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Survivor Gameplay
Description A method of searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol
Appearance(s) Survivor: Minoan Empire

The Labyrinth is a major twist that debuted in Survivor: Minoan Empire.


The secondary twist in Minoan Empire occurs during the entirety of the game. After each reward challenge, the 4 highest scoring castaways would entire the Labyrinth with an opportunity to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. In it's first instance, the castaways would enter a grid at a coordinate of their choosing. Each return trip would allow the player to take a step closer to finding the prize.

A Message In A Bottle was also included from the start. Varying messages would allow for advantages inside the Labyrinth, as well as determining captaincy for team drafts in the upcoming immunity challenges, as Survivor: Minoan Empire was an Anarchy season.


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