Day 10[edit | edit source]

We went to tribal and voted out Dima. It was pretty straightforward, some of the old Kandals didn’t like him that much, and he performed poorly in the challenge, so he was a very easy target. Which is nice, because then we can still be a fairly harmonic tribe. Steph even voted with us, which was to expect, of course. He did suggest voting Marco, so he might still be with the old Pailins. That said, I have considered targeting Marco, and I likely will if he continues to perform as badly as he has in the last couple of challenges. I’d hate to vote for him, but he has to start performing better, or he’ll be in trouble.


Tribe Swap happened. This really sucked for me, as now I'm on a tribe outnumbered by Pailin. I've talked with Jake and Andy to try and get them to flip but I'm not sure how likely it is. Pailin seems divided but I feel like this would bring them together. Guess I have to come up with a clever lie at some point


I made some good alliances now. I have a 'alliance' with Stephane because you never know what happens, what if we win next challenges and we will merge together? I need numbers! Also I made a deal with Nathan to get each others backs. I had already a alliance with Kaffe, Charley and Marco since the begin. And on the other tribe I have Julian and Hannah. I think I'm in a good spot. Also I have a clue to a new path. If I do great in this challenge, win the duel against someone else and choose another path I could get that idol soon!


Colours are very pretty so this reward challenge holds interest because I've understood It's Julian or I at this point and i'm damned if I go down without swinging, It's not who I am and I'm determined to make anybody who supports me as proud as I can up until I get voted out.


Day 11[edit | edit source]

I'm so pleased that I won this challenge, I absolutely needed it for my confidence and it gives me belief that I can turn this round and deliver some Jugular blows to Kandal especially those that want to eliminate me and yes just because your surname has the magical word Power doesn't mean you have any at this point, your next sweetcheeks and letters are interesting and I'll address this one to you on your vote out Dear Julian Your a shady little fuck who is trying to promise far more than he can deliver and thinks he can get away with slithering his way to the end of the game #Newsflash Its not ethical how your playing this game, you at least have the social ability to admit to your mistakes and can play hard in challenges, your a threat that funnily enough is negating the greatness the season could have. So taking you out is something that isn't in my interest, it's in the interest of the game. Hope that's understandable , you got any problems with that, my advice is to go find the missing link in your play that's what's going to get you voted out and where I'm gonna hit you so hard you wont believe it Numbers in this game is a Virtue and with all Due Respect, I'm going to teach you exactly what the difference between us is and why it is I'm going to outsmart you. You don't know when to zip your lip and you obviously don't know when things need to be said, your in my sights and now I'm preparing to take you clean out.


Yooo this'll be a short one. My tribe is aight. I mean... Not the best in challenges, but otherwise sufficient. I mean, I suck in challenges, and when I beat them in tetris I was like.... Aight. That sucks. Because I'm really not good most times. But hey, they're all nice. Dima's a little turd. Telling me to fuck off on a vote. Like so hardcore bro. But he went home so whatever. Jonas and I might be thinking of getting rid of Marco is we lose again because he's really bad in challenges. I dunno, could be fun to change things up a bit. Plus Stephane is pretty cool. And he likes some pretty awesome music. So yeah. This game is awesome so far.Just gotta keep flying under the radar until merge. Then we can really splash and have some fun. Until then, I'm still double rainbowing this thing.Happy happy.


so I started talking to Andy about strategies and potentially aligning with him in the future. He's just worried about Kandal picking off the Pailin people. I personally don't want to stick with Kandal as a whole. I don't trust Amber, Hannah, Kaffe & now I don't really trust Nick. Apparently Nick has been lying and trying to flip Andy but got caught by John. John asked me for the truth if Nick & I were really aligned or not because basically Nick is claiming to barely know me? And I was telling Andy the truth so I'm like "umm....really Nick? Is that how you feel?" And now I don't trust Nick. So now it's like fuck it & as long as I survive I don't care anymore


That's a great way to start the immunity challenge John, Give the opponents Points, jesus christ even you know not to do that and you do it anyway


So we're kinda in a weird spot right now in the game because after this challenge this tribe will have stuck together as long as the original tribes but for some reason, this tribe seems really divided. we have the 4 original pailins and the 3 original kandals and i have no idea how the other tribe is doing so while I'd rather not have to go to tribal, i feel like we kinda need to go just to keep things somewhat in our favor so that at least one of those original Kandals are out of the game


Day 12[edit | edit source]

is it bad I'm happy stuff is blowing up around camp at Nick so maybe I won't go home?


..... I am totally lying right now.


Nick are you serious? Jake is feeding you bullshit and you are gonna believe it? Jake tells Nick "the vote is for John". No Jake is trying to play you out, Nick & he's doing a horrible job at it


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