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Day 26[]

LMAO at when Jess has told almost everyone that she has this idol to shake things up, and its not even

a real fucking idol because Brian has the real idol :P .


Despite that kinda taunty assholish last confessional y'all better cast me as a hero next season or I riot :^)


All I have to do is survive the next 2 tribals and I've made the F4 because of my item and my 2 idols I have

😁 Eeeeeeek



my life scratch that hang on


I may as well be the most clueless player ever to play this game. Josephine might be on the outs but she

knows way too more than me and that's saying something! I don't know where I stand. How tf am I supposed to beat my previous placement if I'm like this. And it's hard for me to talk to people minus Linus and Ty because it still feels forced. I might play my idol for the lulz but I wanna save it for next round where if Josephine still immune, I could be voted out for simply not being as visible. Me working on that INC edit huh whew.


Day 27[]

Bless Tyler for being here and keeping me sane. I take back all the confessionals of me freaking out about

him lmao


Ayyy, so an update of my position right now my core alliance is Brian, Dani and Tyler, with Lex in there as

well and although we act like she is the 5th when it comes down to 5 players I find it hard to believe anyone in that group of 4 wouldn't want choose to try and like take her as a goat. Still there is a chance, I feel like that all 4 of us would think we have the best shot at the end since I think we all have pretty decent resumes. The problem right now is I feel like although I'm closest with Ty, he's also the most likely to try hard for the win and turn on me if he sees me as a threat. Like, heres the thing, that jury is soooo salty. They seem to be convinced that they are the heroes and everyone who opposed their alliance are all evil, which means Im a villain in their minds. But, I at least believe they think Im the least villainous since I've at least kinda stood up for Posie and been nice to everyone. The problem with that is obviously that if Im a jury threat that just increases my target... If I do indeed have a target I'd like to get in really close with Brian and Dani since I think they are both very very emotional and are more likely to vote non strategically. Brian even moreso than Dani, theres been times this game he's hidden stuff from me such as the fact that he had found an idol, but when I told him the Alor idol was found, but not by me he got like instantly guilted into telling me he found it and Jess's was fake :/ . Just tonight he shared his spreadsheet of idol guesses, which is good, but I know Ty and Dani had access to it before me so I still got work to do, which won't be hard since Brian is such a cool guy and I enjoy talking to him haha.



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 12a


Day 28[]


SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 12b


Why do fights always happen when I'm outside or when I'm asleep? Not that I'm involved with any of them

but at least I want to witness it live dkdjdjskflsjs Anyways I can't wait til I wake up tomorrow and miss another fight!!!....or get voted out with an idol in my pocket rip