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Survivor Gameplay
Description A group of recently eliminated contestants who vote to determine the Sole Survivor
Appearance(s) Every season

The Jury consists of a group of eliminated castaways (typically past the merge portion of the competition) that return to witness the remaining Survivors' actions at Tribal Council. The information they take in from these visits is supposed to help them decide who to vote for to win the $1,000,000 prize and the title of Sole Survivor at the end of the game. They are usually forbidden to speak, with the exception of the Final Tribal Council, where they are allowed to address the finalists and ask them questions.

The Jury is comprised of somewhere between 7-11 contestants, depending on the season.


When Survivor jury members get voted out, they are whisked away to a camp called Ponderosa (not to be confused with the base camp where the production crew stays). The CBS website allows fans to see what happens behind the scenes as Jury members enter the camp and re-assimilate to life in the outside world. Jury members stay at Ponderosa until the day after Day 39 and are transported to every Tribal Council to get a glimpse at what is happening with the remaining castaways who are still in the running. While at Ponderosa, cast-offs enjoy movies, all the food they can eat, special excursions, bedding, showers, and many other luxuries not permitted during the game of Survivor. Additionally, the contestants get a chance to ponder on who they will vote for as the winner of the show, and conversations between the jurors at Ponderosa can decide the outcome of the season.

Final Tribal Council[]

On Day 39, at the Final Tribal Council, after hearing the finalists' opening words, every Jury member gives their Jury speech, giving a chance to ask them a question or make a comment regarding their game and the moves they made. After all jurors have spoken, the finalists give their final statements, trying to convince the Jury members to vote for them. The Jury then votes for a winner.



Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
Hughes.jpg FeiLong SusieQS
Diego.jpg Diego Antonio SusieQS
Aaron.jpg Unbornsavior SusieQS
Jeffy.jpg Jeffyladner Brittanyy N
CJ.png CJlampad SusieQS
Tine.jpg EtherealDutchess SusieQS
Sarah.png Sarahaiman SusieQS
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
Sam.png Nightlock Kryptonite Leelong2012
Kevin as cash.png KevDog660 Leelong2012
Purry.png AmazingPurry Leelong2012
Jo.png Amoline Borneolover3
Boo.png Zannabanna Leelong2012
Sean.png Survivingsolesurvivor27 Leelong2012
James.png Com3dyboyz Leelong2012
Pete.png Pete G Leelong2012
Alvin.png Alvin Budiono Leelong2012
Final Vote 8-1-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
JP.png Rocky LXIX TJRandjr
Solar.png XxSolarEclipsexX RubyMistress
Tung.png Perseus Potter TJRandjr
Liam.png NotLiam RubyMistress
Laura.png LauraBorton RubyMistress
Ara.png Azzineko RubyMistress
Nuno.png LudicoManao RubyMistress
Emma.png XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX RubyMistress
Tomy.png Tomy.irawan.96 RubyMistress
Final Vote 7-2


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
Miguelo.png MiguelLopez^2 KuT
Jessy Kinalla.png JessyPop Eperson
Lukeo.png LukePrower Eperson
Jennifer Kinalla.png jennifer.mac.3 KuT
Tata Kinalla.png Tatasport Eperson
Redo.png WreckingRed Eperson
Marco Kinalla.png Attrexy Eperson
Final Vote 5-2


