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Day 30[]

OMG I don' t know where Tucker was going with that crap, but he has been screwing me repeatedly. I am sooooo over him right now. Asa proved to be closer to me than him and Nicolai got the votes to go home. And I can' t believe the Catherine and Julia duo was broken so easily. I think my position just drastically improved.

Next step: Play sad to Tucker. I will even throw that I want to quit because he betrayed me. Will he be swayed? Lets see..."


Day 31[]

A lot to say honestly.


NIC NOOOOOO my closest ally gets voted out T_T he mssgs me afterwards a goodbye god i was so sad! He was fu nto paly with and talk to and eh was the only one in my time zone.

Good and bad things happened from this voting.

1. nic gets voted out and 2. cat hates me now lol

well it was my bad like.... i offered her an f2 but then we kinda got distant and I stopped feelign close to her so when tucker said her name man i was at work i oculdnt really talk and i really didnt want a nic vote and i saw cat as the only glimmer of hope of him staying. kon lead this i know for sure man nic imma avenge you!


I got closer to tucker and violet. This showed violet that I am working with her imo. plus kon cant complain cause he hasnt stated he is close with cat before so succ!

I am working closley with violet and tucker purely to get a target off of my back. both are seen as threats and as soon as they are gone its me under hammer next. I started merge way too strong and loud. So im trying to cool down.

Kon is honestly so frustrating to work with. ""ill let you make decisions next cause this and that"" when he never said aname before and always got me to lead. man its annoying tryna get a name out of him and its honestly not worth the time!

he is now close with cat though. cat and jake. Asa is closer with tucker and cat than she is to me so i'm worried with siding with them cause in f5 im out but itdve been the same the other way round. Cat out next would be ideal or kon. but they calim to both have 200 and i only got 191 score so idk what to do. if cat is immune ill vote kon and vise versa.

honestly im fucke in this game either way. im never winning in f2 apart from if im with asa probably. but i wont go down without a fight! I wish i could win at leas tone immunity though! lmfao. no chance in hell of that happening sadly.

cat > kon need one out cat cuts a jake alaince and cuts kon from cat. jake.... is a good player. he is the only one from thekkady who is probably winning this game. he played well. he is good with a lot of ppl and the first two ppl to mention his name was violet and asa. but kon would never vote him out.

but if asa tucker violet and I vote out cat or kon next then this should work and itll cut their number down. But ther eis an idol out there. tucker has one apaprently but i think he told others about it even though he said it was just me who he told. somehow kon and cat know about it. he either told violet kon or idk.

honestly ...idk hw id ever win this game lmfao. its... a frustrating feeling. playing a game knowing full well that in the end you have no chance. like...whats the point of playing ya know? too many power players. if its f3 jury i have no chance like ... literally i have 0 chance. i fucked my own game and i have the most votes on me out of al lthose still in the game. idk what to do but i think tis too late . :/