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Day 18[]

So tribal is over & Adam left. The Brains told the truth because we had no reason to lie. Sam wasted the Brawn idol after accusing me of lying lmao tf so Justin was right in his assumption of him having the idol. So Sam gets zero votes, Andre gets 3 and Adam gets 5. The problem now is: Justin said he does a blue circle on his votes. That means he voted with the Brawns in order to keep that relationship (which is fine), but the question is which one of Charlie or Sam flipped? Lmao it’s such a mess & Sam wasted an idol we could’ve used against the beauties at merge so I’m kinda like *eye roll* especially since he was questioning me like I was lying when I was telling the truth & he was just being a paranoid mess. Now Andre wants to “express” his feelings aka he’s gonna pop off and I’m like uh oh. Like even if we don’t trust them, we may have to use them against the beauty tribe who has 5-4-4 numbers on us & even though we were telling the Brawns the truth, they are so paranoid and messy that it’s just a complete mess. So I may have to do some damage control to make sure nobody comes for the 4 of us (at least not immediately)


WTF.... I AM FUMING!! When I went to bed last night it was all set to be 7-1 with no problems... I wake up and vote for Adam as planned (no one was online and no one had messaged me so I assumed nothing had changed)

Then Sam tells me they voted for Andre... wtf. Apparently they actually believed Adam trying to lie about the idol in the alliance chat! I was so shocked because to me it seemed very fake.

I'm worried because now I feel like Sam/Justin are annoyed at me over not voting with them... but how am I supposed to do that if no one tells me the change? Either way I still think it's better for my game to get rid of Adam as I haven't damaged connections with people on Brains.. people like Andre know they can trust me now, and this may be beneficial for me in the future.

Just hope I can smooth things over with my main allies, Sam and Justin!!

–Charlie W

Day 19[]

i remain without water. i am dying. send HELP.

Okayyyy I really don't want us to lose any more immunities. Linus is an asset and tbh it's either him or a former tribemate of mine and i do NOT want that to happen.

also im shaking @ the other tribe's tribal those guys are WILD


First off, cool challenge. Second off, Charlie voted with us which I already knew so now Justin may in the hot seat with my alliance because Andre is ready to pop off (which is how you usually feel when you get votes & survive) which means I’m gonna have to damage control to save Justin’s ass if we lose again like ughhh I wish Justin woulda told me ahead of time he was gonna vote Andre so I coulda been better prepped 😩😩😩



I MIGHT'VE found an opening if we do end up losing this immunity But I still want to win this immunity more than anything lol. Basically Say we do lose Claire is my opening Shes been 100% real with me And (hopefully) is deadass when she says she wants to work with me And ahe basically told me that if we do lose, one of me or charlie are gonna be a target since Justin and Tyler are like besties, which doesnt surprise me But she also told me always expect the unexpected, things aren't as black and white as they appear Cause I remember her telling me on day one of the swap that her and pris were on the bottom of brains 1.0 and one of them wouldve left if hesh hadn't gone all chaotic n shit Cause of an all guys alliance that was over there So maybe... Just maybe if we do lose I can get them to flip? Its a huge stretch, but the option is there And she seems VERY weary of Tyler and Just in So maybe I can get votes on tyler with their help Idk we'll see tho, but for now I just want to win immunity lmaoo.The door isnt open, its just a very small crack But hopefully in time I can get it open! all i know is, surviving till the merge is gonna take a LOT of work, dedication and luck lol. especially if we lose more immunities


Adam is gone, which is tragic, and not only because it lessens the beauty's numbers. It was the poor dude's first ever org, and even though I was hesitant to throw I really wanted him to at least make merge. Rip. I like the new faces, they haven't been corrupted by the drama-filled org community yet khfdghgf. But I'm still glad we didn't keep throwing, there are more than three rounds on these swapped tribes meaning we Edessas need an immunity win or two to avoid having to turn on each other. And the more immunity wins the better, having to vote out Linus is gonna suck.

