Day 25[edit | edit source]

I am SO annoyed that we are merging :( I had an amazing plan to go to tribal and blindside Wendy, but I really don't see that working out in a merge situation... Luckily Aras still thinks he is my main priority, but my actual group moving forward is Emily/Jake/Elias and *hopefully* we could pull in Luca... basically the theme of this merge for me is that people will either be with me or against me, but playing the middle isn't going to fly if I have anything to do with it (looking at you Wendy)


Okay heres whats up. I am WITH Emily and Jake, like hardcore. They are super loyal and fun... we added Elias because he is hated and AWESOME. Us four are ready to slay, okay? Right. Enemies include but are not limited to: EVE, Kyle, Nic, and Wendy. Wendy doesn't know they are an enemy. They think they are in the middle and have no idea I am skeptical of them (so I think). But KNOW this, I have ZERO plans of Wendy making mid merge. They have a final 2 with Aras, a final 3 with Aras and Luca, and are close af to Eve and Kyle. They are POISON to my game. Love them though LOL :D So that leaves Aras who is hands down the biggest question mark of the season. He is close to my enemies, sure, but he tells me literally everything. Literally all of his plans and deals. He thinks I am game to work with him but I am skeptical to be honest. Definitely a hard player who wouldn't be as loyal in the end game. For now though I love sitting with him cause I get so much info. Luca is irrelevant at the moment but could easily become a big player. The returnee will dictate a decent amount of power, but I think I have the best relationships with the premerge crew of anyone here, lets hope this optimism continues for me!!


Day 26[edit | edit source]

I am SO sick of how these people are playing the game... Jake tells every fucking thing that hears to anyone who will listen to him. Aras is playing pretty bad like he is WAY too open about everything and cant control information... Wendy is one of the shadiest people I have ever experienced in the game... they are back to playing like they did in Kodiak and I was expecting Chichen Itza :/ Emily is awesome, Eve is the most entitled person I have EVER met in my entire life.... EVER. I wont even discuss Kyle because he is not worth any brain cells. Luca is fucking never online and REFUSES to give any validation to alliances... FUCKING Alex returns he is the messiest player I have ever experienced he is honestly so so so bad at Survivor and will likely ruin my game as a result :/ Nic is decent and I love Elias, I am NOT ready to leave this game but these fuckwads are really testing me


ok now I'm probably dead meat. I regret nothing and everything. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a douchebag.


Day 27[edit | edit source]

Okay so Eve/Kyle think they are in a great position right now with a solid alliance of them, Nic, Wendy, and Aras. Them five have an alliance and everything (their alliance picture makes me gag) Aras and Wendy are really on my nerves right now playing the middle. They are doing it so sloppily that eventually neither side will want them in my opinion. They think nearly everyone will vote Jake. If they stop to think about it and put themselves in my shoes, though, they should instantly know that I have zero reasons to vote him. Here is my plan: have them 4 vote Jake (Nic self votes), Eli votes himself, then Luca/Emily/Me/Jake all vote Nic. Depending on which side Alex chooses, this will either be a 5-5-1 tie OR a 6-4-1 Nic vote. I would be SCREAMING if Wendy and Aras, after playing the middle for like three weeks, finally choose a side and end up in the minority.

I am very glad I won immunity so I can play aggressively here and know its not me :D The only thing to do now is flip Luca and mayyyybe Alex. Luca has been tightest with Wendy/Aras in this game I believe, but the alliance picture I am about to show him and the final 2 deal that they have should rationally get him to work with us. The only problem is that all of this flipping would be to save JAKE, who is being sooo unlikable lately. I love him and have for a while but he is coming off as so self righteous to others. Like I will tell him to lie low and act like he was in the wrong throwing his vote at Aras and he says that he bows to no man and refuses to apologize. HOW does he have a great reputation from Main?? (in gameplay, I can see why in personality <3) He might suck but I am sticking my NECK out for him this week :D This should be fun


Well my target isn't thick it's thicc and girthy to boot, which is what I'll likely get once these madre focas come at me with. Bye!


Alex is SO annoying... he is clearly with the majority but he keeps saying he is going to flip AFTER Jake goes home... dude, after Jake goes, its over for this side, you know NOTHING about the dynamics but you come in here and think you know the entire tribe like the back of your hand after 24 hours. I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame this round because after tonight you'll go back to being an irrelevant mess that no one will care about siding with :/ like he is nice but damn does he implode peoples games


it's day 27 or whatever!aall i know is its my last day.

ummm i tried to get luca, alex, wendy, aras, kyle, eve to vote jake but elias RATTED it sooooo now its like... do we still vote jake whom might get an idol played on him by david who has immunity now OR do we switch it to elias....

and ppl are telling me im not going home (aka david.) but.... i dont buy it. especially not after jake found out i want him gone (but was that a secret?)

i jsut wanna stay... i wanan get atleast a single digit placement. tjank you


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