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Day 19[]


SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 8

This is from like 4am I just didnt upload till now


Lowkey, Dani and I are trying to throw this challenge. Lowkey tho.


Looking at these tribe flags/SOS/torches it is very apparent Dani and Brian did not throw this challenge

even though they said they would. I swear to god I'm gonna be sooooooo mad if our tribe loses and we have to vote out a # for us at the merge. This was like the easiest challenge to throw, fuck.


I'm bored.😴 I wanna get on with the tribal already


I could rant forever about how these challenges are stupid and why I don't think we would have won,

but it's not going to change the result regardless so I'm just going to keep it to myself.


Day 20[]

This is a normal one.

SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 9


Since we were all in the Ash's Avengers alliance, this tribal is going to be crazy. Regardless of what

happens, it's going to be a blindside.


I honestly am still so fucking sad that Will is gone... he didn't deserve that shit... I'm still so pressed.


I was going to try to get through this vote without having any votes cast against me, but Aromal has stirred

up so much shit this round that I'll gladly take his 1 (or 2) votes if it means him going home.


Now that I have found the idol, I'm not going to tell anyone. If they fuck me over like Kyle did, I would kill

myself. Sometimes, secrets are good.


I'm sure merge is soon. Why? Because I'm starting to suck in challenges again :/ I usually do well in a lot

of challenges premerge then slide down to mediocrity on merge lmao hosts are we restricted to the website you gave us to play in? because the game is making me play on Facebook for ""special powers""