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Day 4[]

Damn, I really was expecting we'd vote and not go to a tie-breaker... this current situation is almost too good to be true for someone who prides themselves in their challenge abilities like me, I didn't try 100% at all in that recent challenge and I still got 2nd overall which kinda shows the challenge capabilities on this cast lmao. I think this is a comfortable position for me rn, this conveniently put Eve and I on pretty good terms and I think she'd still work with me going forward seeing as most of the cast still hasn't truly talked to her. As long as I keep coming off as the likable guy who's good at challenges I think I'm going to be fine, I intentionally haven't been talking much strategic game at all and I think that's a good look. It keeps the "triple threat" stigma off of my back and people come to ME with deals if I come across as the likable, but not that strategic person, and most importantly, if I don't come off as a strategic threat, people will think they have my vote when it's not always the case.

Who am I kidding, I don't need to worry about that. This phase doesn't even entail voting LMAOOO. But in this game more than any other we have to expect the unexpected because it's fuckin chaos mate :P


So Erin just quit the game and it's honestly bittersweet for me. I liked her and I wanted to work with her but I understand why she felt the need to go. Right now I'm trying to work on my social game.


So my 'tribe' has been doing well so far. The 1st challenge we barely missed getting the idol clue, and this 2nd challenge we actually got it. Both times thanks to Matt.

I'm really hoping soon we get into real tribes cause like......... I wanna start playing Survivor. I wanna strategize and cause some real CHAOS cause thats where I get my life


I get off from lying and manipulating situations and flash games don't help me do that LIKE i rlly wanna cause some chaos of my own HAHAH im gonna play so nice.. im gonna act like a nice social angel and then at merge i snap and end careers omg.. what if i dont even merge lmao.


Wow this is crazy but kind of expected in a season called Chaos :^) As far as the first vote, its clearly Stephen and Jacob Womack. Within 5 minutes of the TC being posted, everyone was just so desperate for it to not be them that the second they heard any name, it absolutely stuck. I feel bad, because they weren't even that inactive, comparatively, but I am also one of those fucks who just doesn't want it to be him. As far as allies, I recognize my homies Christina and Wendy immediately. Elias and Luca are from the Bang A Rang community too which has my hyped. Aras and I have mutual friends and definitely want to work together. Jake and i just randomly hit it off and I think he could definitely be one of my favorite alliances in orgs if it works out.