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Day 14[]

Some of these people are so fucking annoying and I feel like I'm gonna get swapfucked :// I hope I pull through! The hosts are icons though


Day 15[]


I am pretty thrilled right now because lots of loose ends are coming together.

I have always been super tight with Jake and Aras especially, and the rest of the beavers Wendy/Luca/Elias. Ive also always maintained strong relationships with people in the middle Gabe/Bradley/Alex and even on the opposite side in Emily.

But lately, I've been worried about Aras and Jake, my main hoes. They talk super often to people like Nic and are always making schemes on the side and playing super hard. They would vote me out without a problem down the road so I need to be cautious of that and make sure I do it first (but only if I have to). Because of this hesitation, I have been planting seeds for a trio with Elias and Luca, as we are all very similar and chill. Elias loves that idea, at least I hoppeee. Alex says he also wants to be a duo with me, but he is all over.

Anyways, both Bradley and Aras have told me they have idols. They only told me. I know where two idols are in the game and they are in the possession of two people who view me as their number one. This is perfect for me. Let's hope I can find the Axupa one and well be a trio of power. No one even knows how close Bradley and I are so I'll definitely hear if he should play his idol.


So i'm at tribal. Great. I can now have a game making decision to make. T#Do I decide to blindside wendy with the help of kyle and gabe, or do I go with the alliance of 8 and comfortably make jury but nothing else? I feel like I should go with the first option and make the game even more chaotic than it already is, and hope for a twist to swing the game in my favour even more. It puts a massive target on my back, but with the merge coming, I can't let the 5 of Elias, David, Wendy, Aras and Jake control this game cause they will just pick everyone off one by one until its them. I suppose its time to make some chaos


So, after long thought, I'll probably be voting Matt out of the game tonight despite him being a sweetheart. I think after talking with Aras I have a good idea of what position I'm gonna be in for this game, which is good, and Eve was supportive that this is the right decision for us so yeah! Hopefully I can stay with my lil alliance as long as possible but, sooner or later, I have to do something. It's really just a matter of time.


So Im so scared. Im very glad that I have kyle atm, cause trying to get out Wendy would have been a dumb idea as she is now the one who will save me from getting my torch snuffed. Dear god I hope no idols are pulled out at this tribal, cause if they are im gone. I just hope I can survive, and move forward with Kyle, Wendy and Eve and not get voted out. Im literally begging for us 4 to work together, and that i can FINALLY get the waikahe idol