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Day 13[]

It sucks that Violet had to go.

Mutiny... I'm feeling safe in this tribe so I guess I won't do it! I mean sure I could do it for entertainment value, but also, nah. Sorry that I'm boring ;w;!

I'm curious if anyone would want to mutiny on our tribe, the lines are actually not very clear cut on who is in the bottom. Maybe it could be me... Fuck! Maybe someone will mutiny and immediately get voted out, that would be kinda funny and also very wild. I'm an asset on the team so they'll HAVE to keep me. Right..?

I'm fairly high on sugar so my mind is all over the place


So , our tribe is currently split with 4 newbies together , and 4 vets. I thought this was more or less how the tribe split was going to go down. However now with this mutiny twist a lot could happen. Christine might flip to be with her original tribe. Jake could flip as he just played an idol. So going forward I have no idea what to expect.


Well, I need to state a fact that perhaps we are all confused along, which is why we can see a plethora of unanimous votes down the road, because when I went along to check my thoughts and considerations on who should go, I realized that what I considered is pretty much what the majority considered also these past few rounds. I don't know why, like I would like to shake up the game a little bit since I knew my position is uncertain, but I'm pretty confused myself on how should I shake the game. That might cause my early exit once again if I shake it too much.

So the moral of the story is: be equal, as in this: it is okay to shake the game but not too much, it is okay to have the same minds with what the majority thinks, but go ahead if our instincts said differently. If I need to be wise, but a little bit villainous, I'm fine... but perhaps, I have a high possibility to stay the same except one: carefully considering every option. Yep.

Including this mutiny thing. I decided to stay not only because I love all of them and also the atmosphere, but also because I would like to see what the game brings to me, which determines what kind of game should I play. Perhaps I should modify this popular quote that "Don't ask what the game can do for you, but what you can do for the game." And that kind of, is what I'm looking for throughout the game so far.

Note: In a viewers' PoV, I can feel how stagnant are we playing and it will impact the denouement - final outcome - of the season. But, there could just be something amazing behind the scene, for example by all those VLs and our confessionals up here. Who knows there's a little drama behind it, and that little drama is one of the nicest things the viewers would like to watch from us. :P Stay tuned for more information. (I don't think I want to cast a news like a news anchor, right?)




The results of Mutiny have not come up yet, but I'm probably not going to mutiny and here's my reasoning.

I don't know the people in the other tribe that well so I probably wouldn't have been in good standing. Along with that, it may dampen my relationship with people in this tribe, that I'd be abandoning them or something.

On the other hand, it's possible that they could just win all the challenges and I wouldn't need to worry about going to tribal, and I'd get more idol clues as well.

In the end, even though my tribe flops at flash game challenges, I'm sticking with them. This tribe is a sinking ship but I'm sure they wouldn't toss me overboard, right? Maybe? I feel like I'm going to eat those words in the future, but here's to me hopefully surviving until merge.


We're not changing much, but I hope we're good for several rounds because I smell merge sooner or later.


So two very interesting but terrifying things happen with the mutiny. First of all, Tate mutinies to Motu. It's very interesting to see that when I don't think he really was in danger on this tribe. It might be because of all the male newbies on the other tribe, but he's sealed Joey's fate in my book.

Secondly, Ally mutinies to us. That worries me so much, because her and Jared were the two Big Brother alumns that were allies. I don't want to lose my grip on Jared, so for this possibly new ally, this could get bad. Also, Ally was on the same original tribe as Christine, which almost throws everything into chaos. If I wanted to throw Christine out, it would be a lot harder. I think the target switched to Joey for me now.

This challenge is, like always, do or die.


So , I'm not surprised Tate swapped to the other tribe , because he was saying he wants to play for fun. However he told me before the original swap that he didn't want to get swap fucked , soooo I'm kinda curious about that. I'm also VERY scared about Ally being here with Christine. I know they've worked together in different games before , and I hate to judge based on past games. BUT this girl swapped "to be on every color tribe", and I'm not buying it.

Anyway , if we go to tribal anytime soon Me and Torsa are sticking together (hopefully) , and I feel like if i can actually talk to Christine or Ally , we could work with them. Because Mikey was talking about how Christine was to be an easy vote next and how he didn't want her to mutiny , so we could vote her out instead of someone else. So that would be 4 right there and we could easily get a one after. So , I feel like I'm going to try and assemble this soon because I need to stop coasting, because while I feel safe from not going to tribal , I need to be in a good position when we merge or we swap next.


