Day 23[edit | edit source]

Well, that went shit. Someone leaked Tate's idol and Jon's dark pearl, and (ONCE AGAIN) my plan fell apart by a single vote margin. These folks are testing tf out of my patience, and I'm not here for it. I'm on the bottom, I've got no friends, I'm in a horrible position rn, and I really don't know if I can recover. I'll give it everything I've got, but winning is quickly falling out of my grasp. At the very minimum, a lot of items got wasted that tribal. So that's a tiny win.


"Phew that was fucking crazy. I can't believe that

a) Toby actually voted for me b) Jared nearly freaking self voted me out

But I'm glad I made it through. I'm not out of the woods yet though, because with Jake replacing Jon this vote is still the same configuration as the last one and who knows what kind of shit he found on his exile trip, so I'll try my hardest to win immunity.


I'm....upset. I don't understand the point of lying about that vote. Like, I would've definitely voted for Jon so I don't get why they told me Tate's name? And also I'm back on not trusting Toby. Tate told me he only told Toby and Jon about his idol and Jon doesn't seem like someone who would go rogue with that info. Toby also told me that Jon told him about his black pearl vote so all the evidence is stacked against him right now. I've got my eye on him but right now I'm forced to kinda play along. I just wanna secure immunity this round cause I don't know what to expect and I don't know who to trust.


So, these majority people think they're in the perfect spot - there are two minorities fighting each other, and chaos in the chat. But a power vacuum has allowed me to step into control of the tribe. I'm going to unite the feuding minorities and create a secret majority. Now, I'm not dumb. My past plans have all achieved a grand total of jack shit, but hey! Maybe third time is the charm. The game is a fickle beast, and I think I just grabbed the reins.


Well fuck it seems like I can't go a day in Bora Bora without shit being thrown in my face. Ally decided to throw me under the bus in front of the tribe chat instead of talking to me in pms and I'm pissed off. At least with Tate he has a reason to be mad at me, Ally just wanted to cover her ass this round by making me the scapegoat again. Well fuck that because me/Toby/Asa/Jake are trying to pull something off and we need Tate's vote so I'm gonna try apologizing profusely to him. If it works Ally will never see it coming and her days of terribly playing the middle is gonna come to an end.


My biggest ally was voted out of the gameand now myself, Tate, and Toby are royally screwed. I literally feel like this is Siem Reap all over again, from the start of merge, being in the minority, I wanna play this game so hard but, its freaking hard!


I'm a bit pleased with the results of the Touchy Subjects. I wasn't aiming to win but at least I've somehow got a pretty good score, I have a decent grasp of what the tribe is thinking at least.

There was a big fight during the beginning of the challenge that Ally had instigated just for the bants that ended up escalating pretty wildly. I ended up kinda seething for a bit as well, because I felt like Tate was calling me stupid for saying that Jon wouldn't want to work with me after we had tried to blindside him, but I was talking about BEFORE the blindside and BEFORE Tate even mutinied. I guess the only decent takeaway from the fight was that it shifted the dynamics somewhat.

Toby, because of the argument, ended up making a sort of alliance to try and get either Ally or Jared out, and I'll probably bite on the plan for now and hold off using my Public Vote until next time. He had tried to get Tate into it as well, but he seems to not want to, which is I guess fine by me but I wonder if he'd leak it to people. I feel bad though, I had sort of promised Torsa that I would use my Public Vote while she was away so that she wouldn't have to get in on the drama. I'm leaning more towards just getting Jared out, but he seems like a nice guy. Ally seems to have a lot of connections with people, but people have literally been targeting girls and idk it would feel weird to get YET ANOTHER girl out. Strategy-wise, I'm not sure yet, Torsa seemed to want to work with the girls, so if it ends up coming out that I was involved, she may not want to work with me as much anymore.

There's a tie between Toby and Christine for the Touchy Subjects, so there's still time for me to think about it all, I guess.


i love chillin for one round lol


Day 24[edit | edit source]

Confessional: SO, there was a big fight in the tribe chat started by Ally which I was fine with because I'm always in the mood for drama since I think it's fun and entertaining. I expected it to be more-so on me but it just got mostly everyone involved and no one was really fighting me which surprised me but it's better for my game so I'm fine with it. One of the major things about the fight was stuff that was said or not said about me which I loved since it's fun being the center of attention. I was just thinking "keep going, say more and more and more" so I can keep it in my memory and use it if I have to. Now on to the serious part of the vote, I'm planning on having Jake go this round because I can use the Tate & Toby vs Aro drama hopefully in my favor and because Tate and Toby actually tried to talk to me before this vote while Jake hasn't so I'm thinking I could possibly use them to help me make moves I need to make in the future. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm just going to say I hope things go the way I want them to with this tribal.


So myself, Toby, Asa, Aro and possibly Tate are all voting together this round. But I am so paranoid, Toby has a vote steal and an extra vote and hes so confident about it, but quite frankly, I'm shakin in my boots!!

I trust Toby but after me telling Joey that I heard my name from Ally, my life is literally in his hands right now.


I'm not certain, because you can never be certain in this game and because all of my plans so far this game have fallen apart, but I think the alliance I created has worked. I've brought together old enemies (Aro/jake, Christine/myself) for a common good, and that common good is myself. I'm feeling nervous and like I might get votes tonight, but I think my alliance will have pulled through. I'll be getting out a threat who won't work with me, and I'll be chugging on little by little. Fighting!


Okay so I added Ally to the old alliance chat because I wanted to see her that I wasn't lying about Tate's plan to get the main org winners out and I think I got the target off my back for a bit but then the whole calling out thing happened and now I'm worried if Jake is with our plan to get Jared out. I'm also REALLY worried about what Jared's item could be and I'm ALSO worried if Christine is with us. So overall I'm absolutely shitting my pants right now, I really wanna make it to single digits so I'm crossing everything I can cross right now.


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