends me a sticker or a gif i lose 3 minutes of my life. he is easily the most annoying person in this game and yes he's nice, but i just have no patience for him anymore. like i just got home and he started campaigning and like i do not even have the energy to pretend i'm not voting for him..... granted i won't tell him but still. also everyone else seems on board and this vote seems like unusually easy which makes me nervous since my conversations with zak and jenna have dropped in quality severely, so they maybe are targeting me? id be annoyed if i left over ali so hopefully not. i think the simplicity just has everyone bored.


I'm really hoping that Ali does go. Tribal's gonna be posted reaaal soon, and daaaamn if I go I'll be fucking pissed lmao

I have an idol in my pocket and I really don't want this baby to go to waste!!! My biggest concern is honestly losing immunity again because I feel like my name might be thrown out there because I have a lot of connections and alliances on this tribe. I mean, I should be okay, and I won't use the idol unless I feel like I HAVE to... But ya never know. I honestly just really want to hit merge at this point.