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Day 9[]

Woooo so the vote went perfectly, I could be blindsided but I think I'm in a solid position. Luca, Liam and I are a group of 3. (We even have our own pretty group chat, the TV tropes alliance)! But the thing is, I'm also really close with the iconic Augusto and would've loved to include him in the party, but Luca and Liam aren't as close with him as I am, so they left him out, and Augusto doesn't know about the group chat. But I'm still close with Augusto, and he is NOT going home on my watch! But luckily I'm pretty sure we'll swap before this tribe has to get down to three people, so there shouldn't be any issues. I just hope Luca and Liam don't get concerned I'm too close with Augusto or anything.

In other news, I've learned that both Luca and Liam host ORGs too which is really cool so we've talked about what our players have been up to in our games and whatnot, and I learned that Liam and Augusto (he doesn't host but we've talked about hosting) agree with all my opinions like allowing vote and challenge resubmissions and whatnot, and Luca never talked about those specific opinions but based on who he dislikes I'm guessing his opinions in general mostly match mine. So wow, these players have beautiful opinions and I love it <3 <3 <3


So first and foremost don’t mess with me. Don’t use my name. Don’t even try to not go where I go because your gonna go home. I’m in control on this tribe Claire thinks I’m an honest guy which is a joke, Tyler is my right hand man, Andre because I saved him trust me completely, and Konrad is a number, I could care less about pris she’s going next. This is my tribe and until there’s a swap what I say is basically what’s going to happen. So I feel good right now. Power position.


I feel really awful right now. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it and go into why, but from a game standpoint, it's going to hurt my game a lot. I just don't want to talk to anyone really and that's going to affect my chances should we go to tribal. I'm also not participating as much as I could have because of this downpour and after sitting out last challenge, this could prove fatal. The bright side is that this is not a double tribal so we only have to not be last. To be honest I told Claire and she kind of brushed over it. Obviously that kind of hurts but ignoring that, it can mean a lot of implications game-wise.

All that being said, I may be down but I'm not out of the game. If things come down to it and I'm on the chopping block, I'll fight to stay.


Well I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with my position rn because I couldn't be happier. I've put together a solid 3 with Luca and Hannah and I'm very close with Adam and augusto too who I believe trust me very much. Nicole is the one who I'm least close with but she's a great competitor and a team player so I do not want to see her go. I think we have a really great team here and the focus is still to not loose and make sure we're very strong for as long as possible. I think we're closer now then ever and since we saved augusto's ass last night he trusts us more. Honestly I think everyone here wants to go far with me which is more then I could ask for. And I have an idol to keep this alliance intact so goddamn do I feel goood.




I made it through that tribal council with just 2 votes against me (one of them being my own, technically) and I’m super grateful to everyone for keeping me here! Building connections in the first few days really helped me here, I think. The whole screenshot situation should’ve probably been a red flag to some people that could’ve surely sent me home but people enjoy me and think I’m beneficial to their game, which is nice to know! Looking into a future tribal council, I do think I’m in the middle somewhat cause I think/hope everyone sees me as an ally. That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about Liam or Nicole so I’d try to lowkey push for them to go, but we’ll see! All I’m doing now is thanking everyone for allowing me to stay lol


This challenge is all about collecting selfies of items you have and being the young, totally not independent 17 year old I am… I can’t really contribute all THAT much to this challenge. My physical game has been as messy and shitty as a Taco Bell bathroom and it scares me a bit cause everyone here is slaying it and it makes me stand out. The other tribes probably think I’m some inactive/goat-y player cause of the strike and me sitting out of literally everything so that’s fun! Perception is reality so I hope that I can lie to myself and make myself think I’m a challenge beast and actually do good in challenges ghnfdjmsk


Day 10[]



With the Brawn tribe being absolutely awesome we’re back to businesses here. It’s currently 5-5-6 which is a great split. My tribe right now seems super duper strong. Linus and Charlie W for sure seems to be leading us in challenges and so far are who I see as the leaders. Sam seems to be competing with them for MVP and it seems Justin is going for LVP. What about me? I’d consider myself in the LVMVP. The least valuable most valuable player. So I’m bad at being good basically. Bad at being good is aexactly what you want to be in survivor! Not the best and biggest threat, not a goat, but right in the middle. The winning sweetspot. I’d say that’s how I’m set up on the tribe, not anyone’s top two ally but not anyone’s bottom 1. Right in the middle. Right where I want to be. Close enough to hear the plan but far enough that the knife I stab people with won’t hurt too much.