I figured Chalcedon 2.0 doesn't have strong tribal lines since they didn't counter-throw to save the sitting ducks on Edessa 2.0, and their 5-3 vote confirms that theory. (We Edessas have some hypotheses as to who voted who but someone else probably already wrote a conf about that and I don't wanna just be redundant khgfhjj) Well anyways the most shookening part of the tribal, SAM. PLAYED. AN. IDOL. WHAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!??? I THOT CHARLIE P SAID JUSTIN HAD IT?!?!?!? DOES JUSTIN NOT HAVE THE BRAWN IDOL?!?!? Either Charlie lied to me, Justin lied to Charlie, Justin found a fake and fell for it, or one of the brains gave an idol to Sam for some reason. WHAT IS THIS MYSTERY?!?!?!?!? I'm SHOOKETH


This is the most demoralised I've ever felt in an org... not exaggerating. I came into this challenge so PUMPED and ready to kill it. I've spent 10+ hours on this fucking crossword and sent around 300 guesses with just one measly answer to show for it. FUCK THIS CHALLENGE

Now we're gonna lose. I'm seriously so upset because I feel like it's me or Sam going and it will crush me if I go home now... I think I will genuinely take a break from orgs if I get voted out after spending so long trying to win this challenge.

–Charlie W

ok so i just had a REALLY, REALLY good conversation with claire. cause she is legit the only string of hope i have of having myself, or hell even charlie survive. cause i keep on hearing these rumors of tyler and justin being super close. like so much went down in our pms, that i dont even know where to begin talking about it. so im just gonna c/p the whole convo lol. but best believe ya boy sam is doing anything he can to stay alive in this game.

Anyways, you mind of I be completely real for a bit?

hit me

(me) ok so it isnt rocket science that i could very easily be going home tthis tribal, but i want you to know that this time im not gonna go to 3 different people and like pledge loyalty or whatever to ttry and cover my own ass im only gonna reach out and talk to you, none of the other 3, and i just want to survive lol theres no point in me lying right now, i mean my back is against the wall and none of us 3 have any idols since we've all been on chalc and i wasted it and they dont rehide them lol

(claire) I'm trying to think on how the best way to go about this cause I was srs on me saying If I had my choice I'd vote Justin out but Tyler and him are close as fuck

(me) do you mind if i make some suggestions?

(claire) Go ahead Sam I don't want you to go i mean obviously

(me) you know dam well for a fact im in NO position of power

(claire) if I just wanted you to go I wouldn't sugar coat this I'd just tell you you were fucked there's no idols i know, thats why im talking to you now

and you know I'm not the one to like lead people on for no reason that's heartless i legit respect the fuck out of your realness ok, so if you had to pick

Same goes to you when you're real bitch. a brawn would leave yeah? Like Yes only cause I think the backlash fucks me so hard if I flip on a brain

(me) oh yeah no i get thatt, i was just curious cause i remember you saying you and pris were on the bottom on brains 1.0 but im sure yall have gotten close since

See that's the thing and i know it's SUPER sketch to flip on them and join 3 brawns who have been together since day 1

(claire) I don't know if we're close just for numbers or not but me and Pris were for sure on the bottom (that still pisses me off you have no idea) Me and her were the only one's who did the endurance challenge oh yeah for sure, being on tthe bottom fucking blows

and we got put on the bottom for it lol

(me) well, i know you are definitely weary of mine and charlies relationship

(claire) oh big time

(me) since we were close in tahiti, and have been together all this game so far but believe me when i say we are probably the only allies each other have lol

(claire) And you've both been like "oh I wanna work with you oh I really do" Of course I'm still like "Well you both fucked me over hard so.." I'm not bitter per say just very wary the only person I'm bitter against is ant who can promply go fuck himself for reasons.

