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"Kill Doctor Lucky"
Season The Genius
Episode Number 11/12
Episode Chronology
Previous Two Rooms & A Boom
Next Ricochet Robots

Kill Doctor Lucky is the eleventh episode of The Genius.

Main Match[]

Kill Doctor Lucky. In this game, the final three players would compete to kill a virtual player, the titular Doctor Lucky.

Player Finish
TGAromal.pngAromal Lost
TGGavin.pngGavin Lost
TGJohn.pngJohn Won

As the only two players without a Token of Life, Aromal and Gavin were sent directly to the Death Match.

Death Match[]

Red7. Red7 is a number card game with continuously changing rules.

Competitor Result
TGGavin.pngGavin Advanced
TGAromal.pngAromal Eliminated



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