Day 1[edit | edit source]

I am super excited to be here finally on 703! I love this tribe so f******* much! ORONA ORONA ORONA IS ICONIC!


Kiribati is going to shaken up this season. I have one goal in mind: to win. I love our tribe, we've got some great personalities just based off day 1 conversations. Andrea, Rhone and Victor, they seem great. I get goon vibes from them. But Kief and Jeanette, a little odd. That's okay, it's just a day 1 impression. But I certainly havent connected with them yet.


So I've played multiple survivor games in different orgs, I've yet to be eliminated before merge, however this season will be a little trickier because of the freaking wikia crap, (I've yet to play one where that was involved) but I'm no flop, so operation search for a team is about to begin. 👸🏻


My tribe seems cool so far. Matt and Kassy are really nice based on this first convo with them. Being on the same tribe as Andrea is going to go really well or really badly based on playing with her in past orgs but I hope we can put the past orgs aside and work together.


So everyone seems nice. But I don't know any of them. So this should be interesting.


Day 2[edit | edit source]

This is a nice tribe an I think we will be going on a winning streak. We all have solid plans and they're a nice bunch. Matt is nice and so are Andrea and Elizabeth who were in my first ever Facebook ORG so I should be safe if we go to tribal council ever as this tribe.


This cast is cute!! I like my tribe. There's two other people from the UK and Ain is my girl, I'm so happy to be finally playing with her <3 Ash and Tal still haven't even accepted my FB friend requests so I'm like >.> okay then! but yeah, I hope this is gonna be a fun season and I really hope I make jury >.<


IM SHITTING MY PANTS RIGHT NOW!!! i fucked up bc atl united scored and i was like OMG MY BABIES and I hcame back AND IT WAS 3 MINUTES TOO LATE! i told everyone i had laundrey but catch me WORKING to keep lil old andrea from being first boot that is NOT cute


Damn it, is that how this is how it starts....First to tribal because person screws us up the first hour. We look like freakin morons.


Do we off her for completely screwing up or go after someone who wasn't on at all? Ugh!


Going into the challenge, I was confident we could go hours. But Andrea blew it for us. 3 is a pitiful score but the fact Orona got 2 is hilarious. I’m really getting along well with Kassy, Elizabeth, Victor and Andrea. Rhone is cool too, but not as much as the other 4. Kief is never on and rubs me the wrong way and Jeanette is painful to talk to. Morale is okay right now, especially since we won. But I’m not afraid to take out Kief or Jeanette anytime soon, that’s for sure.


We pulled it off by the skin of our teeth. I hate that 3 of us carried the whole tribe and not gonna forget it


Day 3[edit | edit source]

In this game so far everyone is nice and friendly but no one is asking me anything. I really wanna be someone who goes down in 703 History but quite likely that isn't happening.


I'm very nervous about this vote. I screwed up the Challenge and lost it for my tribe, my timing is just horrible, but I've been working as hard as I can to build connections and put the target on Jordan. I really hope my hard work pays off and he's the one to go. I feel bad for doing that, but I don't wanna go out early this season.


It seems as though I’m being targeted by the very girl who fucked us over in the challenge, albeit unintentionally, but it’s still her fault. I’m offended by her audacity to casually throw my name out as though I’m even worthy of being booted first. All because I’m “inactive”? What kind of far-fetched reach is THAT? Sis, you tried it. I understand if she thinks I’m inactive because I haven’t found the urge to send her a direct message, but maybe she could read between the lines? If I truly cared about socialising with an individual, I’d chat with them, simple as that. Guess she isn’t one of the lucky ones x


I AM SO HAPPY WE WON THAT CHALLENGE KURHGUKREUKHGRKGHERGREG. I went to work for 4 hours thinking my tribe will still be going hard at the immunity challenge once I finish and come back to them fucking up early with a final score of 3.... was lowkey annoyed but when the other tribe fucked up just as bad, eoijrigjrugrhjgur <3 <3


So, y'know, probably the easiest posting challenge ever to beat and we still managed to lose. There's been an active attempt from Kathy to campaign for Ash when she hasn't even campaigned for herself. I've formed close bonds with Ain, Jordan, Alietta and Aaron. I'm not sure how to perceive my conversations with Tal, but to my knowledge he's pretty young, so I'm sure he means stuff he says with good intentions because he can word things slightly awkwardly, but I get that's not his fault due to English also being his second language, so that's okay :) I wish I could do more deeper analyses' on the people on my tribe, but I admittedly know a few of them coming into this game. The big one surprising me is Aaron. I like him a lot, he's pretty sweet! He's enjoyable to talk to and we have relatively same interests, so that makes him a lot of fun to be around! And I want to make it to single digits for the first time in an fb org >.> pls let this be the change


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