–Charlie P

Losing Maddie really hurts my game. She is someone I know through other orgs and watching her leave for sure hurts my game. Maddie is a great player and I know me and her would make a good team. Voting off Maddie to me proves that her tribe has got some game to them. I know Maddie wouldn’t go down without a fight, so obviously it wasn’t an easy vote. Maddie, I will avenge you.

–Charlie P

If my tribe was to go back to tribal I feel that Justin would be the one going home. Justin seems to be the guy people connect with least and honestly doesn’t do much in challenges but forget about them till last second. If we do not swap I am start trying to get the target into Justin’s back by making up a few lies.

–Charlie P

For the record I wrote this entire confessional like two hours ago and then I accidentally went back and the entire message is gone and then I took a nap so I probably forgot most of what I wanted to say.

I take back what I said about Claire. I made it too ambiguous and got in my own head about that whole situation. Long story short she's shown that she cared about me past the game which I can always respect in someone.

I told Claire about my idol because she proved how much she trusts me and how much I can trust her by really coming through and saving my ass last round because I might have been blindsided otherwise. I worded it to where it seemed like I just found it but in reality of course I found it ages ago.

We lost immunity which sucks because I am definitely on the chopping block this round. My lack of social presence lately combined with my poor challenge performance plus the sitting out of the cow challenge, really is a ton of negatives for me. It also doesn't help that I was originally brought up as a target last time and people were really okay with lying to me about it. Also Hesh, Konrad, and Tyler all tried really, really hard in that challenge. No doubt they're at least a little peeved about their hard working going to waste.

My options are limited. One thing I can do is try my hardest to get into the social graces of the group again but let's be honest here, people are going to look for any reason to get someone out and I doubt a few fake ass words are going to take that stigma that I'm the one to get out out of their minds. I mean I'm going to try to talk to everyone either way but you know. Another thing I could do is play the idol on myself. The issue with that option is that it really is no secret (or shouldn't be at least I mean come on) that Claire and I are close. I'd feel awful if they split on Claire and then the vote tied and they got her out anyway. They could also just like, make me waste my idol by putting all their votes on Claire. It's too late in the night for me to continue wracking my brain around all these scenarios so I'll see what changes in the morning.


Ok so confessionals are about to get more frequent from me. It’s late though so for now, updated tribemate thoughts

Justin: being waaaaaay too trusting of the wrong people. I think us the lack of anyone admitting to finding the idol is opening his eyes though.

Charlie W: Too smart for his own good, but hey, I’d rather work with someone smart who due to being from epic mafia has connections to other tribes for now. He came to me today saying he trusts me the most, which like, maybe he did the same with sam but either way the fact that it was unprompted makes me feel like I’m safe with him for a while at least.

Sam: love sam and I think gamewise we can be on the same page a lot. Idk, not much to say besides I like him.

Edge: Missing in action socially, but hey, at least he’s here for challenges :D

The big story this round I think is the idol being “no where”. My alliance members are saying Edge must have it and I’ve been the only one willing to openly acknowledge that someone in the alliance could have found it and just didn’t want to put a target on yourself. I don’t think us lying to ourselves is productive you know. The truth is however I don’t care who has it. If someone in the alliance has it I trust them enough to use it for the good of the alliance, and I don’t see what reason they would have to risk putting a target on themselves, so I’d be glad if one of us four had it and one was lying.


Another dominant win... feeling very happy right now! We're such a good team to be honest. What concerns me now is that we've apparently searched every space but no one has found the idol... so either Charlie.P has the idol or one of our alliance member is lying about having it. I wouldn't put it past them to be honest.

One thing I feel really happy about is that I think I built some good trust with Linus yesterday. Basically reaching out to him and telling him that I would share the idol with him, and telling him that I trust him the most. He seemed to respond well and have similar feelings, so that's a good thing moving forward!!

–Charlie W



Edessa slaying yet another immunity challenge and keeping me safe? Iconic, legendary, somehow realistic, and not at all something I helped with! I honestly love my tribe members and love their dedication to the game like they all went out and got pictures on their own time and money. Beauty really does represent these people because they are lovely and just amazing hgfjdksa. Also, I made it to double digit days so yay for that! Winning immunity is definitely something I wanted this round cause I feel solid with everyone and they all deserve to stay here longer and I’m just glad it happened.


