"Lowkey Tho"
Season Survivor: Sumbawa
Episode Number 9/16
Episode Chronology
Previous I Hate My Tribe
Next Nothing Is Working Out

Lowkey Tho is the ninth episode of Survivor: Sumbawa.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Graphic Marathon. In this challenge you will be dividing up tasks to complete three graphics for the season! The first part is the tribe flag. The second part is an SOS. The third part is the season torch. Your goal is to utilize the skills of your tribe the best. You will be judged for all three items out of ten points in three categories: theme, visual appeal & creativity.

Winners: Alor & Savu.

Tribal Council[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 9: Buru[edit | edit source]

Tribal Council 9:
First Vote
Aromal(3 Votes)
Andy, Josephine & CJ
Andy (2 Votes)
Aromal (x2)

Voting Confessionals[edit | edit source]

Aromal, your approach to this Tribal Council was almost

as chaotic as the aftermath of the challenge results. You're coming off as untrustworthy by trying to pit people against each other like you've done since Tribal started. So moving forward, I don't feel comfortable with you. I feel about as comfortable with you as I do with Donald Trump being our president. Enough said. Good riddance.


If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both. Stick

to just one target next time, okay?


Final Words[edit | edit source]

"This was so fun.I never thought Id survive anarchy

but surviving 5 rounds of that shit was a thrill and I wish I could've made merge,but I'm fine with jury and BURU FOR LYF


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