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Day 1[]

I can't believe I'm playing 703! I hope no one in the VL hates me :(. Then I would be very very very very very sad


yes!! really excited for this to begin and me to get a footing. the initial part of orgs is always awkward where you're scouting everyone out and seeing if you actually like them or if you wanna work with them.. and that's exactly what i'm doing! haven't talked to Fariha or Gilad yet but i've at least had some semblance of conversation with the others so ill go through them real quick:

benj - def my fav so far! really easy to hold conversations with him and he's fun to talk to. definitely wanna work with him.

jason - hes fun to talk to, just slightly harder to keep conversation with. (also he likes jerry + danielle more than jack and benj which is the opposite of me lmao.)

jack - same as benj, but conversation flows a little less.

danielle + jerry - talked a little, not enough to form any major opinions. with jerry conversation felt kinda forced, and i havent talked to danielle enough.

yeah! really excited for this game and hopefully i can do well.


First impressions! Let's get this outta the way first

Andy- Minimal contact so far. Not feeling it, but you never know.

Ben- I've really clicked with him so far, so I'm hoping I can work with him.

Keaton- Might have been too enthusiastic talking to him, but it's nothing that can't be salvaged. He seems smart though, so I'm not sure how much I wanna work with him.

Nadine- Known her for years outside the game, played several orgs with her. It'll be fun.

Patricia- Not clicking very much so far.

Rob- Hasn't been around much yet.

Will- Pleasantly surprised with how natural our interactions have been so far, I'm really liking him.

I also know Jack O., who I'm still not sure whether he'll wanna work with me or not, and Danielle, who I KNOW will work with me VERY well so I'm hella excited for that.

Also I'm mid-confessional and I get invited to an alliance with Ben, Keaton, Nadine, and Will, AKA the people I already said I clicked with. Phenomenal start.

–Jack C

It’s the first night, we’re 8 hours in, and I’m stoked. I haven’t played in forever and I’ve been so ready for everything to start, I can already tell this season is gonna be special.

In terms of my tribe, I think I have a pretty good read on almost everyone and I don’t see any big threats here. Let’s be honest, Danielle is who everyone is watching because if she wins this season she’ll go down as the most successful Survivor ORGer ever. Hopefully that target is something I can use down the line.

My first impressions..

Ben and Rob haven’t really been around so I won’t pass judgement on them.

Andy I know from before because I just hosted him. He’s a pretty smart and capable young guy, but I think his social game is lacking. He’s not talking to most people right now and I wish he would because I feel like we could work together.

Jack, a little bit of a troll. Nice guy, seems tight with Keaton.

Keaton, two words. Trigger. Happy. He made a majority alliance 3 hours into the game. Of course every body has to say yes, and I think this will probably survive atleast a few votes, but Keaton’s bout to be a big meat shield.

Patricia, she’s new to ORGs and I don’t think she’s too invested. I see her floating, but I hope I’m wrong because I like her.

Nadine, just a totally pure human. Huge fan of hers, she’s so positive and genuine, I find myself trusting her after a few hours. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, which is why she’ll possibly be pegged as a floater eventually, but oh well, she’s an awesome person and right now she’s my #1.

The majority alliance is Keaton, Ben, Jack, myself and Nadine.


Well, I really like this tribe. I've made solid conversation with pretty much everyone and have a potential majority alliance lined up in case we go to tribal consisting of Jason, Carson, Jerry, and Danielle. Jason also likes Benj, and I like Gilad. Signs point to Fariha being the 1st boot there. But idk!! It's only day 1 we haven't done immunity yet. Shit can change, although it doesn't change until you wash yo ass.... BOIIII. Kendrick knows his shit mang. Anywhoser, looking forward to the game and hopefully I last long. I generally have good experience with that... ok no I'm kidding no euphemism talk in my Christian Carthage Confessional.

–Jack O

ok so my tribe seems ok, im gonna talk to everyone and form some sorta relationship with everyone because my strategy is to identify the ones i click with the best and move from there. i don't want anything crazy right now, just playing quiet UTR stable game for at least the first tribal council. i got my eyes on jason, danielle and benj, and tbh i wanna get jack out asap because he seems like the sharpest one out here.

my pick for the host of the day is josephine.


Fuck you I submitted my confessional in my thread smh


Day 2[]

This tribe seems pretty chill for the most part. Everyone is acting all hugs and kisses on the first day and night. Not really much true gameplay on my part yet, I'm just gonna sit back and get to know everyone and hopefully be good with everyone. My plan is to let everyone else dig there own grave while I just hang out and be a "team player". If I can last a few votes then I should be able to get my footing.


Talked with Rob for the first time earlier! Still waiting to talk with Will after he wakes up, he's still the most pleasant of the lot to talk with.

I got worried when Ben asked if the alliance would be fine with adding Rob to the alliance, because that'd be a 6 person alliance already and it'd become a huge mess, especially since I'm already fine with Andy who's not in the alliance.

So who's overplaying? Ben? Or Keaton, for starting an alliance on D1? Honestly, I feel concerned for Keaton, whom I consider a little brother of mine, he's that one person that people would find easy to throw under the bus


Doing a lot of 1-on-1 talks with two people in particular - Will and Ben!

Been talking with Ben a lot during the last few hours. Meanwhile, Will's saying that Ben's lowkey hard to talk to and that I'm the easiest person to talk to in the tribe, which makes me feel relieved about my social ability, even though I'm not really surprised about it. Later I hope to talk more with Keaton and Jack to actually cement our game relationships, whom I've already been good friends with. Maybe some more talking with Rob and Andy too. I tried to talk with Patricia, but I'm not sure if she saw the messages, lol.

