Day 25Edit

It was a good day.I am glad with my decision,Carson tried a lot to sway me.Funny thing is only Carson and Jack C tried to make me vote Keaton.Jack O and Danielle never even told me Keaton was the vote,which is kinda hilarious.Can't they do math??How did they think they were going to vote Keaton out without me I don't know.Will is the smartest player here.He is running the show rn.I will just try to follow him for now until I can find a better position.


Tribal went the way I wanted, but it’s a shame because Jack O is a great guy. I think he and I clicked really well and I know it’s going to be lonelier here without him.

I’m just so done with Carson right now. That kid is so bad to play with. Never gives any information or says how he feels, but he expects people to fill him in on everything. How are you gonna pretend to be Michelle Fitzgerald when you couldn’t carry a conversation if your life depended on it? Thankfully Carson’s also a few crayons short of a full set, he tries to expose to Jack O that I’m voting him and to flip Fariha with about an hour left before the deadline. Of course he fails miserably and she votes Jack out, meanwhile Carson has voted himself into the minority for no reason other than being a dummie.

Keaton’s a whole other issue. He’s got all the heart in the world but his judgement is terrible. He’ll believe anything he’s told. Which means he’s kind of great to be aligned with but like, fuck he can be such a liability. Carson said sorry to Keaton after the vote (of course he does, he’s on the outs) and then Keaton decides, “fuck it, I’m making a 6 person alliance with Carson and everyone but Jack and Danielle.” When I tell Keaton that Jack straight up lobbied to vote him out about 30 minutes ago, Keaton just KICKS HIM FROM THE CHAT. WTF.

Jack C and Danielle are the most normal people here and I’m about to boot them both. God help me, I’m in a self imposed exile on Goat Island.


Day 26Edit



Day 27Edit


–Jack C



Immunity! Honestly didn't need it at all, but I guess I don't have to worry about idols now, and it's nice to win things tbh.

Jack is trying to turn people against me right now (which doesn't make sense because nobody can vote me anyway?) and it kind of got exposed by Nadine that Keaton is skeptical of me. He thinks I'm going to blindside him eventually, and really I want to make it clear that I don't plan on ever casting a vote for Keaton. I'd never do something like that to him..why waste a perfectly good parchment on someone who has no chance of ever winning?


Today I had the courtesy to tell Jack I was voting his ass out, and now he's going off on me saying I'm losing his jury vote because I didn't tell him I wasn't voting with him in the last tribal. Like please, everyone knows that telling people you're about to blindside them is sloppy as hell.

Honestly I know he's just saying this shit to make me want to flip, but really..Jack and people like him need to own up to their bullshit. Don't come up with reasons to feel betrayed, like the whole reason he got blindsided was because he was trying to fuck over his original tribe. I know losing is hard, but if you have bad social skills and no self awareness, then when you sign up to play Survivor you should be ready to get trashed like Jack. smh.


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