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Day 16[]



Well, because of a blunder on Ting Ting's part, she submitted a vote for Tata early and couldn't change her vote, Tata was voted out and Jon was almost blindsided in a 4-3 vote. I don't know why but Aromal and Ting Ting decided to try and play Jon into thinking that Tate was the perpetrator for this. I thought it had been going well at first. However, Tate and Jon were persistent and the truth came out in a confrontation in the tribe chat. Aromal confessed and then was put through a slough of comments and such. I think I managed to kill the conversation/argument. I don't know if that put a target on my back or not, but I think Aromal was just trying to play the game, no need to be so extra. But then again, I wasn't the one being framed and lied to, so maybe I'm just being biased. On the other hand, I feel like they just dragged it on for too long.

Anyways, the next challenge is to list the boot order which requires ACTUAL TEAMWORK. If I can manage to motivate my team into wanting to win, that would be great. Otherwise, it would be Aromal or I as the targets for next tribal. I'm sure they'd want to win, what with the incentive of idol clues and less stress from voting, maybe? Though, they'd probably be united. UGH they're probably going to be busy, which isn't anyone's fault really. I don't have a life asdfg

I'm a little upset, well honestly very upset, at Ting Ting because this vote was supposed to be clean. Instead it just ended up getting wild. I can't tell if she's bluffing about the accident, but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, despite her seeming kinda sneaky. Hopefully though she's learned her lesson or something! Though, I speculate that surely the chat would've blown up if Jon had been voted out.

I guess it's back to copy pasting the boot list order for me. I wonder if the tribe will even appreciate it. It sucks that I'm on the bottom. I feel like I've been working so hard to help the tribe and shit and still I hadn't been allied to anyone really until after the tribal where Aromal made an alliance chat for us and Ting Ting. The tribe argument wasn't even directed at me but it definitely drained me and probably lowered the morale of everyone. I guess that's Survivor for ya!!


Ok so what the actual fuck was that last tribal council LOL.

I have no idea what tf happened, but at this point my trust for Aro is on very thin ice. By doing that he not only exiled himself from his alliance with me and Jon but also openly targeted Tate. And his answer to me was ""I felt like I couldn't confide in you"" BITCH WE ARE ALLIES, that is what we do! We chat, strategize, CONFIDE! So from here on out I would like to draw in Ting so me, Jon and Tate can have majority. And Asa and Aro, your asses are gone!


This really sucks that Toby & I both had to do this challenge , were both out of the same timezone area with the rest of the tribe so it put us at a bigger disadvantage so this really sucks. Like I know Mikey had a very good reason , Christine was just busy most of the day , which idk if she could have done much , but it might work better than me/toby.


Day 17[]

So we're losing the fuck out of this challenge. There's no way we can come back, and honestly, if I cared less about it I'd be actively sabotaging us. Our tribe going to tribal is good for me imo - having 9 dudes and 5 girls left at F14, and having 8 vets vs 6 newbies, is a disaster for me, a male vet. You want to come into a survivor merge in a majority, of course, BUT if that majority is too big , people start trying to make ~big moves~. If the majority isn't huge, the early merge should be marginally less turbulent, which means alliance-building players like me can thrive. I've got strong social relationships with basically everyone I've ever been on a tribe with, so upsetting the status quo will, on balance, be bad for me. Having small majorities will help me be that much less likely to be targeted.




Confessional: So Torsa and I decided to put together a small alliance of us two along with Joey and Rhys since we figured that'd be the best choice. I feel really good with Torsa and Joey as of right now while I still have to try to build a stronger relationship with Rhys but Torsa says shes good with him. At this point I'm tired of all the females going because that's just boring and I'm not a full on guys guy so that isn't the best thing for me. If I had complete control right now I'd get one of the guys from my original tribe since I don't want that target of all 5 male vets still in the game when I barely was with them in the first place. I'm hoping I'll be able to get one of them out but I still have to be careful because I don't want it to be me instead.




Call my Sybil Trelawney, my prediction was bang on. Now we're going to tribal, and I'm pretty comfortable. The Anau 3 are tight, but we're pretty good at keeping that quiet, so we're working more openly with others, because having all five from Anau make merge would be horrible for us IF people thought that we were all super close. We only need two more votes to make a majority, and we have a veritable plethora of options - Ally mutinied onto this tribe and I've been the only one to bother to make a social relationship with her, Torsa is close with me, I have a secret duo with Rhys, Joey and I get along like a house on fire. So, I'm not going anywhere, and I know exactly who is. I'm waiting for merge to actually start playing, xoxo.


Confessional: I decided to try to be bold and make a bigger move than what's been happening. I told Christine about her getting targeted in hopes that she'll be a number for me which we'll see. But, while talking to Toby he mentioned that he was the closest with Rhys besides Mikey and "I" so I was like HOLD ON, and remembered a conversation I had with Rhys 1 on 1 today where he said he talks to everyone regularly except Toby so in my head I'm thinking bitch you're getting lied to and I start to go crazy and try to get everything together. So I figured that Rhys is with Toby and possibly Mikey so I try to post in the four person alliance chat that I'm okay with a girl going and I fake it with Mikey and Toby that I'm perfectly okay with Christine or Joey going. Then behind all of their backs I'm making a plan of the other 5 people besides those 3 voting off Mikey, unless he has an idol which I'm pretty sure he or Toby does. So I'm hoping this plan goes the way I want it too since it's all about keeping it a secret and if not, I could be the one going home. But right now it's the risk I'm willing to take because you have to be strong and courageous in this game, go big or go home.


I'M WEEEEPING HOLY SHIT so we're supposed to be tricking rhys which will be in a voice confessional later (i like to think i'm a source of entertainment for zakriah via these confessionals) but right now in our chat called the fantastic four with me jared joey and rhys, we're talking about splitting the vote in case one of the two girls have an idol. so rhys suggested that two of us vote ally and two of us vote christine and rhys went ahead and said "i'll vote ally bc i suggested it" and joey went "Boys vote ally?" and we were all so confused because there's 3 boys in the chat and 1 girl and i ran to his pms and he tHOUGHT JARED WAS A GIRL FOR A BIT HGIFODHSG IM CRYING


I am so STRESSED. Apparently my names been floating around but Jared, Joey and Torsa are all coming to my rescue which makes me a bit relieved. I'm hoping we can take out Mikey this round cause he seems like a huge threat and we haven't really talked much so if he goes it won't really effect me. I just really hope I make it out alive at this point. The biggest fear is that he has the idol and if he does I'm screwed so like......he better not have it.




I am SOOOO pissed. Good one on Ally & Christine. So the way the the vote was going down in my head. Was 4 votes Christine , 2 votes Ally , 2 votes whoever they(Christine & Ally) voted.

However my so called "alliance" of Jarred , Joey & Torsa,(Which may I add was made JUST before this tribal) decided to do a fun trust building exercise in blindsiding me with the outcome of the vote. I was apparently too close to Toby & Mikey, and they thought id tell them where the vote was going so Mikey could play an idol. I WOULDN'T have done that , but they would have no idea , because no one asked me , nor asked me if I was close to Toby or Mikey.

So , to repeat , i was blindsided by my own alliance, one which hadn't even voted together yet. Are they stupid? They want this to work out still , or so they say. BUT they found it so fucking easy to lie to me, YES this is survivor , but WHY WHY would you make an alliance then not tell someone in that alliance about the vote. THEN expect them to stay strong to this 4 person alliance.

I hope we go to tribal before merge , because trust ME , I'm going to get my revenge.