By the way, I FOUND THE FUCKING IDOL. I'm so freaking astounded that I actually found it, and now I feel a little bit more confident going into this challenge and any other tribals. It's that added safety of at least one tribal if you think it's you on the chopping block.

I'm gonna try not to get too cocky about it. And I'm gonna try to use it smartly. The plan for whatever upcoming tribal is hopefully still Christine or Joey. I'll see where Ally's head is at when the time comes.


Day 15[]

I am pretty scared going into this tribal, like every other tribal. Though I trust Aro and Jon, we also are working with Ting Ting and have pulled Tate in to join us, we should have the numbers, and Asa or Tata will be going home.


My thoughts for this tribal are: "Finally something interesting. But also, no thanks, I wish the vote were more straightforward."

No one messaged me after the results, which was very concerning. I went to bed and woke up and talked to Ting Ting who said that there is an all male majority alliance that is voting out Tata. After THAT, they plan on voting Ting Ting next.

While it's certainly intriguing that this alliance seems to not have my name in mind, I don't want Tata or Ting Ting to be voted out! Probably after they leave I'd be considered the vote. Surely if I cooperate with them, they'd consider me their ally.

Aromal was the one who flipped and had told Ting Ting about the alliance that he was a part of. Bless his soul, king of flipping. If all four of us vote someone else (the verdict was decided to be Jon), things should turn out okay(?)

I feel bad voting people from this tribe out because I really really like everyone here! Fuck, in hindsight I should've mutinied. Tate obviously had plans to stir things up by switching to this tribe. But, it seems the boys are crafty, and I want to gain further trust from the girls on my tribe.

Still, this has created a definitive split, and things can only get more interesting from here on out.

Also I'm slightly upset that I haven't been in any solid alliance, complete with an alliance chat. I want to be included!! It feels like high school all over again.


Soo a new tribe, a new country and a new Aromal!! Jon/Jake inducted Tate into our alliance like 5 minutes after he mutinied and I'm like???? And they say they want Asa out next round and even though I'm close to Jon/Jake, I'm not as close to them as I am to Asa so bye Jon!!


Ok so can we merge next pls because if we lose again I'm well and truly fucked. THIS IS WHY BIG MOVEZ ARE BAD PEOPLE!!


"Well, I think this could be my final confessional before the Reunion, but I'm not sure what to say until this moment.

When Aromal and Asa (the two I'm closest with) told me about Ting Ting's accident that caused the vote, I was thinking of a reflection that 'we all should be careful with sending out votes, because once we cast a vote, it can't be edited.' That happens in this case. In all means, I'm just trying to either double-check my thoughts and see others' considerations, because I feel like, if I have a close connection or something, I need other opinions first, like what do they think, because it'll be messy af if I decide all things myself (oh, in the end it's back to our decision. Life is full of choices, folks. I believe in anything can happen.)

Secondly, I didn't see it coming. Although I feel there could be something wrong because of my business, but it doesn't mean I wasn't active at all or something. The past ones were pretty much extraneously unanimous, and I guess mine is the tightest of all. I'm not sure if the game carries on, because the game can just give anything to us without us asking for them. I knew that I've tried my best even to stay, because, just because I'm having hella lot of activities doesn't mean I'm inact lel. Well, I'm trying to implement one of my moments last time when I'm pretty busy, I'll go low profile, playing in the private chats... wait. I forgot the last time I did that since last year I returned for two seasons in Tumblr, but it is nice to be back playing Survivor in Facebook. :)

Oh, there's next season(s) when I'll be able to come back as a Middle Schooler, 'cause I was the Old School back here -- and reading out the VL stuffs from you people makes me just, hyped for more. But wait, let me finish my business first. The college business affects my game, but whelp, I tried :P

Quoting my final words to my tribe: ""All right, let's get straight, if you felt something wrong, just be open and everything will be fine. But we don't know what will the game bring to us, as this come into surprise. Good luck for you all, and see you at the Reunion!""

...so, over and out folks! (Err... lemme bid a farewell, but in a special way! Also, this "could" serve as a farewell, and final greeting to everyone before my other return.)

"Finally I know it's time to say goodbye...

Suddenly all by myself I feel alive

I can't live the lie, no reason to cry

But now it's just time, ooh...

(It's time to say goodbye)"

[Bonus: Guess what song it is lol.]


I left this part on my perhaps, final confessional before the Reunion tbh: Wreck the havoc, folks! The rest of you guys had it better than I had this season :P