Day 16[edit | edit source]

It's nice to have a group of people who are loyal to the group and this whole game I've worried about numbers and while I've had numbers in my tribes, many of my fears came from what will happen once the merge hits and for the first time, I'm actually thinking this merge will be a best case scenario for me and my group

It took this vote against that group of girls to solidify that


Marco tells me that this is a social game. But I've been socially with literally everyone in this game except him & Stephane. It's not just me, it's him too. I can't be social with a person who seems bored everytime we go to talk or who looks at my messages and then doesn't answer me back. And you think your social game is better than mine? I think for a guy with social anxiety, I'm doing pretty well for myself in the social department.


Day 17[edit | edit source]

I GET TO GO TO TEMPLE!!! Plus like on top of that I got the best score out of all the people in the game, I didn't expect that but hey, that's pretty schweet. If only this were an individual immunity, I could've had it... and it would've been like a beauty pageant


So last round was interesting, to say the least. Hannah told Amber I was targeting her, which is like alright. Good job Hannah. But then Hannah comes to me after and she says "We still alright?" And I'm like sure, I don't see hannah flipping to the Palins, still don't trust her but whatever. Then she says "Us girls have to stick together" like oh, like how you and Amber stuck together to vote for me? Yeah sure bro. Then Marco comes to me like "I hope this show's my loyalty, voting out a former tribe member" Which is like ummmm she was all of our formal tribe member. Then he clarifies, he voted out one of his friends. Like I would've trusted him more if he hadn't have said anything. Now I don't. I don't know, I still feel in a good spot. I might even have potential goat status if Julian and Nathan see me as that unlikable. But I don't know, everyone just seems a little serious and businessy this game. Hope it lightens up soon.


Today for my 1st Confessional I'm going to draw some outlines about our good friend Marco over on Kandal. You drew lines with the vote of Amber, I'll gladly accept responsibility to put the lot of you down, This doesn't help for your loyalty when you end up with having someone as Shady as Marco who will no doubt end up alligning with both because that's how he works, too bad, so sad that we already know he's going to do that, your party trick sucks Marco and advice is to get another one rather quickly otherwise in the merge, you'll be gone rather quickly and that's the truth for you, I'm afraid you don't like it, I have 2 words made famous for Degeneration X for you in that case....... SUCK IT!!!!


John's a fucking lunatic, he is like Randy and Brandon Hantz combined...he is like creating such a shitstorm right now over nothing. So he is the best shield ever come early mergetime, but he's also a total asshole sometimes and Alex, Jake and I have already discussed blindsiding him as soon as we safely can after the merge.

I suck at this challenge


Day 18[edit | edit source]

Well that sucked

If only we had gotten this win, we could've gone for the win but now we're in the unfortunate position of being tied at the merge


I'm sick of getting accused by Hanna of things I didn't do, because of some lie Amber told her cos she was bitter about getting voted off. I mean, I was the only person who tried to save Amber and Hanna last tribal and what do I get for my effort

Bitterness, cold shoulders, false accusations, meaningless confrontations and a whole load of <expletive>. Yeah, because I was clearly the only person who voted for her, three other people totally didn't vote her out as well. I'm sick and tired of all this pointless drama with Hanna and John and Amber, it just sucks the fun out of everything. I'm here to play a game, and what I did to Amber was no different to what Abi did to Varner, what Wentworth did to Shirin and Kass. I joined the majority to better my game, because the people who went home had messed up their own. I pitched even harder than Amber herself did, to get Julian and Nathan to keep her, and they both said they hadn't connected enough with either Amber or Hanna. Her own fault that she went home. End of story. Don't pin the blame on me. On a more positive note, Julian and Nathan have been very nice to me. If Hanna plans to continue treating me the way she is now, I guess I'm finding new allies and moving on.


ok so Hannah called Marco out in the tribe chat for wanting to target her coming up and said that Amber told her that. She PMed me and I told her that I would keep her safe & talk to Nathan who would talk to Marco. Also John was attacking Marco too and I guess it was really just getting him down, so Marco & I talked and hopefully we grew closer. I'm gonna talk to Hannah as well because I want to keep my social relationships up because it will help when I need to make strategic moves in the future. But for now, I think I'm in pretty strong social standing with Kandal so I won't be a target for now. I have a funny feeling we won't be merging next because why would we have 2 tribe swaps just to merge at 10? Lol that would be bleh! So I'm guessing we are gonna merge at 9 or 8 and that just gives me more time to take out more Pailin people and have them on the run at merge


I'm playing with a bunch of total amateurs

this forcing me to readjust my game....things they are a changing


Here we go, tribal council. It still appears to be Kandal vs Pailin, although I have talked to Alex, Andy, Steph and Jake about voting out John. All agreed, but I really don’t know what to believe. Either they are telling the truth, in which case I am in a really good spot, aligned with Andy and Steph. If they’re lying, I’m out. Additionally, this vote will decide which tribal alliance will come up on top. If they vote out me, the Kandals will be able to get majority. If they vote out John, I will convince Nathan to vote with the Pailins, giving them majority.

But as Steph said, this can’t be Kandal vs Pailin anymore!


Well Fuck me, I thought my score was good... Turns out nope cry emoticon I know that whoever I vote tonight, I'm going to be left regretting why didn't I wait more, having said that given how well the others did we were still gonna lose heavily as a result.


My nervousness levels are at an all time high right now. Steph might consider flipping, which would be the most idiotic thing I've ever heard and John might have a coniption once he sees the votes which makes me nervous. God, I'm already picturing that those 3 are gonna tie up the vote and this isn't going to be straightforward


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