The Beauty Tribe is in a kumbaya cycle that will hopefully continue going, but I totally suspect a swap next round for whatever reason. My intuition is telling me that we’ll swap into 4 tribes so that everyone is at an even place in the game and I hope it doesn’t end up that way, but everything goes opposite for me so we’ll see! The good thing is that everyone shares the sentiment of ensuring everyone on the tribe makes a merge together so I feel good about that.


The cat is out of the bag and by cat, I totally mean the Edessa Idol. Once my alliance and I figured out that someone already has the idol, all my fingers pointed to Liam. Now, we had no significant proof to accuse him of having it, but I just had a feeling he did. For whatever reason, my idol-dar seemed to be on-point cause Liam told Adam he had it. I’m happy we know who has it cause I stressed about that for days, but the fact that Liam told Adam is making me raise my bushy eyebrows a little bit. Liam told me that we should work together and that he felt close to me yet he seems to be showing that closeness to Adam, which is cool for Adam but not me lmao. I don’t know, Liam strikes me as a bit of a shady player but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


So im not gonna lie I’m hella nervous because I’m exposing Hesh for lying and trying to mastermind and manipulate our tribe. And like I’m putting myself in the driver’s seat in this vote because I feel like he could backstab me at any time and I don’t wanna take that chance which is why I wanna keep Claire and Priscilla because I feel like they would be loyal which is why I spilled everything to them. I just don’t want it to blow up in my face and plus I need to sell Konrad on this and he’s still on the fence so I’m nervous lmao


I feel so bad its like Day 10 and I haven’t given anyone insight about my games except for my VL’s and perception from my tribemates. So basically a summarize of each round.

Day 1-3 This round was fairly fun and stressful. I was gone majority of this weekend but I managed connection with everyone. I formed a majority with Charlie W., Linus & Sam known as the Byzantium Kings. Charlie was nervous so we formed a majority of the other six and targeted the weakest member Basty.

Day 4-5 This round pretty quick but I stopped talking to Charlie P. & Milke as much as the day before. Winning reward was a huge motivation boost and I put a Grid Search in my alliance in hopes we could find it. I was pretty confident we were going win Immunity but we sadly lost Milke because of personal reasons. ):

Day 6-8 Ugh this was stressful af. I realized we were down two from the other tribes seven which worried me greatly. We MANAGED to pull through and were the only tribe not to go tribal, we also got another idol clue which was also wonderful. The Byzantium are a strong alliance I feel and I trust them greatly.

Day 9-10 I thought this were going swap 8-8 + 1 person on exile and voice my concerned but it didn’t happen. My tribe managed to pull another victory which makes me so happy. But now we’ve guessed every single Idol spot and came to realize I will never find idol + NOW IM SCREAMING because I don’t know who has it. I trust the the Kings’ but now Charlie P most likely has it and that’s not good for me because we haven’t talked since Tribal 1 ( : : Anyways, I expect a swap after this tribal either 5-5-5 + 1 exile or 8 / 8 so now I’m just going keep my ties together and pray I get swapped w/ people I can get along with and work with.


So here's the situation from my perspective. Tyler spilled to Claire and I separately that Hesh was being manipulative and along with Andre, told Konrad that Claire and Tyler were close. This is a fair assumption to make considering how much they jokingly fight in the tribe chat. So, Tyler proposes that we take out Hesh. This is good news for me because assuming Claire is as good with Konrad as she says, we can pull off a blindside without me having to use my idol. The issue comes from my trust in them. I know Tyler is super smart and experienced but not only that, he really just wants to be on the right side of the numbers as evidenced by his voting process last round. There's also Konrad who kind of interrogated me earlier today about what I knew about the Maddie vote. I told him what I should know which is that Maddie brought up my name as something she heard and would vote with me since she "had my back." I may be leaving out a bit but that's basically the truth. He said that he still suspected something was wrong so he wanted to do some more investigating with the others. And then he randomly asked for my permission to do so which was fucking weird. Yeah, I don't like weird.

According to Claire, Konrad told her that they had a boys alliance thing going on and were deciding the vote between the two of us. I really do NOT want to waste this idol but I may have to for the sake of guaranteed survival. We still have a bit over an hour to talk so I'll see what happens first.


Hesh trying to play everyone? Na man what you don't get was it wasn't shocking you were the one who lied and not maddie thanks for getting rid of her though so you made it so me and my closest ally could stay 1 more day. Oh and now you're gonna take the bullet for us next while we have the idol? Oh thanks so much friend you're great! ta ta