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Day 4[]

My tribe is still so quiet!! How are we going to arrange this challenge? I'm not even sure who's going to be sitting out. I really wish they'd talk more, but again, they're probably busy... Send help! And maybe more idol clues.

Tata talks about as much as I do, Violet talks sometimes (also I feel bad because she said something in the tribe chat and I didn't respond), Christine and Ally are like ghosts. I hope they're all okay and stuff.

I guess I'll try to prepare for if we DO go to tribal. I've been talking a lot in the chat, so hopefully me being hardworking pays off!

Speaking of idols, I made my first idol guess, which naturally was not correct. Most of the time I don't actively look for idols in games, which is why I feel like it's a good idea to start now. Even if it's only the beginning of the game, I feel like if I keep up this attitude and momentum, it will really pay off in the later rounds! Yeah, I'm totally pumped up!! (Hoping this doesn't die down after a couple of days, or that I get voted out anytime soon)


Let's slay this, girls! I'm willing to do anything for my tribe, even flipping my sleep times or waking up early to keep slaying the posts. The difference might seem small with the other tribes currently but it could be dangerous at times, so we need to keep this form in place.




Rob has done nothing in this challenge so far , and it irritates me. The only time he tired , he "couldnt" do it on his phone , which he could of.... What are you doing boi!1


Omg this challenge is so boring I might play Miami Shark to pass the time. Its 12:53 am and I wanna dieeeeeeeee


#AtLeastWeAreSafe could be the new trend atm :v

Because, I have completely no idea of what happens next in this game.


As the challenge is halfway over, it's going way better than I ever thought it would.

This challenge should have been my biggest nightmare. A live post-in-a-forum challenge while I was going on a 16 hour road trip to Florida to head back to school should have sunk me. But it hasn't, and I like to think I've contributed the most with Jared. I'm going to bed soon and hopefully Aromal gets on and takes over.

I highly doubt Floreal will every come back and win the challenge, so I think we're avoiding tribal again. Hopefully we win so we can get more idol clues. I don't want anyone else getting this idol and using it against me.

I kinda hope and don't hope a tribe swap happens soon. For one, that could screw me over intensely. Two, it could actually let me start playing the game and being strategic, which hasn't happened yet on this tribe. I just wanna play the game, but have at least someone on my side.


As we thought, we pulled it off and be safe for tonight!

Oh, at least, I'm safe for another time, since I still can't figure out (maybe an effect of long time no play, just as when I played my first Survivor ORG back in 2014? Like, it's been a year after I played TS last year to 'fill time after exams and all those jobless things', in which one of the seasons is Bora Bora and I was on Anau 3.0 before I was eliminated) who should I target so far, but I think I'll get through it once the game progressed. As always.

Slowly, but steady done! I don't know what kind of operation shall I call this lol :v


Day 5[]

Another voice one? Yes Cus I'm lazy lol https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5gJQbgDt8alTVdZX0s5Z1NUTzQ/view


My tribe is nice. I don't think I would be anyone's favorite though. If we lose immunity, it will be me going home, I know it. I like Tate and Rhys. I talked to Jon and I like him more than Joey now. I know I'm going to flip to the girls, I have no real allegiance to this tribe. I love Dana so much, what a queen. I'm just worried what Christine would think of me, I hope she's not upset with me, but she's a really nice person, I don't think because I have bad blood with her friends it would ruin things between us. There's not much going on tbh. But I screamed at Dana's tribal question hvbkjvdb. I am sexually upset Mitchell is so cringey :p


Safe again! Cool, cool. It seemed like Tata really wanted the win for the idol clue, which is understandable. It's possible though that her determination to win may have rubbed tribemates the wrong way, but also maybe not. I particularly like her! Besides, I would've appreciated the idol clue, honestly.

I'm glad for the break and would appreciate if I didn't have to go to tribal at all until merge. Though, I'm sure I'll be fine as long as I am able to maintain my social game! Here's to future victories!!


Fuck you Taco Bell for making me second boot. Live más my ass