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Survivor Gameplay
Description An individual decision to move from one tribe to another
Appearance(s) Chile
Bora Bora
Mohenjo Daro
Mount Vesuvius

Mutiny is a twist in which contestants on both tribes are offered an option to join the rival tribe immediately.


A Mutiny can happen in a random point during a game when there are two or more tribes remaining. It will be effective until the tribes merge or a new opportunity to switch tribes shows up (e.g. Tribe Switch).

In some cases, a special stipulation is added to those who take the offer of a Mutiny such as gaining individual immunity in the following Tribal Council.


Survivor: Chile[]

On Day 17, a Mutiny was offered where only one person from each tribe can take it. Jessy, Seth, Heather, Tyler P. & Cali elected to mutiny.

Survivor: Bora Bora[]

At Final 15, players were given the option to mutiny to the other tribe. Tate and Ally elected to mutiny.

Survivor: Carthage[]

During the premerge phase, players who were selected to observe the other tribe were given the option to mutiny. None of the players presented with the offer ever accepted.

Survivor: Hallasan[]

After every Reward Challenge, the winning team would select up to three people to visit Crater Lake. There, players were would potentially receive the ability to Mutiny from their current tribe. Ally was the first to choose to Mutiny, doing so in the middle of Tribal Council on Day 15, leaving her remaining two tribemates to compete in a firemaking challenge. Blake would later Mutiny again after the tribe swap on Day 19.

Survivor: Mohenjo Daro[]

On Day 17, players were given the option to mutiny to the other tribe. Mark and Nick both elected to mutiny from Lothal to Hakra.

Survivor: Egypt[]

On Day 17, all of the players were given the opportunity to choose which of Amun and Sekhmet they wanted to be on. This resulted in two tribes of six players each, with one player being sent to exile.

Survivor: Mount Vesuvius[]

On Day 14, all players were allowed to mutiny to a tribe of their choice. This resulted in an 11-to-4 split between Malacoda and Rubicante, with Alichino being dissolved.


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