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
Ziggy.jpg ZiggyW 5martis5
George.jpeg RevengeOfTheNerds Kuzuri
Mikey.png PeaceOut12 Kuzuri
Bailey.jpg VogtOut 5martis5
Nicola.jpeg Flowerzzz 5martis5
Ahad.png Emerald Pie 5martis5
Danny.png Dgluc1 5martis5
Jace.png 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88 B7yc3
Final Vote 5-2-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
EvieJapan.png Evie Drew Willfc3
MartinJapan.png QueenMartintin MickTesso
JackJapan.png W0ahJack877 MickTesso
TylerBJapan.png tbus91 MickTesso
WesJapan.png Staticburst MickTesso
RichieJapan.png Richie-Bean District3
AustinJapan.png Atrain73 MickTesso
JoeJapan.png Tiernan420 MickTesso
Final Vote 6-1-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
EvanChile.jpg NWTSEvan 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
JessyChile.png JessyPop 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
TylerFChile.jpg Tylerjordan93 Seth9876
EdenChile.png Edzz Seth9876
FitzChile.png Fitz0021 Seth9876
TylerPChile.png Typoirier 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
HeatherChile.jpg Heatherjac Seth9876
AliChile.png Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi Seth9876
Final Vote 5-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
NoahS8.jpg TheAspie Thatsmyidol
DanS8.jpg DanRainDelay Thatsmyidol
MaxS8.jpg Survivorfan13 Thatsmyidol
GavinS8.png GoldAce153 Thatsmyidol
BryceS8.png B7yc3 Thatsmyidol
EmmaS8.png XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX Thatsmyidol
NorbertS8.png Norbert Nicolas Thatsmyidol
SeanS8.jpg Inked95 Thatsmyidol
JordanS8.png JdBass Thatsmyidol
Final Vote 9-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
TopazCanada.png Dtopaz ForeverTyC
JackCanada2.png jackr13 ForeverTyC
RyanMCanada.png Sananab2 Jamievdw101
SzymonCanada.png Moonsik Jamievdw101
LukasCanada.png Orocostasol ForeverTyC
ScottCanada.png ScootMaxwell Jamievdw101
BjornCanada.png Bjorntobealive ForeverTyC
Final Vote 4-3

Isla Del Sol[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
WillS10.png W123 soulscriptxd
AndreiS10.png VanityEgo soulscriptxd
MinkeS10.png minkemusical soulscriptxd
CaseyS10.png Casey423 AlmightyTodd
IvanS10.png IvanLaurence soulscriptxd
BlaineS10.png Blaine7275 soulscriptxd
TomS10.png ThomasSaxby AlmightyTodd
Final Vote 5-2-0

Minoan Empire[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
JamesS11.jpg JD4SURVIVOR AlexVivor
AndrewS11.jpg Andrew.Clemenshaw AlexVivor
SarahS11.jpg jadedgeekgirl AlexVivor
YannickS11.jpg Ymatia AlexVivor
JayS11.jpg Jaydeehan AlexVivor
ClairieS11.jpg Clairie Daradal AlexVivor
DanishS11.jpg DTanveer AlexVivor
Final Vote 7-0

Skye Islands[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
WillAS.png willfc3 LúdicoManao
WesAS.png Staticburst Typoirier
ZaneAS.png AlmightyTodd jadedgeekgirl
PerryAS.png Thatsmyidol jadedgeekgirl
SamAS.png Nightlock Kryptonite LúdicoManao
AlexAS.png AlexVivor jadedgeekgirl
JoeAS.png Tiernan420 Typoirier
SzymonAS.png Moonsik Typoirier
DomAS.png RubyMistress LúdicoManao
EvanAS.png NWTSEvan Typoirier
Final Vote 4-3-3

Siem Reap[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
StephaneS13.png Stephane C. Dangrayne
AndrewS13.png Cookmonsta05 Dangrayne
AlexS13.png a.lopez49411 Hannah_Banana23
JulianS13.png Jpowers76 Dangrayne
KaffeS13.png Kaffe4200 Dangrayne
JakeS13.png jake31011994 Dangrayne
NathanS13.png jtiathericequeen Dangrayne
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
ScottS14Merge.png ScootMaxwell TLazyS
DanielleS14Merge.png danipero32 TLazyS
ChrisS14Merge.png blueu22 TLazyS
TommyS14Merge.png KuT Blaine7275
TSNS14Merge.png bebunghia97 Jakeyrider
JulianS14Merge.png Juliansoyyo Jakeyrider
YannickS14Merge.png Ymatia TLazyS
KimS14Merge.png Kim.Huong Jakeyrider
HunterS14Merge.png survivorhp Blaine7275
Final Vote 4-3-2


