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Day 4[]

I didn't want to say in front of Rokas, "sorry, but I'm flipping to get you out" Because tbh my alliance might of bitched at me, Which I didn't want this early on in the game! I didn't bother PMing them either, because I knew my vote was enough and t seems like It was...Anyways. Kevin came up to me and asked for an alliance, which I couldn't say no to Bye bye Rokas '\o


Nooo the challenge is separate which means no exile missing tribal which means I have to trust in my allies if we go to tribal.


I’m going to attempt to your tina but an evil tina lol


we won the first challenge yay. I'm really just here to be an extra vote for Natalie. I decided I would help her make up for H v V. We're gonna kill dis shit!


Not 100% sure what I'm doing on exile, not 100% sure why they sent me. Someone will tell me later. Either way I only really had one choice. I would obviously prefer to be selfish and take the idol clue, since I want to have that shit, but I can't have my tribe know that I chose that over an immunity advantage. Additionally, there is an individual advantage to choosing the advantage; it makes us more likely to win immunity. If we can pull ahead in the numbers, my alliance and I can sit pretty for a while. Hopefully this isn't my last trip to exile island.


Day 5[]

I'm going to specify from Day whatever it is that I'm playing this game for Natalie. I promised her I'd play an ORG with her to make up for some of her past games. I've agreed to vote with her and everything all the way to the final 4 where she can vote me out to give her an extra jury vote. She's an under-appreciated player and I think she deserves it. I don't need to win.


Alright so, I see the scores for the reward challenge, and some of these are just downright pathetic, I mean 38,227 Jessie, Get yourself together. Then I happen to notice, I had the highest challenge score, by quite a lot. And I just said 'ooohshitnigguh' because when I, I OF ALL PEOPLE have the best challenge score on a tribe, That tribe is shitty as hell. I also see that in Immunity, I'm up against Sam. In 2048. Fuck me running with a dildo.


Kinda surprising we've lost two challenges in a row. With Kevin on our team, everyone was expecting us to have a free ride till the merge. Looks like that wont be the case. No real solid alliances have been formed either, at least not to my knowledge. We're just going to have to shut up and play the game


Fuck my tribe -_- Fuck them right in the butt


What the hell do bubbles have to do with Africa?


So Jo, comes up to me, asking about who im with this game, and tells me she is in an underdog alliance... Thanks for letting me know you want the strong out... because going to tribal constantly is the best strategy... idiots.


Day 6[]

Ok they owe me for that one. Boo took the clue last round, I can tell because I could see in the exile island chat (whoops). I took the advantage, and ended up scoring a point and earning a point, prevent us from getting a tie, or worse losing. Now is not the time to be selfish, and I will vote their asses off if they forget it.


If they vote me wouldn't be to shocked. Unfriend and block the ones that vote me.


We won again and it feels great. Based on the first few challenges it is clear that we are a strong tribe, and every strong tribe needs a strong alliance. Luckily for me the 'Amazing Africans' alliance has been formed. The alliance right now consists of Pete, who is really just here because we need the numbers. Boo, who I haven't really talked to, but I think I can trust. Perry, who I like and hope makes it far. Natalie, who is a great player yet I am not sure how trustworthy she is, and James who is my most trusted ally. I think if we can all stick together and continue to win then there shouldn't be too much trouble until the merge at least. If there is a tribe switch however it could really mess up our numbers.