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Day 19[]

That idol speech and parchment made me cringe so hard, I mean I am sure my parchments are awful too but oh my gosh that was hard to look at... The worst part is he thinks it was iconic :(

Anyways, I am of course sad that I lost Bradley but I am not worried in the slightest about Kyle because he seems vastly incapable of navigating the game. I trust Bradley when he told me he had the Waikahe idol (he had no reason to lie, plus he said the answer was Cirie which is equivalent in level of fame to Parv and Rupert, the other known idols) I am sad he went home with one in his pocket :( Especially since if ORGs were more similar to real TCs then he definitely would have played his as soon as Kyle stood up. Anyways, I think I will transfer from having Bradley as my end game plan to Elias and Luca!

But here is what I am catching on to (!!!!), Kyle (likely) NEVER found an idol. So far Kyle has been on Ohana (no idol clues), Kahakai (1 idol clue, plus Aras has this), Axupa (my idol), and Waikahe (no idol clues plus this is Bradley's) This idol was DEFINITELY given to him, either from Aras (not likely cause he is too selfish lol, in a good way, and I trust he doesn't like Kyle) or EVE, who had FOUR clues on Nanakuli and is feeling on the outs lately.

This info helps me identify where even more idols likely are AND shows me where Eve's loyalty likely lies...

Also, I wonder if Wendy knew about this idol play beforehand... I would not put it past them!! Kyle should EASILY have played it against Wendy, especially since I KNOW he follows Bang a Rang and has seen what she is capable of. He must feel close to them, which I will be keeping my eye out for

The good news is that even though I am probably one of the castaways who is playing the hardest right now, no one seems to notice or want me out. Sure, there are people that don't have plans with me, but for now its pretty smooth. Hopefully I can find out when someone eventually wants me out so I can think about my idol and such :P


So I did #that. I had a successful idol play on 703 my wig has orbited. It was going to be 2-2 but I wasn't here for a tiebreaker challenge SOOO....

Eve passed me her idol so I told Wendy to vote me so I could be 100% safe and we could look like we weren't close af. BUT THEN...

MISS ARAS makes the mistake of telling me he has an idol and Eve, Wendy, and I manipulate his snake self (shoutout Jennifer love u girl slay those Big Lots customers) to give me the idol and then I ripped Bradley's wig clean off!

Now we're going to tribal again probably and Gabe is leaving 2-1 and he's awkward af rn and giving me the "it's been a pleasure to meet you I hate doing this nothing personal XD ❤😘" speech.

oh and miss Aras thinks he saved me when in reality I was already safe. That's nice I guess? Lol I'm so cocky watch me die somehow