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
RobS15.png Hixrebels24 Yuki Yukie
MiguelS15.png Migueldegouveia Summer B
PatrykS15.png Kololok94 Yuki Yukie
CharlieS15.png Charchkii Yuki Yukie
NickS15.png NickCity Yuki Yukie
MaxS15.png Maxwestt Summer B
LexusS15.png HexusLerren Yuki Yukie
BryceS15.png Brycer2 Yuki Yukie
EvaS15.png Whatevereva Yuki Yukie
Final Vote 7-2

Papua New Guinea[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
MichelleMerge.png midnytbloo Vuanh0710
JulezMerge.png JulezPower Vuanh0710
LorenMerge.png Inhibition Halinhvn
ShellieMerge.png showieu Vuanh0710
Fabian.png Fabian21 Halinhvn
JTMerge.png Jacaljt10 Halinhvn
ErinMerge.png Grandmama2015 Halinhvn
BasMerge.png Lan1990 Halinhvn
Final Vote 5-3


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
ShilohS17.png FaunzaEthereals Heyjoshua
IvanS17.png IvanLaurence Digitalpants
UliS17.png Angrist86 Digitalpants
CiereS17.png Gouldingx Mihai22
AndrewS17.png Agonzo7988 Digitalpants
ChrissaS17.png ChrissaTodd2 Digitalpants
MarcS17.png Mindango Digitalpants
Final Vote 5-1-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
SimonS18Merge.png Slaypapa Ay.han21
HieuS18Merge.png Hieungo94 Ay.han21
MaiS18Merge.png Blurryfacex Ay.han21
AlissaS18Merge.png AlissaMarinxo Ay.han21
AmirS18Merge.png Amir6661 Ham King
DuskS18Merge.png DuskofSkulls Ay.han21
BenS18Merge.png Bb1233 Ay.han21
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
AromalBuru.png smocke55 Radfiddler
AndyBuru.png andyland55 XKC
CJMergeS19.png Cjl28 Radfiddler
PJMergeS19.png pntjr Radfiddler
JosephineMergeS19.png Pozymandias Radfiddler
JessicaMergeS19.png drummelsmithjessica Radfiddler
LexusMergeS19.png HexusLerren XKC
DaniMergeS19.png danipero32 Radfiddler
JoshMergeS19.png heyjoshua Tylerjordan93
Final Vote 6-2-1

Heroes Vs. Villains[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
SarahHvV.png jadedgeekgirl DuskofSkulls
ChrisHvV.png Blueu22 DuskofSkulls
BasHvV.png Lan1990 DuskofSkulls
TomHvV.png ThomasSaxby TLazyS
MiguelHvV.png Migueldegouveia DuskofSkulls
SzyHvV.png Moonsik TLazyS
AlissaHvV.png AlissaMarinxo TLazyS
EmmaHvV.png XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX DuskofSkulls
JenniferHvV.png Jennifer.mac.3 DuskofSkulls
EddieHvV.png Eddie786™ DuskofSkulls
Final Vote 7-3-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
DaultonS21.png Harrowerdaulton AsaKusuri
JacobS21.png Kauimala Mymixtapeisfire
AnnaS21.png Annajane Mymixtapeisfire
NicolaiS21.png Daves4590 Mymixtapeisfire
VioletS21.png Violet7676 Mymixtapeisfire
CatherineS21.png Imayami Bolet36
JuliaS21.png Coolkidrox123 Mymixtapeisfire
JakeS21.png DatStafford Mymixtapeisfire
Final Vote 6-1-1