(me) LMAO but listen like i said about me and charlie having literally no allies justin hardly ttalks to us, linus we were close with but who knows what he's done over on edessa 2.0 im 100% certain justin is closer to tyler than us 2 combined lol

(me) That wouldn't shock me at all I think Tyler would save him over us too Like I'd vote either of them out over you I just don't know how to get that to happen without fucking myself Like if you got an idea let me know

(me) i know you dont want to flip on a brain, and i know me and charlie being together is scary. but i could talk to him about getting tyler out. or hell even flipping on justin or if you want, i wont talk to him lol i could just flip on a brawn myself and im saying all this with pris included but i made you a promise and ive only talked to you aboutt it lol

(claire) I don't think Justin would vote Tyler

(me) oh i know he wouldnt we wouldnt tell him theres 7 people, and if you wanted one of those 2 gone and majority, you me pris and charlie could provide if you wantt

(claire) I could try talking to Pris and see if she'd be good on it It's scary trusting her cause like idk how close we are like how do I say it like we can talk for hours and stuff on like personal shit and anime and all that

(me) well if it makes any difference, none of us have talked to her that much lol she just isnt the most chatty person

(claire) but I can't talk game with her you know? I'll try my best I don't want you or Charlie to go really cause I'd like to think we really can work though the past and all that It's just so hard to get done without fucking myself

(me) yeah all im saying is that you clearly have a possible majority of 4-3 brains against brawn. but thats for this swap, do you really think andre and tyler would be close tto you say we merge, or push you back to the bottom? same with justin, he'd just go with them. and are charlie and i cclose? of course, thats obvious but we're also both against the wall right now and just tryna survive, and im being deadass when i say if we both survive, im all for working with you to the end

(claire) I just hope that like either of you or at least you have my back if things go to shit cause I really do want to help

(me) well look att it this way you're legit the only string of hope i have at surviving or charlie surviving you dont understand how happy i would be if you came thru and i will 100% have your back, and thats my word yes this is a game and lying happens but i will have your back

(claire) I'm gonna try really I will and that's all I can do and I don't mean half ass "oh I'm gonna try" I'm srsly gonna try

(me) thats all i ask yeah just know there is a possible majority of you me pris and charlie to vote off anyone you want if you're feeling up to it. cause the other 3 probably wont have your best interest if you make merge together but ill be all for playing with you and im sure you know charlie too, he's an honest and genuine guy

(claire) I agree I'm gonna go talk to her when she's up sweet jesus this can blow up in my face but ugh fuck my life I'ma still do it I went to 50/50 rocks

(me) ok claire, i really appreciate it you have no idea and yeah it could but this would absolutely be your move

(claire) I can try to do this even if you could outright try to fuck me over but if I am the fool is me

(me) i wont i legit will not screw you over im not gonna like swear on anything or whatever lol but you do have my word and tthat means a lot to me i never gave you my word in tahiti cause i never knew if i was gonna go far with you or not

(claire) Alright well all to do now is wait.

(me) ok claire, thanks for enduring my endless walls of texts lol


Day 20[]

Soooo, last tribal didn't go completely as planned but I'm fine with the outcome anyway and nothing negative came to Claire and I. I will admit that I was bamboozled by Adam's lie but I really did want him to stay over Andre. To be honest, I don't know why I saw all these negative things about Andre since all I've heard of him is rumors of being a rat but oh well, I digress.

Immunity happens and we lose. Oh well, expected it anyways. So, Tyler is absent because of the storm or whatever I'm too lazy to check. We haven't had a chance to discuss the vote as a Brains alliance as a result. But, as far as I know the obvious vote should be Sam. That being said, this new plan came to light and it's very convincing. Claire said that Sam and Charlie wanted us to flip to take out the Justin/Tyler duo. Claire and I aren't sure about whether or not we're totally going through with this yet but a few talking points in favor are that Justin and Tyler, especially Tyler, won't be loyal in the long run anyway. Also, Sam and Charlie are desperate so they're willing to pull all the stops. My gripes are that Sam/Charlie are playing the middle and relaying the same information to Tyler/Justin to take Claire/I out. Also we'd have to tell Andre so that he doesn't feel betrayed and I'm not entirely sure if Andre will rat us out or not. The bright side is there's no more possible idols on this tribe. No more original Edessa, Sam had the Chalcedon idol and it wasn't rehidden, and I have the Trebizond one. Supposedly. Still doubting if it's real or not after what happened on thaaat season. Oh well, we'll see how things change in the morning when Tyler's back.