Basically, if we go to tribal, I'm in a solid position already and if swaps happen, hopefully I'd be able to sway the other tribe to want to keep me in.

For now I'm researching on 703 survivor seasons and placing them into a doc to look at for the trivia challenge to prove my usefulness to the tribe, then I'll head to sleep.



Also we have the literal angel in Nadine in our tribe so it's quite clear that Tharros is the superior tribe.


Our chances of winning this challenge are slim to non.. honestly I’m being too generous, our asses are toast.

Keaton’s too nervous to be patient, so he’s already bringing up who he wants to vote. It’s Patricia or Rob. I’m tight with Rob and Patricia, but I’m going to make sure it’s Patricia going. I understand Rob and I know he’s going to be aggressive. I’m aggressive too and it helps to have other (dumber) aggressive people around because it makes me seem less threatening.

Patricia’s nice but she’s going to be under the radar for as long as she’s in the game, which does me no good.


Zama at 33, Tharros at 31!

At this point I don't care if my tribe goes to tribal, I'm in a good position already. I've displayed my effort and usefulness in the challenge to my tribesmates and have strong social ties with half the tribe. I really appreciate Ben looking out for my irl responsibilities and Will's always so fun to joke around with!

I've noticed that there are tougher competitors on the other tribe and I believe it's smarter to keep winning immunity just to get them to chop each other off, not because we need to win immunity to be safe so I'm paying close attention to the challenge chat.


We're definitely going to tribal, but I'm not really worried about it! It's going to be a fast tribal on one of the inactives and it's that. It is simply a matter of tribe strength.

What's interesting about the first challenge of the season is, that the two tribes cross over and play together. I was able to read into the other tribe's personalities and atmosphere by their reacts in the challenge chat. There are definitely tougher competitors on the other side, and most of them are active.

Therefore, I'd like my tribe to win immunity next time not to be safe, but to get the other tribe's alliances to crumble, so that it'd make it easier to play during swap and merge situations.


So far things aren't going so well for me. My tribe is losing, I hardly have contributed to the tribal challenge at all and I don't know how much this tribe even likes me. Ben exposed an alliance to me and I asked if I can join and he said he'd get back to me. He never did so I followed up and he said he's waiting. So clearly that means I'm not welcome in that alliance, even if Ben may want me there. With that being said, Ben is a snake. He willingly exposed that alliance to me so I'm going to be careful what I say. On the other hand, I really like Will. After the initial "hey how's it going" he is the only one who actually kept on talking to me and clueing me into things. He's got my back and trying to save me. I explained my situation to him and he said he'll try and keep my name away from people. I told him I'll vote how he tells me as long as it isn't me™. So we'll see how this goes, i am going to need to take a more relaxed approach in this game and turn it up when it's time. So that's all for now, lll keep y'all posted.




Ok so i was just chatting with Carson during the immunity challenge (who btw, he's got to be the closest ally i have right now. This kid is awesome) and we were talking about who we like on the tribe and he goes "oh yeah and Jack is cool" A POSITIVE FREUDIAN SLIP ABOUT ME???? Social game is working, folks!

–Jack O

almost forgot about this but im trying to make a confessional daily.

ok! it seems like... everyone wants to align with me!! i love it.

benj wants me/him/danielle/fariha danielle wants me/her/benj


and the others all trust me. from all this, plus a little bit of what benj has said, gilad seems to be the first boot which im fine with because i feel the least close with him (and fariha but benj likes her and i like benj even though like.. so many people think hes inactive and doesnt talk SDKSDJK)

i feel im in a good position and in a power position so i just have to keep this position i guess, keep talking to people.

(also like everyone has mentioned in pms how good i did in the challenge so.. love being that challenge threat)


Day 3[]

I love this tribe sm lmao. We better keep winning until a merge/swap


This first vote is going to fall on Patricia, most likely. That's kinda what happens when you don't show up for a 24 hour challenge period. Bye Patty, not gonna miss ya!

–Jack C

Umm so we got our ass whooped by Zama in this challenge but there are a few people who didn't really help out whatsoever in this challenge and theyre kinda sticking out like sore thumbs.


So I dunno about this but you all better not be pulling some Archetypes shit and have this random ass secret tribe that was automatically immune the first time around because 16 is an absurdly low amount of people considering that the last 2 seasons had 22 and 20 people respectively.


We got annihilated in this challenge and now we got to vote someone off. Luckily, I think it's pretty damn clear who's getting the boot. If isn't, then jesus crust, I'm more shook than a vibrator.


So the votes will be unanimous and they will be on Patricia, the inactive. Not sure who she's voting for. It's sad because I would have liked to work with her, my only other female tribesmate. But for the sake of tribe strength, it's important to keep moving on stronger and try to win the next immunity in hopes of causing a crack in the other tribe's alliances!

I went and tried to guess for an idol, even if we hadn't won an idol clue. I had assumed it would be a survivor castaway or a 703 player, but at least it was worth a try.

Because of this season's tricky 2-starting tribes twist, I let my tribe know that they can guess for idols so that we can be one step ahead of the other tribe. Then Will came forward to me in private that he was guessing idols too, and after some talking we've decided to make a doc to put all of our guesses together. Hopefully this has strengthened my game relationship with him, but I'm a bit concerned that he's guessed for a while without telling me. Either way, I will need to keep my ties with him strong for the rest of the way by being his queen.