San Marcos[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
RhiannonS22.png MissPinkLegend NickCity
MalikS22.png TheGodOfBlue CakingCake
ElmoS22.png ElmoPancake Nlby001
BrandonS22.png elijah_blue NickCity
RenzS22.png renz_lfns Nlby001
AustinS22.png Broyate NickCity
JennaS22.png Jennamaclennan NickCity
ClaudiaS22.png claudiaprescott Nlby001
ChrisS22.png Aerialchinook NickCity
Final Vote 5-3-1

El Salvador[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
LiamES.jpg MapleAtNightxo TheSoleSurvivorCY
BranES.jpg LibertyDanielle THGQueenYT
JJES.jpg Just323 THGQueenYT
DeanES.jpg Deandean98 TheSoleSurvivorCY
JayES.jpg SilverJay47 THGQueenYT
GevonteES.jpg TotalDramaNaruto THGQueenYT
Final Vote 5-2


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
ZachCaracol.png Zack922 WolfRebel0
ThiruCaracol.png Durgam WolfRebel0
ChristineCaracol.png ChristineMGlam WolfRebel0
LoriCaracol.png lemilius WolfRebel0
ForrestCaracol.png HawkHD WolfRebel0
LuisCaracol.png Underthefrozen WolfRebel0
AnnabelleCaracol.png Brighterblu WolfRebel0
Final Vote 7-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
JuliaS25.png Coolkidrox123 Adriantheaustralian
JoanS25.png District3 T-hunna
CaliS25.png Wildcats11630 T-hunna
MiguelS25.png TheSoleSurvivorCY T-hunna
JennaS25.png Jennamaclennan T-hunna
GeorgeS25.png RevengeOfTheNerds T-hunna
AndyS25.png Cookmonsta05 T-hunna
ArenS25.png ScorpioTheBadGuy T-hunna
CharlieS25.png Charchkii T-hunna
NathanS25.png Jtiathericequeen T-hunna
ZakriahS25.png Raccoonmeat17 T-hunna
Final Vote 10-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
MikeyS26.png MikeyRocks33 JohnBatman
NicS26.png Nicp101 JohnBatman
EveS26.png Peppermint Princess JohnBatman
WendyS26.png OstianWendy JohnBatman
KyleS26.png Derphox JohnBatman
DavidS26.png hobandav Gwux
ArasS26.png Sfarasxx JohnBatman
AlexS26.png AlexRobertss JohnBatman
EmilyS26.png Smiledr JohnBatman
Final Vote 8-1-0

Bora Bora[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
Jonbuff.png JonWasNotHere ChristineMGlam
Jaredbuff.png IAmVegas AsaKusuri
Tobybuff.png Owlish AsaKusuri
Arobuff.png Smocke55 AsaKusuri
Allybuff.png XAllyx MrSimtastic
Tatebuff.png tatehornford ChristineMGlam
Torsabuff.png zombijou AsaKusuri
Final Vote 4-2-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S28JackO.png Jackattack1234 Cinnanie
S28JackC.png Ginga Ninja Jack Ilovezak123
S28Will.png Willenium96 Cinnanie
S28Fariha.png Fsha Cinnanie
S28Carson.png MichelleSchubert Cinnanie
S28Danielle.png Danielle1123 Cinnanie
S28Keaton.png F-L-R-N Cinnanie
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
DanS29.png AussieRosalina Allyreyes
BlakeS29.png Tanglefrost Allyreyes
JakeS29.png YanmegaMan Allyreyes
SamS29.png sami_171 Allyreyes
ZachS29.png WalrusBOOTY Allyreyes
FelipeS29.png Physics25 Witherda
CammyS29.png Cammywoop Allyreyes
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
PerryS30.png Thatsmyidol AsaKusuri
EddieS30.png Eddie786™ ChristineMGlam
ChrisNS30.png Aerialchinook ChristineMGlam
EvanS30.png NWTSEvan ChristineMGlam
JessyS30.png JessyPop whatevereva
SamS30.png sami_171 ChristineMGlam
AlissaS30.png AlissaMarinxo ChristineMGlam
FitzS30.png Fitz0021 AsaKusuri
Final Vote 5-2-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S31Liam.png Kitulfer FirestoneAC
S31Claire.png xsonianevermindx Ashley Hikari
S31Sam.png Drachus10 Ashley Hikari
S31CharlieW.png Charlie.W1993 Ashley Hikari
S31Luca.png JohnBatman Ashley Hikari
S31Tyler.png ForeverTyC Ashley Hikari
S31Hannah.png Equalrights4animals Ashley Hikari
S31Priscilla.png Prisceel Ashley Hikari
Final Vote 7-1-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
RhoneS32.png Rhoneperegrine Queen Alietta
ElizabethS32.png Elizabethfarbota Queen Alietta
AaronS32.png CambodiaAaron Queen Alietta
AinS32.png Ihaswiki TAL98
AndreaS32.png Andreageiget Queen Alietta
JordanS32.png Moistened Queen Alietta
SammyS32.png Sitys Queen Alietta
Final Vote 6-1