So, we obviously got demolished in that last challenge... it was so damn disheartening. I tried so hard in that challenge and it was all for nothing. Now despite previously thinking I was safe, I now feel like I may actually be the one to go home. Claire says she has my back which gives me some confidence, but I have no idea whether she's telling the truth or not.

I thought Andre would be more willing to keep me alive here after I saved him last round, but I didn't get the most positive response from him idk. Maybe he just doesn't wanna make any promises... I'm just paranoid right now because I feel like Justin is mad at me for voting against Adam last round (even though they literally didn't tell me like wtf). So he may even sway his close friend Tyler (oh yeah I didnt know they had a previous relationship) to vote me out instead of Sam. I think he and Sam are closer than they let on tbh.

So yeah, feeling down right now :(

–Charlie W


augusto scares me with his strategic thinking he's raising really good points about whether to work with or against linus he called linus a strong player and a big threat what's not to say he won't do the same thing to me


Okay so as far as I know, the plan hasn't changed (it's morning now). I talked with Charlie and Sam to confirm if they were still on board, which they are. Claire told Andre and Tyler last night in the brains chat to vote Justin. She's still absent as of now so I made sure that they stuck with voting Justin. This way, the Justin vote won't be a complete blindside, we still keep ties with the Brains and we gain allies in Charlie and Sam for breaking up the Tyler/Justin duo and saving them.


My ultimate goal in this game is to get on everybody's good side. Even if theirs no chance I'm ever gonna work with them or their a complete dumbass or whatever, I still want to be on the right page with them because at the end of the day if something goes wrong and it's someone from my side going, I do not want to be the target. Even if you have the majority you never know if someone has an idol or maybe someone flips whatever the case if I'm ever helpless, I wanna be the guy that the majority likes and wants to work with, the one they've talked to the most and feel like he's the most likely to work with them. If I can successfully do that, no matter what happens in the next few votes into the merge it won't be me going because everyone wants to work with me. And as I said on day one, the key to winning this game is to have as many options as possible. Now this may seem like a tough thing to do and something I have little control over but knowing my alliance, it won't be tough. People like nadaile and augusto are notorious for not talking to people one on one. They barely ever talk one on one and even when I try to start a conversation, it doesn't last long. Luca and Hannah are great social players but Luca is a busy man and at the swap he didn't talk to anyone outside of original edessa for the first 3 days. A repeat of that will put him in a poor position and leave me in control to smoothen the relationship between these new players. My point is that I can easily strike a cord with everyone on that tribe right at the merge, much better then most people on my tribe. And if something goes wrong like say linus has been playing us this whole time and gets that whole tribe to vote against us, I will not be the person they vote for, and I'll be in a better position then anyone. I'm sure the merge is right around the corner as soon they'll be only 12 left, and then the game can really start, but until then we just gotta sit here and hope for the best.


Fuckkk.... I can't believe this, but Claire has just approached me and asked me if I would be ok with voting out Justin. I said yes... because I'd rather it was Justin than me or Sam. I feel terrible though, as I'm sure Justin is gonna be upset when he finds out.

But at this point, I don't see another option. I'm allied with Pris and Claire now, and I can't see them wanting to vote out Andre/Tyler. Regardless I can't risk trying to change up the plan now as apparently Andre has already agreed to it... don't want to make myself a target. I want to make this merge sooo bad!

This is why Justin has to go. I'm so sorry mate.

–Charlie W