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S33Drew.png heuse1ac Jpriced
S33Tyler.png StackyBro Jpriced
S33Pory.png Poryful-Z Jpriced
S33Marty.png Surferdude1219 Jpriced
S33Vincent.png Vincent Van Gone Jpriced
S33Lexi.png PrincessLexiPop Jpriced
S33Seamus.png seamusfromkansas Jpriced
S33Damien.png Kjbi Jpriced
S33BigZ.png uprising1234 Jpriced
Final Vote 9-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S34Austin.png totrevalution XoEllbell123xo
S34Izzy.png IzzyHindle Sonarimo
S34Nick.png tdilindsayfan100 XoEllbell123xo
S34Dakota.png Killerskull2 powerofdeath
S34Brian.png BrianLanigan957 Sonarimo
S34Rob.png munchyoshi powerofdeath
S34Julia.png xjuliarae Sonarimo
S34Anthony.png Eatemuptigs Sonarimo
Final Vote 4-2-2

Mount Olympus[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
ElizabethS35.png Elizabethfarbota cammywoop
BrianS35.png BrianLanigan957 TotalDramaNaruto
RyanS35.png Qrstuvwoody cammywoop
MalikS35.png TheGodOfBlue cammywoop
BenS35.png bb1233 cammywoop
JerryS35.png JerryMac20 cammywoop
NicoleS35.png Nicol Stone cammywoop
LouiseS35.png Twiggley TotalDramaNaruto
CharlieS35.png Charlie.W1993 cammywoop
Final Vote 7-2

Mohenjo Daro[]

Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S36Adam.png loopy15 Ant362
S36XFire.png Hastwyk Ant362
S36Chieko.png BlackberryAndRaspberries Zackbish
S36Nick.png Pageofbreath Ant362
S36Mark.png SixteenPsyche Zackbish
S36Ace.png AceSquirrel Zackbish
S36Lex.png Wkze Ant362
Final Vote 4-3-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
AnthonyS37.png eatemuptigs hobandav
LukeS37.png Lukeblackmore723 hobandav
ZachS37.png zachcbullard hobandav
SamS37.png Drachus10 hobandav
JohnS37.png DooplissForce hobandav
RhiS37.png MissPinkLegend hobandav
DanielleS37.png Danielle1123 hobandav
RobS37.png robulusjgreisonne seisle
Final Vote 7-1-0


Juror Voted For
Avatar Username
S38ChelseaM.png Doublesea ZNooraaZheart
S38JasmineM.png Corruptedhaunting ZNooraaZheart
S38ThomasM.png TommyRevolution Beastman2764
S38AnabelM.png Realsadbarbie Beastman2764
S38ChariM.png Tazzy102076 ZNooraaZheart
S38TobiM.png StarGuardianTobi ZNooraaZheart
S38FelixM.png FescennineFelix ZNooraaZheart
S38AnnajaneM.png Annajane Beastman2764
S38MilesM.png Midnight Bandit ZNooraaZheart
Final Vote 6-3-0

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